Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 9: Exit Wounds:

This is the last episode of North America’s Season 2. We do not know how long Season 2 will be in North American markets, if it will count any episodes past this one. Go after the jump to read our summary!

We begin in a hospital mechanical room. Greg is on the phone with a young African-American man (Derek), who is in scrubs covered with blood. He says he will do what he has to do, and pulls out a gun, watching someone else across some pipes. He comes face to face with him and is ready to shoot. Rewind! 3 hours earlier, Derek is playing basketball with two kids. He heads up to his apartment afterwards, to find that his door is unlocked. He talks to his brother Matt, who seems really tense, not even thanking him for bringing him some burgers. It looks like he is taking care of him, because he makes sure he eats his salad first. He checks him out and sees that Matt has a bullet wound! Matt refuses to go to the hospital, but then he makes sure that he goes. As they leave their apartment, they are being looked for by two other men, Shane and Remo. One of them shot him, and he understands the situation could get worse if anyone talks to the police about this. So Derek says he knows someone who could help them. Derek is mad that he is with those two. Derek drives to the hospital. At the SRU, Ed arrives, and makes a joke to Wordy and Lewis that communication, affirmation, and repetition are the key to every good marriage, as they have an agreement about how to use the large door opening club. He asksGreg if he is still up for drinks, but he is busy working on the critical incident newsletter. He runs into Spike, who can’t figure out why Babycakes won’t work, and he says maybe it’s not him, but her. And then he runs into Jules, and we learn why the team is so tense. They have had to deal with 8 gun calls and two warrants each day this week. Nice to see Ed trying to be chipper. He heads to the locker room. Later, Shane and Remo are in Derek’s apartment with another person, Turk. They are eating the burgers that Derek treated his brother with. They find out that he works at the hospital, and heads over there. Derek arrives at the hospital and finds the easiest way to get past security to the nurse that he knows. He tells her to keep it quiet since it’s a gunshot wound. The nurse hesitates, but then agrees to help because he doesn’t want social security to take him away. The nurse does the doctor’s job as Derek goes to the supply room to get a few things for her. Derek sees Shane in the hospital, and tries to wrestle him. Shane fires the gun and the nurse is shot. Matt runs off. The SRU is called to action and they suit up. Roll opening! The SRU drives to the hospital. When they arrive, it turns out Jules didn’t want to see this hospital since she spent a lot of time in there recovering. They try to recruit other officers, and the SRU has another connection to this hospital, the nurse that was shot is someone Jules knows. Evacuation is not an option since there are 400 patients. Shane, Turk and Remo are waiting inside a locked restroom, and we learn that Matt has witnessed something he shouldn’t have, and now they plan to take out Derek as well. Derek finds Matt and they try to find a way out of the hospital. They set up their command post, and Spike begins the log. They go on the hunt for the gunmen. Derek tries to get what happened out of Matt, and he learns that he saw Shane kill someone. He gives Matt some women’s scrubs to wear so they blend in. Derek promises to protect him at all costs. Jules talks to the Nurse (Trudy), and Derek’s name comes up. He is a night orderly who left a gang. Spike sends out his picture. Trudy tells Jules’ that Derek bought Matt in and that he was shot and they had to keep it quiet. She is wheeled off to the OR. Greg gets on the phone with Derek and learns that he is not the one at fault here. He tells the SRU where they are, but Matt freaks out and runs. As Derek finds him they are approached by Shane, Remo, and Turk, and the chase begins through the hospital. Gunshots are fired. The SRU heads in the direction of the shots. Derek hides with Matt in a doorway, feet away from Shane and the gang, and a gunfight breaks out. The SRU catches up with them but they are not fast enough! Ed catches up with Matt and brings him to safety. Derek is shot and sits in a supply room. Commercial! Some people are being evacuated from the hospital. The SRU runs into Turk, and captures him. Derek screams in pain as he tries to stop the bleeding. Jules and Sam reminisce about these hallways, and she comments to Sam that he always liked her best when she needed him, and he says that everyone needs to be needed because it gives you something to shoot for. Ed tries to talk to Matt, but he stonewalls. Greg confronts Turk to start talking. Shane and Remo are arguing in a restroom. Remo wants to leave right now, but Shane won’t let him. They worry if they are busted or not by the person Matt saw them shoot. Derek finally gets up, and leaves the room. Ed sympathizes with Matt, but even if they save them now, someone else will get them. Ed hands Matt off to an officer to go see a doctor. More of the gang friction is revealed. Turk finally talks and he gets taken to the station. Jules and Sam get to the supply room that Derek just left. Greg and Ed talk to Matt to ask if Derek knows about what he saw. He answers yes, and they look for Derek before this gets to the other gang involved. Derek staggers through the hallways, telling Greg that the system is broken and there is only one way he know his brother will be safe, and he hangs up. Derek sneaks up behind Remo and says it’s over, ready to shoot! Commercial! We learn that Derek and Matt’s mother, was fatally wounded at a pizza place. Ed remembers that a gang member opened fire there to find the snitch, and killed six people, including their mother. 24 hours later, the cops let him go back on the street, and they don’t trust the cops anymore. The SRU continues to go through the hospital making sure it’s clear. Remo is on the floor, and his hands are tied. Derek left him there instead of shooting him. Sam and Jules take him away. Greg and Spike head for Derek and try to call him on Remo’s phone which he has stolen. Greg tries to talk him down, and tell him to keep going for his career. We are now where the episode began. Derek sneaks behind Shane and gets ready to shoot. But he can’t do it. Shane is ready to shoot Derek, and the SRU comes in just in time. Derek ducks, and Greg, Ed, and Spike go after Shane. Ed finds him first, but Shane doesn’t freeze. He is ambushed on the side by Spike. Matt gets up from waiting for the doctor, and walks away. He hides in a patient room and finds a gun. Commercial! This just got more twisted! Back at the hospital, Matt comes out with his gun, in front of Shane, Ed, and Spike. Sam is behind Matt, and Ed promises that he will be in jail for a long time. Sam and Lou get close behind Matt. Ed tries to talk him into putting the gun down. Ed comes close to Matt and takes the gun from him as he sobs, and hugs him. The montage begins. Shane and Trudy smile at each other as they pass in the halls. Jules and Sam share happy moment. The SRU leaves the hospital. At the briefing room, Greg treats everyone to beer and chips before the review starts, commending each of the members. This part makes it seems like it was written like a series finale - which we don’t want to see for a while! They celebrate Ed’s 5th year as team leader, and with their cheers ends the episode.

A nice ending to a great season. Here’s to more Flashpoint!

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