Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 5: The Perfect Family:

One of the best episodes this season! This one is about two young adults who want the child the woman gave up for adoption back. Hit the jump for our recap!

We begin with the SRU involved in a high speed car chase. Louis is ready to shoot at a white car, which is holding a man, a woman and a baby. The woman panics and covers the baby. Louis can’t take the shot! Rewind! 4 hours earlier... the woman, Jessica, is sitting on her couch crying. The man, Terry knocks at her door, and talks to her, saying that he has changed and he is ready, and he just wants to be with her and their baby boy. She lets him in, and he is at her door holding flowers. She tells him that their baby is gone, that she gave him away. At another job, Donna is proud as she has apprehended a criminal. Greg thinks it’s strange she had no reaction after shooting the customs agent a few episodes ago, but Ed says to leave her alone, as he did him after his issues. Back to Jessica, she thinks it’s messed up he left her when she was pregnant. Terry looks at the introduction book that the agency made up of their child’s adoptive parents, and she was feeling overwhelmed and gave the baby to them to adopt. Terry is genuinely sorry and that she has nothing to feel sorry about. He is here now , and he wants to make this work. She doesn’t know his name, but she was going to name him Owen. Terry wants to do one lasat thing... they arrive at the parents’ house, to go see their child. They are refused by the adoptive father and told that it was not part of the arrangement. The wife comes to the doorway, and lets them in. They see their child for the first time, and learn his name is Liam. Jess asks to hold him, and the wife lets her. Terry has a change of heart, and says “I think it’s time for Owen to come home”. The adoptive father asks for the baby back and tells them to get out of the house. Terry gets into a fight with the husband, and threatens him with a knife. He tells Jess to go get Owen. The father stabs Terry, but he gets back and knocks him to the ground. He goes after Jess. The SRU is well on their way and listening to the feed from the security system. Outside the baby’s room, Terry shows Jess a picture of their family and asks why it isn’t them? He kicks the door down, and rips out the security system keypad. Jessie finally gets the baby, and they leave. They scream at the mother to give them some things for the baby. Winnie tells Greg about the adoption. Terry and Jess leave with Liam as the mother screams to them not to leave. Roll Opening! Terry and Jess leave the house and get into the adoptive parents’ BMW minivan and rush off. The SRU follows them. Winnie tells them more about Jessie than Terry. Jessie is 19 and gave up the baby 2 months ago, and her mom died of a drug overdose some time ago. Terry argues with Jessie over lawyers, and her cell phone rings. She talks to Greg and he tells her that the baby is crying a “hungry cry” and advises her over the phone. Jess is forced to hang up the phone and tells Greg they need a lawyer. The chase continues with Louis getting ready to shoot a tracker on the rear bumper so they can keep up, and Donna drives beside them to distract them. The SRU falls back and watches their GPS. Jess tells Terry they need to stop, but he keeps going. The SRU follows them at a distance. Jess continues to ask where he was. Winnie finds out more information about Terry and shares this with the SRU: he has a record, and has attempted murder before. Commercials! And it seems Terry has a history of assault. Terry wants to do just one more thing before they turn themselves in. He hits the curb and the tracker is destroyed. The SRU is now lost trying to find them. Winnie tells Greg Terry’s parents died when he was a young child, and he was bounced around between foster homes. Winnie finally gets on Jess’s cell phone, and she tells them that they are safe, and that they need to do this one thing. Greg tries to assure her that she did the right thing as a mom to give him up for adoption to make sure he had everything he needed. She doesn’t know how to make formula. They are at an amusement park that’s shut down for the winter. Terry takes Jess to the park’s gate, where he breaks it open and they enter. He takes them through the park’s amusements to a carousel. The SRU arrives at the park and they split up. At the carousel, Terry holds his son, and takes him to sit on one of the horses. The SRU is looking all over the park for them. Terry tells the baby that when he was four, that his mommy and daddy took him to this park , and he thought the whole world lived in this park. The carousel was the most beautiful thing in the park, and everyone that came here was happy. Greg talks with Tammy, his last foster parent. Tammy tried everything to reach him, but Terry had nothing to look forward to since his parents weren’t around. Terry takes Owen to his favorite horse and tells him that his daddy’s name was Owen. Greg spots them at the carousel and tells the SRU to move over there. Terry sees the SRU move in, and he gets angry and scared he will never see his child again when he is in jail. He backs away with the baby. Jess asks for him back, and Terry runs off with him. Commercial! Terry runs towards a roller coaster. Wordy gets a hold of Jess and tries to calm her down. Terry unlocks the roller coaster fences, and he heads for the stairs. Donna has a gun with rubber bullets, and she can’t bring herself to take the shot, and the baby is in danger. Terry continues to run up the stairs, and the SRU worries he will jump to his death, like his father. Terry climbs up the stairs to the highest point he can with the baby. Greg is a few feet away from him, and tries to talk to him man-to-man. Greg understands his feelings towards the child, and how he never had anyone in his life to really teach him. He never had a real family. Greg wants to help. Terry tells him how his father killed himself in front of him by jumping off the roof of their apartment building. Greg assures him there is nothing wrong with him as they get closer and closer to the edge. Donna once again has the clearest shot but she is hesitant. Greg continues to try to talk him down, and offers to take him to go feed Owen together. Greg is close to Terry and takes the baby. Terry says to take care of him for him, and Terry says that he’s sorry. Greg tries to hold him down but he can’t. Terry wrestles free and jumps to his death off the edge , screaming that he’s sorry to Jessie. Jessie breaks down and so does Greg, holding Owen close. Commercial! Jessie is holding Owen , sobbing in the back of an ambulance. We learn that Terry’s dad wrote the same last words Terry said to Greg in a note before he died. An officer takes away Liam, and Jessie goes into a police car to give a statement. At the SRU, Greg mentions he gave the order to Donna to take the shot, but she didn’t. Donna has nothing to add, as the briefing continues. After it ends, Ed confronts Donna and says that the only thing more dangerous than a cop who shoots too fast, is a cop who doesn’t shoot when they need to. Donna tries to rationalize, and says that she questioned the order, which you’re not supposed to do when the boss calls the order. She asks if the job gets any easier, and Ed says no. Donna storms off. Ed looks at Greg as if to say, we can’t deal with her anymore. Liam is back with his adoptive parents, and they cuddle with him on the couch. Donna is in her locker room, looking at herself in the mirror, wondering if this is still the right place for her. The episode ends. The song that played this week was Jon Heintz’s “Rain”.

This was one of my favorite episodes. I loved the story, and even though it was a tragic ending, it was still a good story that was realistic and needed to be told. And once again, you can almost pinpoint what the characters are thinking just by looking at their faces at the end of the episodes. I have to wonder about the real story behind this tale.

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