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Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 3 Episode 1: One Wrong Move

Episode ? because we don't know what episode number this is, but CTV is airing them out of order (but not entirely, next week's episode follows this one). This episode is a lot sadder than our random non-spoiler tweets make it seem. As always, it is up to our readers to decide if they want to read this before the episode airs in their countries. Season 3 is currently airing only in Canada as of this Fall season (but anything could happen with CBS). Today's episode will repeat tomorrow night - check your local CTV listings in Canada! Click below when you're ready to read!

Okay. So this episode starts off a little different than the others we are used to. Normally we begin very close to the climax of the incident, but this episode follows the entire story from start to finish.

We begin at SRU headquarters. Spike has returned from a vacation in Jamaica with Lewis, and the gang jokes around about Spike's new love interest and Lewis's dancing talents. The camera then takes us to a construction site, where in the midst of some piles of lumber, there appears to be something suspicious about this spot - there's a box wrapped in brown paper. Back to SRU, Ed comments that it's pretty quiet, and asks Greg if he wants to go shoot some rounds at the range. Greg says he has to finish this report first. Winnie gets a call about a bomb going off in ten minutes at the construction site, and as Greg tries to get more information, the message repeats. It's pre-recorded! The alarm is sounded and Team One gets into gear and out the door. As the team rushes over to the site, Greg himself calls the site foreman and initially has a hard time telling them there is a bomb at their site, but then he yells at everyone to evacuate. As the SRU pulls up to the site, the bomb goes off, and the foreman is blasted into the air. But, everyone is okay, so far.

Greg at the site starts to give out his orders for how they are going to tackle this problem, and the team breaks up into pairs. Sam mentions to Greg that he has seen a lot of I.E.D's in Afghanistan, and it is noted. Spike visits the the bomb crater and figures out how bad the bomb was. Jules determines that these are coming from Eco-terrorists and Greg asks her to research CSIS for anyone on their watchlist. Meanwhile at the site, the foreman tells Wordy about the constant protests they have had at their site and even though it's not necessarily their matters to deal with since all they are responsible for is making the building, the protesters think otherwise and threaten to take things to the next level. The team figures out that the Olive Branch Collective is probably a part of this , and also finds other potential targets in fictional energy corporations which are currently fighting charges from the EPA. These companies include Keffler Corp, Duchamp Energy, and Morgan-Ellis (FIND THE PUN!). Ed takes a few members to go talk to the corporate heads of securities of those companies, and Jules and Ed head to the Olive Branch Collective HQ. Turns out they are only running an internet petition.

Ed, Wordy, and Sam begin evacuating one of the corporate HQs while Spike determines the bomb's "signature" and traces it to an older environmental activist group which has since moved on. The leaders of the group were once arrested, and are now Professors Emeriti in Political Science. Greg and Jules track down the parents, and ask them some questions, and they get the name of their lone bomb technician and learn that they have a daughter now. Roll the opening!

Spike sends Babycakes lurking through the building basement, and Lewis wants to go help him defuse but Spike says no. Wordy and Sam have to deal with a frantic woman who left her laptop in her office. Spike figures out what makes the bomb tick, and Greg hesitates at first, but lets Spike go in and diffuse the bomb himself. Winnie gets another call about a third bomb going off at a college (which is really being played by York University). Lewis and Greg head over there, and Spike opens the package the bomb is in and only has 15 minutes to defuse the bomb. Ed, Wordy, and Sam head to the bomb technician's house, however he appears to be a little woozy on the drugs and answers simply and vaguely to their questions about the bombs, saying it's the corportations' fault. He injects himself and falls into a chair. Ed tells him to talk fast before he passes out. In the basement, Sam and Wordy discover some of the bomb plans, and the man barely gives any details to Ed before he passes out. Ed pushes magazines off the table in frustration. Commercials!

Ed learns that he injected himself with air and gave himself a heart attack, and tells Greg that he had an accomplice. Greg tells Winnie to start investigating this as they get on campus and begin evacuating. Spike has figured out the bomb but has a 1 in 3 chance of stopping it. Winnie tracks down the batteries to the first bomb to a wholesale club in Mississauga , but no buyer. Sam finds some of the bomb schematics and sends an image to Spike. Lewis says he can start working on another bomb since he has cutters, so he moves in towards the third one on the campus. He steps onto a loose gravel Feng Shui display and surveys the area with his metal detector and finds nothing and Spike guides him on the phone. As he finishes unraveling the detonator from the garbage bags, he steps on a landmine. If he moves, it blows. The team is confused and doesn't know what to do and Spike is worried. Commercials!

Lewis repeats he stepped on a landmine and says he knows that is what it is because he heard the click and he feels the trigger. Greg tells him to relax and Spike tells him not to shift his weight, and that he will get him out. Greg calls Ed and tells him what happened, and Sam tries to figure out what he is standing on. The SRU switches to a different channel to keep Lewis calm. Jules figures out that Sara , the Professors' daughter, is the accomplice! She sends the photo to the team and Greg puts out a search for the professors and the daughter. Spike manages to defuse the bomb with 18 seconds left, and rushes to campus. Spike jokes with Lewis to keep him calm, and the campus is continued to be evacuated. Greg spots Sara in the crowd and the SRU run after her. Lewis very carefully defuses the detonator, and Spike arrives on campus. Ed and Sam capture and handcuff Sara. The professors arrive at the campus and are in disbelief that their daughter is involved, and they recall a time from 2 years ago when the bomb technician came and visited them in their office and talked to their daughter. He has a lot of animosity towards them for having an "ivory tower tenure" rather than continuing to fight for "what is right". With Spike's guidance, Lewis manages to defuse the bomb and breathes a sigh of relief. Sara admits to her parents that it was her, and that she isn't afraid of jail. Sara is horrified seeing the situation, but lies to the SRU about laying them. The SRU jostles and fights over options about how to defuse this landmine, and Spike goes in and looks around with a radar device. Commercials!

Spike very carefully finds the landmines and marks them. He digs around Lewis to see what kind of a landmine it is, and sees it is a CR-38. It's very difficult to defuse, and Sam says the prospects are grim. Spike looks for a safety to re-pin it and save Lewis, and starts talking in baby speak until he finds it... only to learn that it is glued. Spike tries to calm himself and reassures Lewis that there's got to be another way as the SRU tries to determine a strategy, even though it is just not looking good. Lewis talks about special memories in Jamaica and this triggers Spike to do a weight transfer with water, though Lewis tries to tell him to ask out his new love interest and that they have to play it safe. Spike goes off to make his contraption, and Lewis looks at the team, and pulls out his cell phone. The SRU argues about whether they can do anything to save Lewis, but they don't want to risk losing two members of their team either.

Lewis calls his parents, but can only get a hold of his dad. He calls to say that he loves them, and to tell his mom that he called and that he was thinking about her. Lewis is in tears, and shaking, and as Spike heads back to the SRU who is standing their blankly, and Lewis tells him "it's gonna be okay". He steps off of the landmine and he is blown away. You hear none of the SRU's cries from here on in, only sad violin music (so no song at the end this week either). Just images of the SRU in stunned and sombre grief as the episode goes to black with a piano riff of the theme song. Oh Lewis, we barely knew ye! Mark Taylor, we will miss you, but we hope we will see a few more episodes with you in it before the season is over (since the episodes are out of order). Congratulations again to the cast and crew on a great start to the third season and we all wish you the best of luck for many more despite this shaky programming start!

Which brings us up to next week's episode Never Let You Down, which brings the SRU a new member - another woman! Leah Kearns joins the team, and she tries to comfort them, but the team isn't ready to really talk about it yet. The crisis involves an armed abduction in the woods leaving the crew wondering about how to deal with a 50-foot-drop.

Friday, September 18, 2009

More September 2009 Flashbits!

This Week’s Upcoming Episode Will Be A Shocker!

Flashpoint has undergone some episode scheduling changes once again. It's likely that the episodes being aired in Canada are going to be aired out of order (but the reason will be made clear to us soon, we read). Back in July, the episode Coming To You Live was supposed to air. And this one was about the SRU trying to prevent a Radio DJ from killing a politician on the air. To our surprise, some days ago, another episode was announced for this Friday - One Wrong Move. And this one is probably going to keep everyone in Canada on the edge of their seats. One of our readers posted this same video on Facebook (linking to YouTube so everyone can watch) of the current commercial being aired on CTV as we speak for the new episode. CTV has also posted one online here. In a press release, CTV posted this about the episode:

FLASHPOINT returns with its most emotional and unforgettable episode ever as the SRU is pushed to the breaking point and desperately work to save the life of one of their own. After answering a bomb call in the downtown core the team soon discovers it’s just the first in a wave of bombings by a mysterious eco-terrorist organization. Ed (Hugh Dillon), Sam (David Paetkau) and Wordy (Michael Cram) must hunt down the terrorists, while bomb defusing experts Spike (Sergio Di Zio) and Lou (Mark Taylor) must defuse two bombs simultaneously.

The only cast members we can confirm at this time are Richard Willis, who plays the character Sheldon Kominski, and Toronto actor Drew Finnie makes another of a few appearances on the show. CTV's Forums are all abuzz with who the unfortunate member of the team might be, and if it is who we think it is, we'll be left wondering where the series is going to go.

On a side note, I am definitely going to change the format of the episode summaries (yes, I will attempt to use paragraphs). If I have a laptop (which I am hoping one of my broken ones will return to me from the shop soon), then it will be up hours after the episode airs. If not, then I'm stuck doing it on this PC, and that won't happen until CTV puts the episode up online. We will hide the full summaries after the post jumps, so those of you who don't want to be spoiled, won't be :). We're excited and only 5 days away from a premiere! Keep an eye out on our ratings table too - this will be updated as soon as we have the figures in!

Simon Vaughan Starts New Company!

Well, it seems one person that left the fledgling Alchemy TV has started their own venture. Simon Vaughn, co-founder and partner at Alchemy, left the company last year, and just recently announced that he is starting his own company, Lookout Point. The company will producers secure funding for their projects via pre-sales, co-production and bank and equity financing. Since this is a solo project, Simon will serve as an Executive Producer on future productions, but will not serve as a distributor. He spoke of his philosophy, "I want to sit on the same side of the desk as the producer and have the flexibility to get involved with the best projects and help make them happen. It is important to have maximum mobility, so I can work with networks, studios or production companies without treading on the toes of their own in-house distribution entities. Being less of a competitor and more of a partner is very liberating and gives me access to a wider range of the best projects." Vaughn plans to focus on series and movies. Simon isn't quite done with Alchemy just yet, as he is nominated this month for an Emmy for his work on their production, Coco Chanel (Outstanding Made for Television Movie). Alchemy continues to be a key production partner of Flashpoint.

Flashpoint’s Second Season Premieres in Italy!

We wonder if Spike cozied up to Babycakes and watched! Flashpoint continues its conquest of the world, and the second season of the show began in Italy on September 8th on AXN. The first season of the show reruns in syndication on RaiTre (Rai3) and so far the ratings have been good on both channels. On September 10th, approximately 1,224,00 people watched Scorpio and the show held a 5.23% share. Mark Ellis reports that 1.3 million people caught the premiere on AXN! Fans can catch watch Flashpoint in this Autumn 2009 promo video from AXN! Viva la Flashpoint!

And Now, a Short Word From Moon Chase:

The fans are really putting up a fight to bring back Sailor Moon, and we want to thank the readers of this blog who weren't afraid to check out a little more about Flashpoint's very big connection to an iconic cartoon, and in turn participated in our surveys. We have received over 1000 surveys from fans over Phase 1 and 3 of Operation Moonrise - which is a really big number none of us ever expected to reach! We'll be finishing up the release survey a week from today, so if you want to get involved this is your very last chance!

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Flashbits September 2009!

With the third season premiere of Flashpoint starting next week, we’re going to catch you all up on recent happenings with the show!

☄Catch Hugh Dillon on Ion Television in the U.S! Dark drama Durham County premiered on the network, and despite the cuts made to the show by the network, there is at least one thing for the U.S. to look forward to. Canada had a 2-year gap between each 6 episode season, where the U.S. is getting both seasons as one! We recommend checking out this series (it's even a top pick for one website), but for those of you wanting to watch the series in its unaltered form, the first season is available on DVD. However, you will have to poke around the internet to find it, as lists a shipping time of 1-2 months. But take a good look at the cover they have posted (we've posted it here too), so you know what to look for. There are some fakes going around (and please, don’t buy those)! The premiere also made the New York Times! Check out reviews here, here, and here! We also found this marketing stunt kind of cool - Ion Television filled a big cardboard box with packing peanuts, and let 20 contestants have at it to find treasure! The point being, that Durham County is a small town with a lot of buried secrets, and this was a small box that also had... buried secrets. Neat!

Worldscreen reports yet another country that Flashpoint is conquering - the Netherlands! The country's 13th Street channel (part of NBC Universal) is making their programming available On Demand through Ziggo, and Flashpoint is one of those shows along with Dexter, The Wire, and British series Vincent. We are assuming that this broadcast is in Dutch!

☄This is a good sign - the upcoming release of Flashpoint: Season 1 on DVD this October 13th is starting to get a lot of buzz in the US! Cinemaspy highlights the show's recent Gemini Nomimations and special features, and The Star Tribune makes a brief mention of it. The Windsor Star also named Flashpoint one of Jay Leno's competitors starting next week! Closer to the release, we'll see if we can come up with something creative for fans to do to celebrate the release and encourage others to go get the show on DVD!

The Hollywood Reporter posted a great article on Liam Neeson's new film, Chloe, however, it was interesting to note their comment about Toronto - how Flashpoint has gained credibility south of the border for letting Toronto be Toronto!

Shows I’m Looking Forward to Watch on Canadian TV This Fall

It’s hard to choose just one Canadian show to look forward to this Fall for the essay contest, so for me it’s a tie between two shows. CTV’s Flashpoint, and CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie. Warning our readers now this is a bit of a long entry...

I’ll start with Little Mosque, first. When the show first began, I was a little biased and couldn’t watch it - I was raised of a culture similar to Islam portrayed in the show, but to this day I still cannot stand to watch any aspects of it that are popular today in the western world. Especially Bollywood films. Family and friends love them to death and I don’t understand the appeal. To me, 99% of them are all the same. Boy falls in love with girl, they can’t be together due to family conflict, and either they both find new lovers or they end up being together, somehow. Of course, there is always song and dance in between. I didn’t want to watch Little Mosque because I was afraid that this would just be another cheezy take on culture like so many other productions of the day which exaggerated aspects of those productions that were already cheezy to my eyes (and many other members of the western audience, I might add). Though, I did catch some of the later episodes towards the end of the first season, and watched it off and on in the second season. There were a few episodes which I caught only because former Sailor Moon actors had made appearances as well. I thought it did a pretty good job of writing a lot of the conflicts of trying to stay true to Islam in the modern world - and it definitely incorporated some hometown “Saskatchewanisms” that I at least have come to know... so slowly, I warmed to the show.

But then last season had probably one of the most interesting plotlines - Rayyan’s wedding. The more I heard about it in various media and spoiler sites, the more I had to check it out. Marriage has always been a touchy issue in our cultures - especially over the tradition of arranged marriages. Being born in Canada and living my life here, I have always been against it but I was very curious about how this show was going to handle it, especially since the show was going to feature Rayyan and J.J. dating - which is still something many of this culture aren’t too happy with the idea of! The very last episode featured a wedding that didn’t go right at all, and though not unheard of, I think the show took a big risk in writing this ending and despite many criticisms on the internet, I didn’t think it "sucked". It was very intriguing to see the clashes between the culture and values that Rayyan herself followed versus those of J.J. and no matter how hard they tried to make it work, in the end, they just couldn’t do it. I really look forward to next season - how Rayyan heals from this, and how she moves on, especially. These ideas are relatively new territory for cultures who aren’t sure how to keep old tradition in tune with modern times, and I look forward to seeing this show’s take on them. And hey, it’s a homegrown production that’s close to me so that’s the other reason I look forward to it!

And now, Flashpoint. The show which this blog is devoted to, and which our sister blog Moon Chase spent a significant time covering from August of 2007. When I first learned of this show, it was through not a news search, but random web searches I conduct in my efforts to keep Sailor Moon fans updated on what the voices are up to. Which in itself, was inspired by series co-creator, Stephanie Morgenstern.

In 2004, I got the opportunity to attend my first anime convention in Toronto (CNanime as it was called back then). I had been living there that summer taking a review course, but I remember being just as enthralled as everyone else who was living there watching the TV coverage over the hostage situation that happened near Union Station that July. I was shocked in horror over how something like this could happen and I did keep up with further developments as they came in the paper. A little over a month later, was the anime convention. I knew that the director of my favorite episodes of Sailor Moon, Roland Parliament, was going to be there, but I had no idea who else from the show was going to speak alongside him on the Sailor Moon panel. To my surprise, a blonde woman walked into the room behind him and he introduced her: Stephanie Morgenstern. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the front row and thought to myself... really? When I was much younger, her character Sailor Venus, was my favorite and I was thinking to myself, how totally cool is this to meet one of my favorite characters in the flesh? It was during this panel that Stephanie spoke very passionately about how the show really put Canada on the map for cartoon dubbing and also how much they had invested into not only their characters in the show. I also remember her saying something about how much of a struggle it was for Canadian actors to get recognition outside of Canada. I was very surprised to hear how much they had known about some of the promotional events in Japan , most notably the "big headed" costumes (kirigumi). For them the show had gone beyond just another role that they had played. At the time I was writing for another site, Save Our Sailors, and one of my biggest roles on the site was keeping tabs on the actors and after hearing her speak, she gave me a lot to think about. She signed my empty can of Heinz Sailor Moon pasta (which still sits atop my desk today), recognized the site that I had written for, and I was on cloud nine for the next few days. While the show met an unfortunate end in North America just weeks later, the fandom didn’t die. Over the next 3 years I would infrequently keep fans up to date on the actors, of course keeping Stephanie’s comments in my head, but not really knowing how to act with them.

Fast forward to late 2006, when I decide it’s about time I started my own site, with the help of my friends who have served as very diligent staffers since! March 8th, 2007 was the day Moon Chase went live to a much warmer reception than I had expected. I was fully prepared to shut down the site after 6 months if it just wasn’t popular. Fans enjoyed to read the actor updates as they came, but the vast majority of their appearances were in Canadian productions, which readers in the U.S, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK couldn’t really see, leaving many wondering what the faces behind the voices were. That August was when I came across a WDIC newsletter, where at first I didn’t actually believe it was the same Stephanie Morgenstern that we had all known of, but then when I learned it was actually the same person, I knew this could be a production that might be a little bigger than the others we had covered, so that’s when I refined my newshounding skills and decided to keep tabs on the show’s development. And though the stories that I had posted didn’t receive many comments from the fans, as I posted more about what I was learning about the show, they soon became the most popular posts on the site. The fans were very interested to see how one of the most beloved voices on the show was making her way onto bigger and better things. Flashpoint began in the Summer of 2008, on both Canadian and American TV screens, and was a much bigger success than any of us on staff had expected. And then when it started to pop up on more international markets, we would get a lot of emails from places like Poland, Australia, Czechoslovakia, and the UK from fans who loved the show and thanked us for covering it so well (and asked for more!). The stats had grown to the point where 40% of all hits to Moon Chase were coming just to learn more about Flashpoint. And like Sailor Moon, this show had really made it on an international market and opened the door for Canadian talent. It was through the success of Flashpoint that I finally came to understand just what Stephanie was talking about, many years ago. Actors were finally sailing from the Canadian shores and really becoming known around the world! It was just amazing to see the show’s amazing international appeal. Moreover, the show has done a lot for many Canadian actors in their own country where many aren’t even aware of them! When you read the interviews that the stars and crew have given since the show has begun, you also get a feel that this is just not another show that they work on. They know just what it means to Canada and despite editorial requirements, they still manage to sneak in elements to keep the show true to its Canadian identity.

The actors on the show also make Flashpoint really unique. A lot of the same kinds of shows when they do feature ethnic actors , most times make them seem to be like "big monsters" without really featuring in depth, why. One thing the show does really well is it gives these characters soul - even though they may only be on for one episode, you see more than just one facet of their characters and it gives the show a certain depth over others. Three episodes really come to mind especially with this - "Between Heartbeats", "Eagle Two" and "The Fortress". Both carrying villains that were the "bad guys" in their own right, but their backstories did pose some ethical dilemmas. In "Between Heartbeats" you have a son who wants to avenge his father because he feels he shouldn’t have been murdered , but also has some fight in him from serving in his former country’s army. In "Eagle Two", there’s a Latin American teenager fighting between old country values to fight for her father, yet unsure if she should, given the freedom she has in Canada. "The Fortress" also featured a Russian nanny in conflict.

So, aside from obvious SRU plotline cliffhangers (Are Jules and Sam ever going to get back together? Will Greg finally get the courage to see his son? Will we get to meet any of Spike's large family?) I look forward to Flashpoint’s 3rd season’s deep plots and the diverse Canadian talent that will be featured. I also hope the show will rise again from certain strange scheduling south of the border, and will continue to open doors for Canadian productions all around the world.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

USA Badgers and Doves Looking For Flashpoint?

We’ve had a couple requests via Twitter from fans of Flashpoint in the United States looking for some way to take action to bring the show back on the air. But before we bring you a few helpful hints, guidelines, and people to contact, we need to remind you all of a few things.

The show is coming back to CBS. Likely no earlier than January 2010, unless a show on CBS’s upcoming Fall lineup gets the axe, fast. Some critics are calling the network’s very morbid sounding Three Rivers as the first one. This is a medical drama about the relationship between organ donors, organ receivers, their families, and their doctors/transplant team. I’m sure most of us readers have experienced some of this in our lives and it’s not an easy thing to have to watch something like this on a TV show. Some critics are also wincing at Accidentally on Purpose. So ideally, it might be better to just wait and see… but, there’s the other issue of episodes. CBS has committed to 9 episodes of Season 3, whereas CTV in Canada has committed to 13. CBS only has until October 1st to decide if they want the next 4 (or any more after that). It’s here that you Badgers and Doves might be able to make an impact. So this letter writing campaign has two objectives for you guys. The first is to try to bring the show back earlier than January 2010, and the second is to get these four episodes to the USA!

When you write to CBS, don’t flame or be mean (or send spam)! Begin with who you are, where you are from, and that you have been a fan of Flashpoint since _______ (fill in the blank). After this statement, write words that read something to the effect of: If this isn’t meant for the person I am addressing this to, please forward it to the right person and apologize for the inconvenience. Then, share a story about your experience with Flashpoint. For example, are you a member of the Armed Forces, Police, or other Government service? How did the portrayal of the SRU hit home with you? Or was there a particular episode that really hit you? Are the issues realistic to ones you might have heard about in your community? These are but a few ideas to jumpstart your minds about what kind of a story to share. Something like this is likely to keep the reader interested!

Then, detail briefly, why you want to see the show return to the airwaves sooner than later. Maybe you could make a few comments how you’re a little jealous your neighbors to the North in Canada are getting it in the Fall on CTV? We’ll leave it up to you to come up with the words for this. Some articles suggested fans might forget about the show since it isn’t going to return for a long time – is this how you feel too? Do you plan to not watch CBS on Friday nights in protest? Are you unimpressed by CBS’ Friday lineup? Have you had too much of The Ghost Whisperer? Are you not a fan of Medium or Numb3rs? Are you also tired of having Flashpoint air on Fridays instead of another day? Also, maybe a few words about how you don’t mind that the show is Canadian and not American might help to warm the reader to the idea. These are only a few suggestions to get you started. Talk about why you think it would be a bigger success if it came back in the Fall! End the letter nicely, and send it off!

Some other things you might want to include in your letter might include an opinion on the episodes being split apart and not aired together (such as how the last four episodes of Season 1 became the first four of Season 2, but this was not the case with international broadcasts of the show), and also how Canada is getting a Blu-Ray release, and the US isn’t. You may also want to send a copy of this letter to CBS Consumer Products. For those of you in the US who are planning to order a copy of the Blu-Ray release from Canada, don’t be afraid to let CBS know that, and if you really want to be strong with your argument, submit a pre-order receipt or a copy of your receipt once it arrives (with personal information etc. deleted or blacked out). A picture of you holding the boxset works too! For those of you still a little unsure over if what you will order will play in your DVD player, Canadian DVDs are all Region 1, and Canadian Blu-Ray discs are all Region A – and these are the same region codes for North America, so yes, they will play in your U.S. purchased player!

And if you want an even MORE creative idea, when you snail-mail your package, send something “uniquely” Canadian that you can find. Maybe some maple-syrup candy? A cheap toy that looks like an RCMP Mountie? A Canadian flag? Or above all else, a cheap toy car that looks like the Black SUVs they drive in the show.

Ready for your contacts? Here they come! We’ll warn you, CBS’s website didn’t specifically list where people’s offices are. If there is a star next to their name, it’s highly likely you have a better chance of letters getting to them if you send it to New York.

People to address your letters to:
President, CBS Entertainment: Nina Tassler
President, CBS Television Studios Entertainment Group: Nancy Tellem
Senior Executive Vice President, CBS Primetime: Kelly Kahl
Senior Vice President, Current Programs, CBS Entertainment: David Brownfield
President, Network Sales, CBS Television: Jo Ann Ross
President and Chief Executive Officer, CBS Corporation: Leslie Moonves *
And a special note about Mr. Moonves. Be careful if you choose to write to him! He has a Twitter account, but we won’t post the address here.
Executive Vice President and General Manager, CBS Consumer Products: Liz Kalodner
(CBS Consumer Products has a specific address)

Snail Mail (probably more effective than E-mail):

CBS Paramount Television/CBS Television Studios Entertainment Group (new name for Fall 2009, same company):

5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

CBS Television
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY

CBS Consumer Products

1700 Broadway
New York, NY
**Write here to inquire about Blu-Ray**

Go here and select Flashpoint.

If any of you do hear back from CBS, we'd love to hear about it - send us an email (moonchasers@NOSPAMPLZKTHXWITHSPRINKLESANDACHERRYONTOPgmail.comREMOVEALLCAPSPLZ) or DM us on Twitter.