Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 1 - Episode 11: Backwards Day

Read our summary after the jump! This one is about a woman scorned after she learns she is unable to have children, and learning her husband has had an affair.

We begin seeing the SRU enter a pretty trendy house with their guns up. A blonde woman has a chef’s knife to a brunette, and we see the man in the middle at some computers wondering what he did wrong. Jules is ready to shoot the blonde and the team breaks in the room. We rewind to 3 hours earlier, as the blonde (Sara) is undergoing an ultrasound with her husband (the man in the middle). The Doctor tells her that there’s no pregnancy, and the woman goes through denial in front of the woman. Sara is reminded she has undergone a myriad of treatments, and all of them were unsuccessful. The Doctor tells her bluntly that she can’t recommend that she spends another 15 grand on fertility treatments as she breaks down in tears. Jules looks outside her house to make sure no one from the SRU is outside as she leaves... with Sam! Sam still can’t believe she wants to keep their relationship under wraps as she tells him that he will be dropped off a few blocks away. Sara has an argument with her husband (Josh) who has given up on having a child of their own, because they can’t even afford to live in their own house anymore. Sara has become almost a hermit because she doesn’t want to see a woman with a baby. Josh leaves the car abruptly, and Sara cries again. Back at the SRU, Wordy teases Spike because his mom still does his laundry! Ed walks in, and remarks to the gossiping “ladies” that it’s time to go bust out a gang. Sara is in her nursery, listening to the peaceful orgel music of a mobile, when suddenly she tears it apart, and screams as her husband’s cell phone goes off. She sees a text message from another woman (Hannah), thinking that it’s his mistress and she texts her back to trick her into coming to their house. On their way out, Jules and Sam are riding in an SUV together and they argue over when they should tell the crew. Jules doesn’t want to, but Sam sees no problem. Greg and Ed discuss taking a day off. Hannah arrives at Sara’s house, and she lets her in. Hannah thinks she will be waiting for Josh, as Sara offers her some tea. Sara tells her that Josh is at work, and confronts a confused Hannah about the text messages. Hannah tries to leave but Sara threatens her with a knife. Hannah grabs a cordless phone to call the police, as Sara comes closer to her. Opening credits! The crew is diverted from their gang bust to go to Sara and Josh’s house. Jules and Sam look around the house. Sam dials in the house under careful orders from Greg, but when there is no answer, he uses the bullhorn. Jules grows suspicious when she learns the alarm has not been triggered, but instead armed after the supposed intruder was inside. Sam throws a phone in the window of the dining room in an attempt to talk to Sarah. Hannah begs Sara to answer, but she refuses. She throws Hannah down on the floor as she throws the phone out screaming that she wants the truth. Ed, Greg and the rest of the SRU arrive. Greg lets Sam continue to handle the negotiating and assigns Ed and Lou to Command Post. Lou says he can’t believe this, and Ed says it’s a backwards day. Josh arrives, but Greg holds him back from entering the house, and asks him some questions about how Sara was this morning. He is sent to go talk some more to Ed and Lou. Back at the house, Wordy and Spile scout the house, and set up a listening patch through the windows. Sara has Hannah backed up against a wall, ready to stab her, as Hannah begs for her to talk to Josh. Back in the truck, Josh doesn’t think that all this equipment is needed to stop an upset woman with a knife, but Ed sets him straight. The team is ready to bust in the house and fire rubber bullets, when Hannah asks Sara not to hurt her because she is pregnant. Can you imagine if this was on Maury? COMMERCIAL BREAK! Jane Kaczmarek can play a judge with a lighter side, but to me she will always be the harsh taskmaster on Malcolm in the Middle. Back to the show: Greg orders the SRU to stand down when he learns Hannah is pregnant. Sara screams over and over “You’re having his baby”, and blames Hannah saying she is the reason he gave up on her. Sara tries to force Hannah up the stairs, but Hannah manages to shake the knife from Sara’s hand and the two are on the floor fighting. Sara ends up on Hannah and she is once again begging for her life and the baby’s. Sara gets off of her, and once again forces her up the stairs. Ed confronts Josh about having an affair but he doesn’t admit it. Sam tries once again to get Sara on the phone. Sara leads Hannah into the nursery and tells her how they have tried for years to have a baby. Hannah tells Sara that she interviewed Josh for Wired magazine in New York and that the interview was amazing. Sara doesn’t buy it and goes towards the window to see what is happening outside as Sam is telling her to pick up the phone. Hannah uses this opportunity to turn on a baby monitor, and the SRU picks it up on their frequency monitors. Josh tells Ed his story of how Sara got pregnant, but lost the baby. She never gave up the fight with all her therapies, in spite of all their accounts being emptied. The SRU clues into the baby monitor. Greg assigns Jules to the Scorpio position, and rearranges the rest of the team. Sara puts a dresser against the door, and once again confronts Hannah , holding a knife towards her, asking what happened in New York. Hannah will not admit the affair, but says that Sara will not like the truth as we go to a commercial break. The SRU then breaks into the front door quietly as they make their way up to the nursery. Ed shows Josh names associated with license plates around the area, and Josh recognizes Hannah’s name. He finally confesses to an affair. Hannah tells Sara they have known each other for several years and then they had a strong connection. Josh says he bumped into her at a convention in New York, and nothing had changed. Josh had grown apart from Sara because of all these treatments, and they spent a night together. Sara grows jealous that Hannah was able to make him happy again. Sam asks to be patched into the baby monitor in a last ditch attempt. Sara asks Hannah if Josh is the father just as Sam gets through. Sara can’t understand why Josh wants to be with Hannah over her. Sara unravels all of her hatred towards Hannah, as Sam asks for Josh to talk through a headset. Jules has an argument with Sam over how to handle this. Greg makes the decision to let Sam continue to negotiate, even though Jules can see that Hannah’s life is in danger. Sam manages to talk down Sara, but then Hannah pushes her against a wall, knocking her down. The SRU enters the room but it’s not looking good as Sara is rolled over... with a knife through her chest. Commercials! Josh watches in horror as Sara is wheeled into an ambulance, and Wordy carries Hannah off. Back at the SRU, it’s Team Jules versus Sam, and some members of the team want to know what would have happened if Ed was in charge. Ed says that sometimes you can’t help when these things happen, as they learn that Sara is going to be okay. Spike tries to calm the tension in the room and says “Well that’s good, right?”. The montage begins, we see Josh with Sara in the hospital, Greg and Ed agree not to switch positions again, and Jules and Sam apologize to each other. Sam doesn’t want to sneak around anymore, and the two are confused about where they are in their relationship as Jules invites him to prime her drywall. Because, who wants to go on a date outside the house when you can work on renovations? Ahh, the epitome of romance...The song that played today was "The World Won't Wait" by The Dunes.

Not the worst episode of Flashpoint that I have seen, but near the bottom. I was not convinced by either of the actress’s performances in this episode, Kristin Booth as Sara, and Alisen Down as Hannah. At times it was hard to understand what they were saying through their tears and Kristin’s performance at many times seemed too fake.

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