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A Trio of Gemini Award Wins for Flashpoint

Congratulations are in order! Flashpoint has won three Gemini Awards this year:
Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series
Sergio Di Zio - Flashpoint - Acceptable Risk

Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series
Tim Rozon - Flashpoint - I'd Do Anything

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series
Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern - Flashpoint - Jumping At Shadows

The full list of awards for drama, children's or youth, and variety categories are available in this PDF.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Music of Flashpoint

Here is the most comprehensive list of any and every song used in Flashpoint on the web! We have also provided links to the websites of the artists. Titles in bold indicate either no song or other status.

Season 1:

Episode 1 – Scorpio : Fortress by Dala.
Episode 2 – First in Line : Precious Things by Jonathan Seet.
Episode 3 – The Element of Surprise: Psalm by Hey Rosetta!
Episode 4 – Asking for Flowers : You Can Rely on Me by Kim Taylor.
Episode 5 – Who’s George : NONE – CELTIC HYMN.
Episode 6 – Attention Shoppers : Dancing In-Between by Amy Jo Johnson.
Episode 7 – He Knows His Brother : We Made a Pact by Hey Rosetta!
Episode 8 – Never Kissed a Girl : Lost at Sea by Hugh Dillon.
Episode 9 – Planets Aligned : NONE – PIANO BALLAD
Episode 10 – Eagle Two : I am You by Kim Taylor.
Episode 11 – Backwards Day : The World Won't Wait by The Dunes.
Episode 12 – Haunting the Barn : Make It Home Tonight by Jenn Grant.
Episode 13 – Between Heartbeats : Weapon by Matthew Good.

Season 2:

Episode 1 – Business as Usual : Search Party by Wintersleep .
Episode 2 – Fortress : Weightless by Black Lab.
Episode 3 – Clean Hands : Days Like This by Kim Taylor.
Episode 4 – Aisle 13 : Help Me by Daniel Cage.
Episode 5 – The Perfect Family : Rain by Jon Heintz.
Episode 6 – Remote Control : Shine by Hannah Georgas.
Episode 7 – Perfect Storm : All Roads Lead Home by Golden State.
Episode 8 – Last Dance : Chopin Ballad by Melanie Doane.
Episode 9 – Exit Wounds : Sun Is Shining Down by JJ Grey & Mofro.
Episode 11 – Never Let You Down : Now the Struggle Has a Name by The Tragically Hip.
Episode 12 – Just a Man : Don't Be Fooled by Hugh Dillon.
Episode 13 – Custody : Start Again by Sammy Jay.
Episode 14 – Coming to You Live : The Sound of My Voice by Jon Heintz.
Episode 15 – The Farm : Don't Fall Apart by Royal Wood.
Episode 16 – You Think You Know Someone : Crash by Lee Hester.
Episode 17 – The Good Citizen : Defending Our Lives by Jon Heintz.
Episode 18 – Behind the Blue Line : Let it go by Daniel Cage.

Season 3:

Episode 1 - Unconditional Love : Sometimes by Melanie Horsnell.
Episode 2 - Severed Ties : Save My Life by Johnny BLK.
Episode 3 - Follow the Leader : Will You Be There by Richard Harris.
Episode 4 - Whatever it Takes : Catch Me When I Fall by Daniel Cage.
Episode 5 - The Other Lane : Gravity by Asher Book
Episode 6 - Jumping at Shadows : Lost and Found by Kim Taylor
Episode 7 - Acceptable Risk : NONE – VOCAL BALLAD.
Episode 8 - Collateral Damage : Weightless by Courtney Jones
Episode 9 - Thicker Than Blood : Faded Lights by Jordan Critz
Episode 10 - Terror: Goodbye by Amy Jo Johnson
Episode 11 - No Promises: Revolution of the Sun by Matthew Barber
Episode 12 - I'd Do Anything : Wave Goodbye by Mike Schmid
Episode 13 - Fault Lines : Bluff by Pilot Speed

Season 4:

Episode 1 - Personal Effects : Build You Up by Kim Taylor.
Episode 2 - Good Cop : Best Laid Plans by We The Living.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flashpoint Cumulative Ratings Table:

This table will be updated weekly with ratings as they come in. If you see a symbol next to a number, refer to the explanations below all of the tables for more information.

Season 1:
Episode and Title:Date Aired:Day and Time:Place in US Timeslot:Adults 18-49 Market Share (US) # Viewers in Millions (US)# Viewers in Millions (Canada)Show Place That Week/30 (Canada)
Episode 1 "Scorpio"July 11, 2008Friday 10:00 P.M.11.9/68.131.115

Episode 2 "First In Line"

July 18, 2008Friday 10:00 P.M.11.5/67.110.9112
Episode 3 "The Element of Surprise"July 24, 2008Thursday 10:00 P.M.11.7/56.731.095
Episode 4 "Asking For Flowers"July 31, 2008Thursday 10:00 P.M.11.8/67.681.223
Episode 5 "Who's George"August 7, 2008Thursday 10:00 P.M.21.8/66.261.303
Episode 6 "Attention Shoppers"August 14, 2008Thursday 10:00 P.M.21.8/66.111.193
Episode 7 "He Knows His Brother"August 21, 2008Thursday 10:00 P.M.21.8/67.211.184
Episode 8 "Never Kissed A Girl"September 11, 2008Thursday 10:00 P.M.12.2/68.551.296
Episode 9 "Planets Aligned"September 18, 2008Thursday 10:00 P.M.12.6/79.661.464
Episode 10 "Eagle Two"**January 9, 2009Friday 9:00 P.M.12.2/610.061.26913
Episode 11 "Backwards Day"**January 16, 2009Friday 9:00 P.M.12.4/710.531.7417
Episode 12 "Haunting the Barn"**January 23, 2009Friday 9:00 P.M.12.4/710.211.27916
Episode 13 "Between Heartbeats"**February 13, 2009Friday 9:00 P.M.11.9/69.021.29215

**Episodes 10-13 were billed as the first four episodes of Season 2 when they went to air, however these episodes were shot as part of Season 1 and are also included on the Season 1 DVD.

Season 2:
Episode and Title:Date Aired:Day and Time:Place in US Timeslot:Adults 18-49 Market Share (US) # Viewers in Millions (US)# Viewers in Millions (Canada)Show Place That Week/30 (Canada)
Episode 1 "Business As Usual"February 27, 2009Friday 9:00 P.M.11.9/69.171.3412
Episode 2 "The Fortress"March 6, 2009Friday 9:00 P.M.12.0/69.861.3714
Episode 3 "Clean Hands"March 13, 2009 Friday 9:00 P.M.11.9/68.811.3516
Episode 4 "Aisle 13"April 3, 2009 Friday 9:00 P.M.11.8/68.641.3512
Episode 5 "The Perfect Family"April 10, 2009 Friday 9:00 P.M.11.9/69.721.3413
Episode 6 "Remote Control"April 24,2009 Friday 9:00 P.M.11.6/58.181.2813
Episode 7 "Perfect Storm"May 1, 2009 Friday 9:00 P.M.1 2.1/79.61.3717
Episode 8 "Last Dance"May 8, 2009 Friday 9:00 P.M.11.8/68.641.1520
Episode 9 "Exit Wounds"May 15, 2009 Friday 9:00 P.M.21.8/68.421.2216
Episode 10* - "One Wrong Move"September 25th, 2009 (CAN)
June 4th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 9:00 P.M.11.3/56.091.882/1.126#12/13#
Episode 11 - "Never Let You Down"October 2nd, 2009 (CAN)
June 11th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 9:00 P.M.11.2/56.721.575/1.105#23/21#
Episode 12 - "Just a Man"October 9th, 2009 (CAN)
July 9th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 9:00 P.M.11.1/45.811.342/0.929#24/30#
Episode 13 - "Custody"October 16th, 2009 (CAN)
June 25th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 9:00 P.M.11.2/46.271.642/0.932#19/26#
Episode 14** - "Coming To You Live"October 23rd, 2009 (CAN)
July 2nd, 2010 (USA)
Friday 9:00 P.M.11.0/45.421.560[:(]#17/[:(]#
Episode 15 "The Farm"October 30th, 2009 (CAN)
June 18th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 9:00 P.M.11.4/56.951.871/1.076#12/16#
Episode 16 - "You Think You Know Someone"November 6th, 2009 (CAN)
July 30th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 9:00 P.M.11.1/45.591.816/[:(]#17/[:(]#
Episode 17 "The Good Citizen"November 13th, 2009 (CAN)
July 23rd, 2010 (USA)
Friday 9:00 P.M.21.2/46.061.771/0.998#20/27#
Episode 18 - "Behind The Blue Line"November 20th, 2009 (CAN)
July 9th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 9:00 P.M.[:(]#22/[:(]#

A Short Note on Broadcasting in Canada and the US for This Season (2) and the Next (3):

The order of the episodes presented here for Season 2 is correct - this is how they were aired on Canadian television. CBS did not air these episodes in this order - we have corrected the airdates as they appear. Also, please note that in the USA the show flip-flopped between the 9PM and 10PM timeslots. This table is crowded already so we didn't have the space to write them in. Those episodes which aired from June until the end of July 2010 (with the exception of "Unconditional Love" which aired on July 16th) broadcast during the 9PM timeslot. All other episodes (including "Unconditional Love" on July 16th) from August onwards are broadcast at 10PM. Canada has also followed this trend since August. In Canada, "reverse simulcast" occurred in July with the show airing at 10PM on CTV following the US broadcast. However, depending on the timezone one lived in Canada, sometimes the show would air at the same time as the CBS broadcast. We're as confused about the timeslots as you are, so if things don't seem right above, heed what this paragraph says as the ultimate authority!

Season 3:
Episode and Title:Date Aired:Day and Time:Place in US Timeslot:Adults 18-49 Market Share (US) # Viewers in Millions (US)# Viewers in Millions (Canada)Show Place That Week/30 (Canada)
Episode 1 - "Unconditional Love"July 16th, 2010 (CAN)
July 16th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 10:00 P.M.11.1/45.561.33411
Episode 2 - "Severed Ties"August 6th, 2010 (CAN)
August 6th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 10:00 P.M.11.1/45.991.4528
Episode 3 - "Follow the Leader"August 13th, 2010 (CAN)
August 13th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 10:00 P.M.11.1/46.501.26713
Episode 4 - "Whatever it Takes"August 20th, 2010 (CAN)
August 20th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 10:00 P.M.11.3/46.271.5584
Episode 5 - "The Other Lane"September 3rd, 2010 (CAN)
September 3rd, 2010 (USA)
Friday 10:00 P.M.21.0/35.871.5087
Episode 6 - "Jumping at Shadows"September 10th, 2010 (CAN)
September 10th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 10:00 P.M.11.1/4
Episode 7 - "Acceptable Risk"September 17th, 2010 (CAN)
September 17th, 2010 (USA)
Friday 10:00 P.M.21.2/46.151.800
Episode 8 - "Collateral Damage"January 4th, 2011 (CAN)
----- (USA)
Tuesday 10:00 P.M.---1.595
Episode 9 - "Thicker than Blood"January 11th, 2011 (CAN)
----- (USA)
Tuesday 10:00 P.M.---1.524
Episode 10 - "Terror"January 18th, 2011 (CAN)
----- (USA)
Tuesday 10:00 P.M.---1.396

*This episode also repeated on September 26th, 2009 and scored 625,000 viewers. The show also scored #1 in its Friday timeslot! (Source: CTV Publicty)
**This episode was intended to be the first episode of the season, but was moved for unknown reasons.
#These Canadian ratings are what the show achieved when the show was run in the Summer of 2010 alongside the CBS premiere broadcasts.
[:(] This symbol means that the show did not rate high enough to be included on BBM Canada's Top 30 Programs of the Week list. Unfortunately, no data is given for a show publicly if it does not place.


US Ratings: Mediaweek
Canada Ratings: BBM Canada

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How Flashpoint Fans Outside of Canada Can New Legally Obtain Flashpoint Episodes

In light of fans' anticipation to watch the new episodes before they air on CBS, we have decided to post directions on how fans can obtain the episodes legally on iTunes. This may not work for everyone, so we ask readers to please exercise caution when attempting this.

Before you start, you will need to:

1. Create a new email account - this will be linked to your Canadian iTunes account.

2. Obtain a CANADIAN iTunes gift card in whichever amount you would prefer. Each episode is $1.99, so a $15 gift card would probably suffice for only those new episodes airing during this month. These can be purchased easily online, but please be sure that you are getting a card that is in Canadian dollars. Some places will even send you an activation code within 30 minutes via email. An American iTunes card number will not work on the Canadian store.


1. Open iTunes, and go to the iTunes store. If you are logged in under your current account, make sure you sign out. At the bottom, you will see a link under "Manage iTunes" that says "Change Country". Choose Canada.

2. Click "sign in" at the top, and create a new account using the new email you have created. At the next screen where it asks for billing information, ignore both the credit card as well as the billing address. iTunes will never send you a paper bill, so you don't need to worry about this. In between these two parts, is a field to enter in your Canadian iTunes gift card number. Enter this, and click on next.

3. You are done! Now you can purchase anything (except for apps) on the iTunes Canada store you wish. Search for Flashpoint Season 3, and all the new episodes you are looking for will be there (Caution, look for the episode name since the newer ones are not at the top or the bottom, they are in the same order as listed on this post)

4. To go back to your American iTunes account, sign out of your account, scroll to the bottom of the iTunes store home page, click "Change Country" and choose USA. Sign back in with your regular account.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Flashpoint Episodes on the Way!

Hey Badgers and Doves! Still really busy behind the scenes, we will catch up on old episode summaries as soon as we possibly can (hopefully, one or two at least by the end of the month). We were surprised to learn around a week ago that there are five new episodes airing in the next month on CTV (but as of this writing, they will not be appearing on CBS at the same time). Here is the upcoming schedule:

January 4 - Episode 305: "Collateral Damage"
January 11 - Episode 307: "Thicker than Blood"
January 18 - Episode 310: "No Promises"
January 25 - Episode 311: "Terror"
February 1 - Episode 312: "I'd Do Anything"

For those of you questioning these episode numbers, these are correct - they were aired out of order for broadcast. We will fix this on our episode ratings table once we get our summaries all finished. And as always, we will update the music cues as soon as we possibly can!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Breaking News: Gemini 2010 Noms Announced!

Lots of Reasons for the Moon Chase Blog Network to Celebrate!

This morning, the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television announced nominations for the 2010 Gemini Awards, and both of our blogs (Moon Chase and We Got The Solution) have stars that we follow nominated! Though this year, there are less stars from Sailor Moon nominated ( ☽:( ), once again Flashpoint is leading the pack with 15 nominations in 11 categories! Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated and we will keep you updated with the winners come November. The lone nominee from Sailor Moon this year is Catherine Disher (Mimet) for her work on the Canadian drama The Border. There are too many nominated from Flashpoint to name in one sentence, but there is a special case where a Flashpoint star guested in another TV show, and is against two other guest stars from Flashpoint!

So here come the nominees! The productions that they are nominated for are in bold, but if you see a gold star next to their name(), it means they were also in Flashpoint or Sailor Moon).

Best Dramatic Series

Durham County
(Back Alley Film Productions Ltd. /Muse Entertainment Ent. Inc., Muse Entertainment Enterprise)
Adrienne Mitchell, Laurie Finstad Knizhnik, Janis Lundman, Michael Prupas
(Flashpoint Season 2, Pink Sky Inc., Avamar Ent)
Anne Marie La Traverse, Bill Mustos
Republic of Doyle
(Republic Season II Inc., Malachy Season 1, Inc.)
Allan Hawco, Rob Blackie, John Vatcher
Stargate Universe
(Stargate Universe I Inc.)
Brad Wright, Carl Binder, Robert Cooper, John Lenic, N. John Smith
The Tudors
(Peace Arch Entertainment, PA Tudors III Inc., TM Productions)
John Weber, Sheila Hockin, Morgan O'Sullivan

Best Achievement in Casting

Deirdre Bowen - Bloodletting And Miraculous Cures - "All Souls"
John Buchan CSA, Jason Knight - The Summit
Stephanie Gorin - Guns
Andrea Kenyon, Wendy O'Brien, Marissa Richmond, Randi Wells - Durham County - "Little Lost Children"
Marissa Richmond - Flashpoint - "Perfect Storm"

Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series

Clé Bennett - The Line - "Episode 203", "Episode 206"
Sergio Di Zio - Flashpoint - "One Wrong Move", "The Good Citizen"
Genadijs Dolganovs - The Bridge - "Painted Ladies", "Chain of Fools"
Sebastian Pigott - Being Erica - "Yes We Can", "The Unkindest Cut"
Mark Taylor - Flashpoint - "Exit Wounds", "One Wrong Move"

Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series

Enrico Colantoni - Cra$h & Burn - "Lawyers, Guns & Money"
Christopher Heyerdahl - Sanctuary - "Haunted"
Michael Riley - Flashpoint - "Coming To You Live"
Hugh Thompson - Flashpoint - "Business As Usual"
Kristopher Turner - Bloodletting And Miraculous Cures - "Family Practice"

Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series

Catherine Disher - The Border - "The Dead", "Dark Ride"
Eve Harlow - The Guard – "Boom", "Last Night"
Reagan Pasternak - Being Erica - "Shhh...Don't Tell", "Under My Thumb"
Jessica Steen - Flashpoint - "Clean Hands", "The Perfect Family"
Rachel Wilson - Republic of Doyle - "Return of the Grievous Angel", "Blood is Thicker Than Blood"

Best Performance by an Actress in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series

Ona Grauer - Flashpoint - "The Fortress"
Laurence Leboeuf - Flashpoint - "The Perfect Family"
Tatiana Maslany - Bloodletting And Miraculous Cures - "All Souls"
Debra Lynne McCabe - Bloodletting And Miraculous Cures - "All Souls"
Anastasia Phillips - Murdoch Mysteries - "Me, Myself, & Murdoch"

Best Direction in a Dramatic Series

David Frazee - Flashpoint - "One Wrong Move"
Andy Mikita - Stargate Universe - "Air Part 1"
Adrienne Mitchell - Durham County - "Little Lost Children"
Jeremy Podeswa - The Tudors - "Episode 308"
Stephen Surjik - Flashpoint - "Aisle 13"

Best Original Music Score for a Program or Series

Amin Bhatia, Ari Posner - Flashpoint - "One Wrong Move"
Robert Carli - Bloodletting And Miraculous Cures - "Isolation"
Robert Carli - Murdoch Mysteries - "Me, Myself, & Murdoch"
Joel Goldsmith - Stargate Universe - "Light"
James Jandrisch - The Guard - "At Sea"
Trevor Morris - The Tudors - "Episode 304"

Best Photography in a Dramatic Program or Series

James Jeffrey - Murdoch Mysteries - "The Murdoch Identity"
Glen MacPherson - Keep Your Head Up Kid: The Don Cherry Story
Jim Menard - Stargate Universe - "Light"
Stephen Reizes - Flashpoint - "Behind The Blue Line"
Michael Storey - Republic of Doyle - "The Fall of the Republic"

Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series

Rick Martin - Stargate Universe - "Human"
Lara Mazur, C.C.E. - Flashpoint - "One Wrong Move"
Vesna Svilanović - Bloodletting And Miraculous Cures - "Unhappy Endings"
Arthur Tarnowski - The Phantom
Jeff Warren - Guns

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series

Philip Bedard, Larry Lalonde - Murdoch Mysteries - "Hangman"
Jeremy Boxen - Cra$h & Burn - "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
Mark Haroun - Heartland - "The Haunting of Hanley Barn"
Alex Levine - The Border - "Missing In Action"
Ian Weir - Flashpoint - "The Fortress"

To check out the rest of the nominees, click here! Congratulations to everyone nominated from Flashpoint and Sailor Moon once again, and best of luck in November!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Episode Summary: Follow the Leader

When a young man caught up in a white supremacist group turns against them, he triggers a deadly retaliation with far-reaching and highly personal consequences. (description from CTV)

Full summary after the jump!

Two men are hiding in a secluded area of city hall, Jeff and Trent. Jeff says that Victor's orders are that the package has to go off.

Cut to the SRU team walking through the building discussing someone possibly targeting the open immigration areas.

Sam notices Trent. He calls out to him, but Trent raises his bag and screams that he has a bomb. People scatter, screaming.

Rewind to four hours earlier. Victor is giving a lecture to his followers, complaining about racial diversity, saying that he feels it is a bad thing and threatens the future of Caucasians. He says they are going to celebrate citizenship day by making a statement. The group cheers and splits apart.

Danny comes down the stairs after talking to Victor, looking nervous. He makes a couple phone calls, the first is a tip to 911, the second tells his girlfriend he loves her on a voice message.

Trent finds Danny and asks if he was talking to "her." Danny says he wants to tell Trent about the plan. Trent says it's need to know and that he will hear it from Victor when it's his turn. Danny insists. Trent asks if Danny wants Victor to know he has a phone in his pocket and leaves the area.

At SRU headquarters, Ed says that a man called in a tip about a series of attacks planned for the day. Greg says that the attacks are racially motivated and that the leader is Victor Ackland. Five years prior he was red flagged for handing out white supremacy literature on university campuses. It looks like he's gone independent now, but he's under the radar.

Ed notes that home base is an abandoned glass factory with 23 armed subjects. The goal is to get there in time to prevent them from putting their plan into play. They go over the basic details of their plan for subduing the subjects.

At the factory, the Danny tries to pull Trent aside again to speak with him privately. Trent gets annoyed and calls attention to himself, loudly asking Danny if he wants to share something with the group. Victor overhears from upstairs and walks to the railing, calling out to ask if there's something he should know about.

Outside, SRU is planning their entry. Spike loops the video on a surveillance camera.

Inside, Victor asks Danny if he has cold feet and remarks that they've seen less of him lately. Danny says he's been busy with his job, working weekends. Trent says Danny's girlfriend has him on a leash. Danny's cell phone vibrates. Victor asks what he's doing with a cell phone.

An alarm sounds. SRU accidentally triggered a trip wire.

Victor asks what's going on and a man says the system has been hacked. He notices that a camera feed was looped. He resets the connection and they can see SRU. Victor tells everyone to get to their stations.

Jules, Spike, and Sam toss tear gas into a large, open doorway. Three men come out and they take them into custody. Wordy and Ed approach another door quickly, hearing it about to open. Wordy quickly disarms a young man who exits and they take him into custody. Greg checks the area to see if there are any more suspects lurking around. He asks if they should make entry from this doorway. Ed says that team four is entering from the other side and they should stick to the script.

Greg, Wordy, and Ed walk down an alleyway. Greg is shot twice by suspects hiding in a window. They take cover, Wordy radioing that Greg's been hit and they're under fire. The gunfire continues as Wordy checks Greg's wounds: one in the arm, one in the vest. Greg says he's okay. Ed says they will get him out of here.

With Wordy's direction, Ed finds out where the shooter is located. He asks Sam over the radio for his status. Sam says he's almost there. Greg protests, saying they need to find the bombs. Ed says he hears him but isn't listening.

Jules approaches to help. Sam and Spike enter the building to find the shooter. Inside, we see Danny approach the shooter, Malcolm. He convinces him to hand over the gun. Danny drops the rifle out the window and Malcolm gets angry. They struggle. Sam and Spike find them and restrain them.

Wordy approaches the second shooter on a walkway. He orders him to drop his weapon and come down the ladder. The shooter complies and Wordy arrests him.

Back to Greg, Jules, and Ed. Greg says he's fine and wants to move on. Ed insists on a medic. Greg radios to Spike about the explosives.

Inside, Spike is trying to find the explosives. Danny talks to Sam and says he's the one who called 911 with the tip and is now looking for his little brother, Trent. Sam brings him down to talk to the team.

Outside, Ed takes Greg to see a medic. Greg says he'll wait his turn. Ed asks another officer for a status update. The officer says one subject is down, one injured, eleven more in custody. Ed says their team got seven, leaving at least three unaccounted for, including Victor. Ed radios Sam to get Danny down there so they can speak with him.

Greg asks Sidney if they have more info on Victor. He says the only thing he found is that Victor was in military training, from 1986-1990. He never made it into the field due to a Bad Conduct Discharge.

Spike finds a "war room" inside. It has maps with multicultural gathering spots listed as targets they planned to hit today. Ed says that there still may be attacks as there are three subjects unaccounted for. Spike continues investigating inside.

Outside, Sam sees Jules having a friendly chat with the medic helping Greg. He looks a little jealous.

Danny says his brother is not there. He says Victor and Jeff Watts (Victor's right hand) are also missing. He says they are likely together. Ed confirms that it was possible for them to escape the perimeter. They will have to extend their search.

Spike finds chemicals that can be used to make bombs. He says they made many small bombs that are portable and easy to hide but can cause heavy damage. He found plans for ten bombs so he can find out how they work. Unfortunately, three bombs are missing.

Greg radios Sidney telling him that three subjects are carrying explosives, and instructs him to contact all divisions stating that threat level is red.

Spike uploads a list of possible target locations. Ed tells Sidney that they need officers, checkpoints, dogs, and scanners at all locations. Sidney says that's a lot of ground to cover. Greg tells him to reach out to friends in Peel and Durham regions for help.

Spike says the bombs have a 100' damage radius. They are triggered to detonate simultaneously. They also have impact sensor warnings, so they will explode if dropped. Greg says that doesn't make sense, that extremists usually like to leave a bomb and walk away. Jules says that carnage must be part of his message.

Victor is in a car with Jeff and Trent. He says they are a family that chose each other. He also says Trent needs to tell him if he knows who tipped off the cops. Trent says he thinks it was Danny. Victor confirms, as he still has Danny's cell phone. Trent apologizes, but Victor says Danny's choices are not his fault.

Greg asks Danny if he can narrow the list of targets. Danny says he didn't know the targets, he was only the lookout. He says he was part of the group, but that it was all just talk before today. He explains that his family lost their house because his father was laid off from his job after a lot of immigrants were willing to work for less. His father blamed all their money problems on immigrants taking his job and eventually killed himself, leaving Danny and Trent alone. From then on, Danny vowed to take care of Trent, protect him, and fight back.

Victor tells Trent that he remembers Danny being very angry when they first met. He says he had hopes for him.

Danny says that Victor used to listen to him and that by knowing him, it felt like he and his brother were no longer alone. Victor had a job in security at the old factory, so he had the run of the place. He used to drill them on the weekends, teach them survival skills and the like for fun.

Cut back to Victor's car. Victor says he was wrong about Danny. Trent protests, blaming Danny's girlfriend.

A flashback reveals that Kelly, Danny's girlfriend, is of African descent. Danny had never expected to fall for her, but eventually she changed the way he thought about things. When Trent met her, he didn't take it very well that she wasn't white. Trent told Danny he was deserting him.

Victor finds a picture of Danny and Kelly on the cell phone and asks Trent if he met her. Trent says he hasn't.

When Sam asks Danny why he continued going to the group, Danny says it was the only way to continue seeing his brother. Fortunately, Trent never mentioned that Kelly wasn't white to Victor.

Victor's car reaches its destination. Victor says that the best thing that happened to him was when Danny brought Trent to him. He says he saved Trent's briefing for last and asks if he wants to know what's in the backpacks in the trunk. Trent confirms.

Spike radios that Trent and Jeff were seen entering Hancock Square, carrying backpacks. He says it's possible that they're headed to the department of citizenship and immigration as the target. Greg radios Sidney to note that Victor is likely acting alone.

At city hall, we see Jeff and Trent talking in a secluded area. Jeff says when they're done they'll meet at the Fox & Crown, have a beer, and watch it on the news. He reminds Trent of the orders.

SRU is at the scene, developing their plan and how they will disperse. They intend to focus on subjects with backpacks.

Danny notifies the team that he saw Jeff. Greg and Spike pursue. Spike subdues him with a sleeper hold and Greg grabs the backpack. Greg says everybody has to get out and Spike disarms the bomb when the area is clear.

Sam and Jules see Trent. Sam calls out to him and Trent yells that he has a bomb. Jules tries to calm the crowd, instructing them to move to the exits. Sam says he will try to talk Trent down because he can relate as a former soldier.

Jules asks Spike about their options. Spike says the only way is to use pliers and cutters as they can't get an EMP there in time. They need to talk down Trent before the deadline.

Sam tries to ask Trent to leave the bag, but Trent says he has to make sure the bomb goes off and that a soldier never leaves his post. Sam asks about his dad.

Elsewhere, at a hotel, Wordy and Ed find Victor, but he doesn't have the bomb. He says that Kelly has it. On the street, we see Kelly walking with a paper bag.

Greg tells Danny that Victor may have given the bomb to Kelly. Danny says Victor doesn't know her. Greg says Victor tracked her down at the hotel and reassures Danny that the team will find her and keep her safe. He says they need Danny here to help Trent.

Ed interrogates Victor, but he refuses to tell them where Kelly is heading with the disguised bomb.

Greg and Spike ask Danny about the significance of the day and time. They find out about a citizenship ceremony on Adelaide street. The team starts to head to the location, with Sidney sending additional units.

Back at city hall, Sam continues to try to talk down Trent. Greg asks Danny about what happened when Trent found his father deceased. Danny says that Trent was thirteen at the time, and that when Danny walked in their father was already hanging and Trent was screaming at their father in anger. Danny had to pull him off.

Greg and Sam discuss this, realizing that Trent feels like he's being abandoned again and that he must be clinging to Victor as he thinks that's the only family he has left. Greg says Trent needs to know he's not alone.

Ed and Wordy find Kelly and tell people to move away. They instruct her to stay very still. Ed approaches, saying they need the bag. She is confused.

At city hall, Sam continues negotiating. Trent screams for everyone to leave. Danny says he won't leave without him. Sam says that Danny has been there the whole time, even with Kelly in danger. Trent asks what happened to Kelly. Sam tells him that Victor gave her the bomb.

Ed takes the bag from Kelly, telling her it's a bomb. She says she thought it was a present from Danny because she received a text message from him.

Sam says that Victor left Trent to die but that Danny is there for him.

Ed disarms the bomb that Kelly had, with 30 seconds to spare.

With only a few seconds left, everyone falls back. Sam pleads for Trent to escape. He puts the bag down and runs. He is injured in the blast, but escapes in time.

Outside, Victor is ushered into a squad car. Kelly hugs Danny. Trent sees this and walks away.

At headquarters, Ed asks to see Greg's stitches, but Greg says he'll keep his shirt on. The team ask if he'll join them for drinks. He initially says no, but he changes his mind. They say he has to buy the first round because he was shot.

Jules's paramedic friend, Steve, catches up with her just before the team heads out. He reminds her that they were going to get together to catch up. Greg asks if he'd like to join, but Steve declines. He says he'll catch Jules another time.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flashpoint DVD News

The website has some good news to report for fans of Flashpoint looking to add the show to their DVD library. Details have been revealed for the releases of the Season 2 Vol. 2 box set, as well as a comprehensive Season 2 box for the upcoming holiday season. The Vol. 2 box set has the remaining 9 episodes from Season 2, and is designed as a bookend to the Season 2 Vol. 1 box that was released on March 23, 2010. For watchers who have decided to be more patient, the Complete Season 2 box set will contain all of the contents of the Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 boxes (including all of the various behind the scenes featurettes). For more information, including artwork for both box sets please check the link:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Episode Summary: Severed Ties

In this new episode, two young girls are kidnapped by a woman with a knife (played by Kelly Rowan). The team reveals an unexpected connection on the way to defusing the situation.

Full summary after the jump!

Winnie tells Greg that 911 received a call from a young girl named Riley Adler. When Greg is connected, he tells Riley that she is brave and asks where she is. She says they're in a drug store. Greg asks if she's okay, but the phone is taken away before she can respond.

Rewind. Greg receives a phone call about his son, Dean, who had an accident on his dirt bike and broke his arm. He found out about the accident on Facebook through his cousin. Dean never confirmed Greg as a "friend," but added Greg's cousin. When discussing it with Ed in the locker room, Ed says that his son didn't confirm him as a friend either. Greg says it's not the same, because Ed's son doesn't live far away. Ed counters that planes go to Dallas. Greg says his ex won't let him through the door. Ed jokes that he should bring a ram.

Cut to a children's playground. A man is taking photos of children at play. A mother disciplines her daughter, giving her a time out. She then chats with some other mothers in the playground. The photographer turns their attention to the girl sitting in time out.

Back at SRU headquarters, Greg notices a printout in Ed's locker and asks if it's an ultrasound. Ed confirms. Greg asks when he's due. Ed jokes that it's the lady who carries the baby. Greg jokes back with mock surprise, saying Ed's boys can still swim. Greg asks how it feels. Ed says he and Sophie are still getting used to it. Greg comments that Clark is almost out of the house, but now they'll be back to changing diapers and 3 a.m. feedings. Ed adds "and a husband who works all the time." Greg says that it's an opportunity to do things differently, that he wishes he had that chance.

Back to the park, a couple of mothers are talking. The little girl who was in time out has disappeared. Her mother starts freaking out because she can't find her.

At SRU headquarters, Winnie says that a five year old girl, Becky Corday, was kidnapped. She notes that an eyewitness mentioned seeing a strange man taking photos. The man is identified as Clarence Fogle, a recently released child molester who lives three blocks from the park. As the team leaves, Ed instructs Winnie to send his photo and address to their PDAs.

The SRU break into Clarence's home and start searching for him. Wordy spots him outside and alerts the team that he's running away. Ed, Sam, and Wordy chase him down. Sam knocks him to the ground and they arrest him. Ed asks if there is any sign of Becky at the house. Spike says she's not there. Winnie sends a picture of Becky to the team. Jules finds a pile of photos on a desk and starts looking through them. Spike asks if Becky is in one of the photos. Jules confirms after looking at her PDA. Greg tells Ed that they found pictures of Becky, that Fogle appears to have been watching her for a while.

Ed, Wordy, and Sam interrogate Clarence. They ask where Becky is. He finally admits that he saw her at the park but never touched her.

Greg, Spike, and Jules check through the photos on the memory card from Fogle's camera. The time stamp confirms that Fogle was at the park after Becky was kidnapped. Clarence asks to be uncuffed, but Ed asks Winnie to send officers to pick up Fogle to take him back to jail for violating his parole.

Jules mentions that Becky has been missing for over an hour. Greg tells Spike to issue an amber alert and send Becky's picture to media outlets and patrol officers within a 100 mile radius.

Jenna says she has lots of pictures of her daughter if the police need them. She mentions that Becky loves playing dress up and changes five times daily. Jules asks what she was wearing today. Jenna lists the clothing and starts crying that she shouldn't have turned her back. Greg comforts her, saying they'll do everything they can to get her back. Jules asks if Jenna knows anyone who might have taken Becky. Jenna doesn't. When asked about her husband, Jenna says he's a lawyer away on business in Montreal. Greg asks if he has any enemies. Jenna says it's possible and agrees to give his contact information to the police. Jules asks if Jenna might have enemies. Jenna says she's a stay at home mom, so she only knows other parents.

The team find a photo on Clarence's memory card of a woman taking Becky away.

Cut to the Ontario Science Centre. The kidnapper and Becky are watching a movie. The other members of the audience are a small class of elementary students with one teacher. As they leave, the kidnapper tries to coerce another girl, Riley, to go with her. When the teacher tries to pull her away, the kidnapper gets agitated. She pulls out a knife and tells the teacher not to come any closer.

The SRU arrive on the scene. Greg briefs the team on the situation. The team discusses their options and how to maintain a perimeter. All weapons must be less lethal because of children present. The team decides to start their search outside the theatre.

Jules and Greg speak with the teacher. She says that she doesn't think Riley knew the kidnapper, that Riley was terrified and didn't want to go. She also says that Riley didn't seem to know the other girl. The teacher didn't recognize the kidnapper.

Greg says they need both sets of parents available, to see if they can find out what the connection is between the girls.

Spike has found the kidnapper visible on cameras pointed at the main entrance. He is able to zoom in enough to clearly see her face. Greg tells him to make copies and see if the parents can make an I.D.

Riley's parents say that the kidnapper looks a lot like Riley's birth mother, Maggie Perrello, but that she's supposed to be in jail. Jenna notes that Becky was adopted too. Jules suspects that the kidnapper was going after her own children.

Greg and Jules ask for more details from the parents. The Adlers say that they got information about her so that they could answer questions from Riley when she's older, but that Riley doesn't know who Maggie is and must be very scared.

Spike pulls up Maggie's record. She was sentenced to eight years for armed robbery. The children were put into foster care because she was a single parent. Maggie got out of jail a few months ago, after serving five years and getting an early parole. Jules said she must want her kids back now that she's out. Greg asks Spike to try to track down Maggie's family and friends, anyone who could provide some insight.

Back at the Science Centre, SRU team members continue their search. Maggie and the girls walk through an exhibit of human bodies. Riley gets upset and Maggie reminds her that she's her mother. She promises to explain later.

A security guard spots Maggie and the girls leaving the exhibit hall and radios the team. They are heading towards the loading dock. Ed says the security guard should be instructed to stand down, the subject is armed and emotionally agitated. The team members are all in pursuit of Maggie.

Maggie hurries the girls along. The security guard tries to stop her, saying he can't let her leave with the kids and that she's scaring them. She pulls out her knife and stabs his leg before hurrying off with the girls. Spike relays the info to the team, noting that she's escalating and that the guard saw her exit the building. Maggie drives away with the girls in a car.

The team has some details about the car and will pass it along to other officers. Greg also says that airport security needs to be notified as a precaution.

Jules and Greg question Maggie's friend, Dana. She tells them that Maggie had wanted Dana to look after the girls while Maggie was in prison but that wasn't practical. There wasn't any family that could look after them either. Maggie's husband died in a car accident. Maggie, seven months pregnant with Becky, and Riley were also in the car. Riley was uninjured, but Maggie needed an emergency C-section as her pelvis was shattered. Maggie's life fell apart after the accident. She lost her husband and the house. She was also in a great deal of physical and emotional pain, to the point she couldn't function without pills. Dana confirms that Maggie robbed a pharmacy after a doctor wouldn't prescribe any more.

Spike notes that the getaway car was a rental and he found an address tied to the credit card used for the rental.

The SRU breaks in to Maggie's home, finding it set up very nicely to welcome the girls. It's clear that Maggie intended to bring them here. Greg notes that Becky and Riley are no longer Maggie's kids.

The team discovers that all of Maggie's clothes are gone, she clearly isn't coming back. They also find a home movie of Maggie with baby Riley. Jules says she seemed really happy. Ed says it's a shame what drugs can do to someone's life. Greg says that isn't an excuse for the choices she made. Jules is a bit surprised, saying she expected him to be more sympathetic. Greg is insulted. Although he was a drunk who lost custody of his kid, he does not run around with a knife trying to take him back by force.

Jules is a bit shaken and goes out to the van to ask Spike to get in touch with Maggie's parole officer. Sam asks if she's okay. She admits that she overstepped with Greg and struck a nerve. She says she should have kept her mouth shut. Sam says he likes that she speaks her mind. Spike gives her the contact information for the parole officer.

Maggie stops the car outside a house, saying it's the house they lived in when Riley was a baby. She asks if Riley remembers (she doesn't). Maggie points out the window for Riley's old room. She says she wants to show them something fun. They go to see a bird feeder in the yard. Maggie says that there was a family of robins that built a nest nearby and had two babies. Riley was worried they wouldn't have enough to eat, so she shared her cereal with them. Maggie and Riley put the feeder up and would sit nearby to watch the mother bird feed her babies.

The girls say they want to go home. Maggie tearfully says that she knows it's very confusing for them. She says that some people took the girls away from her but now that they're together they can be a family again. The girls protest.

Jules and Greg talk to the parole officer. He says that Maggie expected to get her kids back after getting out of prison. A few days ago he had to tell her the truth. The girls were legally adopted while she was in prison. The courts terminated Maggie's parental rights because of the length of her prison term. Maggie was very upset, saying that her girls are all she has and she wants them back.

Jules asks the parole officer for more details about how the courts could terminate the parental rights. He says that the courts decided that they didn't want the children to languish in foster care. Although Maggie had tried to keep in touch with the girls, social services didn't pass on any letters or cards because they assumed it was best to sever all ties.

Maggie tries to bond with Riley and gives her an old plushie dog. She says that one of the legs got cut when a streetcar ran over him but that Riley insisted on keeping him, that she loved him even though he wasn't perfect. Maggie says she kept the dog with her when she went away and that it reminded her of Riley. Riley remembers the nickname for the toy, "Cho" because she couldn't say Charlie. Suddenly Becky starts coughing. Riley and Maggie don't know what's wrong.

Maggie takes the girls into a pharmacy and pleads with a pharmacist to help Becky. The pharmacist asks questions and tries to think of something to help, after Maggie
threatens her with a knife and insists that something be done without calling 911.

Riley takes the opportunity to break away and call 911. She tells Greg that Maggie is trying to help Becky because she's very sick. Maggie finds Riley and hangs up the phone. Winnie passes the address on to the SRU.

The team arrives on the scene and starts developing a strategy. They get a camera inside and can see that there are two more hostages and that Becky is hooked up to something that may be oxygen. Greg introduces himself over a megaphone, saying he needs Maggie to pick up the phone when he calls.

She answers. Greg asks her to let Becky out so that an ambulance can take Becky to the hospital. Maggie refuses. Greg then asks if paramedics can enter the building to make sure Becky is okay. Becky takes a turn for the worse and Maggie agrees to let a paramedic in. The paramedic is followed by Greg and Ed.

Becky's parents call, saying that her only medical condition is an allergy to almonds, even trace amounts can make her throat close. Maggie notes that there were almonds in the muffins she gave the girls earlier. The paramedic gives her epinephrine to help. Greg says Becky needs to be taken to the hospital to ensure that she's okay.

Maggie objects, saying she doesn't want her kids to be taken away again. Greg argues with her, saying that the kids are no longer hers because of the choices she made. Maggie says she's a different person now. Greg says she's being selfish and not thinking about what's best for them. Ed calms him down.

Greg says he knows what it's like to lose children as he hasn't been allowed to see his son for ten years. He said the hardest part is to accept the fact that they're doing okay without you. Maggie says it isn't true, that Jenna made Becky cry and just left her sitting alone. Greg says that Jenna only wanted Becky to slow down and be safe. Maggie insists that he's wrong. Greg says that Maggie is convincing herself that she needs to save her children from being mistreated. Greg says her children are with families who love them.

Maggie says she misses them so much, that Greg has no idea what it's like to be so close to her kids and not be able to hold them. She says she wanted to start over. Greg says her understands that she wanted a second chance at being a good mother. He says this is a chance to do what's best for them, show how much she loves them, and let them go.

Riley asks Maggie if she's really her mother. Maggie puts the knife down on the ground. Maggie tells Riley to remember that she loves them so much. She hugs Riley and lets her walk over to Greg. Greg thanks her and walks Riley out, but Maggie sobs, grieving the loss of her children again.

Outside, Becky is wheeled on a stretcher over to an ambulance, Jenna at her side. Riley runs to her parents and drops the toy puppy. Maggie looks on, disappointed, and is ushered into a police car. Greg picks up the toy puppy and returns it to Riley who smiles.

Back at SRU headquarters in the locker room, Greg and Ed discuss the case. Greg says that the Adlers offered to send Maggie updates on Riley including letters and photos. Ed says that's nice of them. Greg also says that when Riley turns 18, the Adlers won't stand in the way if Riley wants to have a relationship with Maggie. Ed says this means Maggie gets a second chance and that it's possible for Greg to get a second chance too.

Greg says it's been ten years of his son growing up that he's missed, waiting for his ex to notice he's not the same person anymore. He says he's hugged a hundred kids in the last ten years but still doesn't know what it's like to hug his own son. Ed suggests Greg take action and do something to change things, maybe get a lawyer.

Sam and Jules have a quick chat as Jules heads out to go home. She thanks him for what he said earlier about speaking her mind. He says people should. Jules tells him to have fun watching his game and leaves. Sam looks like he wants to say more, but he just watches her leave.

The show ends with Ed looking at the sonogram in his locker.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Training Day Game on

Fans can play Training Day, a new Flashpoint video game on the CTV website. The game starts by allowing you to take a tour of the SRU facilities which is followed by a recruitment test. The test assesses your aptitude in the areas of memory, spatial awareness, reaction, and focus. Each exercise has a short set of instructions followed by a trial. Note that the recruitment test uses audio instructions, so you will need to set your speakers to a comfortable volume.

After passing the recruitment test, you can register an account with CTV or log in using Facebook Connect.

The Officer Records available in the Objectives menu include profiles of all the SRU team members. Weapons Training allows you to learn about the weapons used on the show through descriptive text and video demonstrations. Review all the weapons to pass.

In the first test for Sniper Training, you shoot 15 targets that randomly pop up in the field at a shooting range. Immediately following that, you must recall the icons displayed on the targets you shot. Next is the first round of selective targeting, where you must avoid shooting civilians. Again, this is followed by a quiz about the targets. Another round of selective targeting follows where you report suspicious targets.

In Tactical Training, you begin with a tactical review of various weapons and team members. When you're ready, you can start the tactical simulator. Choose the correct weapons and equipment for each team member and run the simulation to see the results.

In Negotiation Training, you begin by reviewing the stages of a successful negotiation and then proceed to a simulation to test what you've learned.

In Profile Training, you receive training on reading body language and interviewing skills. Again, a simulation tests what you've learned.

The first final test focuses on tactical and sniper training, the second on negotiation and profiling. The second test gives you the option to call in toll-free and use an access code. If you prefer not to call in, you can select the "don't call" option and take the test that way.

If you pass all the tests, you receive congratulations from Sam and Winnie. You also get promoted from Rookie to SRU Officer.

We definitely recommend trying out this game. It's challenging at times and gives some extra interactivity and background info for fans to enjoy.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Episode Summary: Unconditional Love

In this new episode, a young man is held captive by a violent carjacker and the team must figure out how to save a baby that was in the stolen car.

Full summary after the jump!

Shots are fired and a white man runs out of a house and speeds away in a gold sedan. He nervously looks back over his shoulder while driving. When he looks forward, he sees that he's coming to the end of a street and attempts to make a tight left turn, but crashes into a blue van.

Cut to Ed jogging down a street. His cell phone beeps and he checks it. At home, he tells his wife he needs to go in to work for a 1033. She protests, saying he booked they day off and made a promise to her. He says that it's an officer down so he has to go, she counters that he's not the only cop. He leaves, saying he'll try to make it back, but his wife is upset.

At the scene of the crash, a woman approaches and checks on the driver who crashed the car, asking if he is okay or needs an ambulance. She offers to drive him to the hospital. Disoriented, he pulls a bag out of his car and throws it in the back of the woman's car. She asks him to be careful. When he approaches the driver's seat, she asks what he's doing and starts to protest. He overpowers her and threatens her with a gun. She screams that her baby is in the car as he speeds away.

At the scene of the officer down, Greg talks to Ed over the phone, filling him in on the details. Greg says that the officer, Greg Loewen, was working undercover, trying to recruit a CI and found himself in the middle of a gun-by gone wrong. Ed asks if he'll make it and Greg says it's touch and go. Jules approaches Greg, giving a description of the suspect that matches the man who crashed into the van earlier.

Greg apologizes for calling Ed in as he knew Ed needed the day off, but they are short-handed because Leah had a family emergency. Winnie tells Greg the location of a car matching the suspects vehicle at the scene of a carjacking, Greg asks if Ed is close to the location. Ed approaches the woman, introducing himself as a police officer. She is sobbing and says that the man who stole her car has her baby.

Spike describes the vehicle and lists the license plate number. He tells Winnie that they need an APB and notes the direction the car appears to be heading. Greg adds that the subject is known to be dangerous and that there is an infant on board. He instructs Winnie to inform other officers to not approach, to leave it to the SRU only.

The baby cries, and the suspect gets agitated and tells her to shut up.

Cut to the woman again, now she is talking to both Ed and Greg about the carjacking. She is blaming herself, saying she doesn't know why she got out of her car. Ed says it was not her fault. Greg asks if he was carrying anything aside from the handgun he used to threaten her. She says he had a hockey bag.

Sam approaches, saying that the plates on the gold sedan are fake so that the car was probably stolen. He says they are now running prints.

Spike says they have a twenty on the sedan and the team goes to leave, with Ed telling the woman that they will get her daughter. They leave her with another officer.

Roy calls in to dispatch noting that they are following the suspect. Winnie reminds them to maintain distance. His partner, Brent, says that the suspect is the one who shot Loewen and Roy encourages him to speed up.

Cut to Sam listing the weapons that guns and gangs suspects are in the hockey bag.

The suspect hears police sirens and can see that he's being followed. He pulls into the parking lot for sunrise Hotel and tells a teenaged boy to get inside the hotel room. He grabs the baby in the car seat and the hockey bag and heads toward the room, with the teen looking confused and asking if he has a baby.

Roy and Brent pull into the hotel parking lot. Winnie patches Ed through. Ed introduces himself and says that the subject is armed and dangerous and to not approach. Brent asks if they should indicate that they heard the order. Roy says he doesn't think they heard that, that they were out of the car already.

Brent and Roy start to approach the room, with Brent noting that the kid is inside and they can't sit around doing nothing when that's the case.

In the room, the baby cries. The teenager asks what the man is doing and the man tells him to shut up. the teen asks if the baby belongs to the man. The man says the baby is collateral, that it means he's not going back inside. He says it's time to go big or go home. the teen tries to calm the baby down.

Brent bangs on the door and says "police." Buck shots go through the door and Brent falls to the ground. Roy calls out to him, but Brent doesn't respond. Roy screams that they have an officer down and looks worried.

SRU arrives and Ed asks how close EMS is. Winnie says it will be under two minutes.

Greg uses a megaphone to alert all guests of the hotel to stay in their rooms unless approached by a police officer.

SRU approaches the room and retrieve Brent. At a safe distance, they check for vitals until EMS arrives. Ed gets angry at Roy, trying to find out why Brent and Roy ignored orders and approached the suspect. Ed asks if Brent has kids and Roys indicates that he does. Ed insists that as his partner, it's Roy's job to inform Brent's family of what happened. Greg calls Ed away and SRU gets ready to strategize. Sam asks why Ed was being so hard on Roy and Greg says that Roy is Ed's brother.

Spike says that the subject's name is Bruce Demaura and reads off his record. Jules initiates a phone call for Greg to to speak with Bruce.

Outside, Sam an Ed discuss options for approach. With the baby inside, they need to be careful. wordy says that once they have floor plans they can get eyes in on the baby to make sure it's okay.

the teen answers the phone in the room. Greg introduces himself. Spike notes that there is more than one voice in the room. Greg says they may have another hostage and asks Jules to find out who the room is registered to. the teen says that he is not Bruce but that Bruce has lots of guns. The teen says that he is scared and that his name is Ben. Ben asks Bruce to give up the baby and to just keep him as a hostage. Bruce hangs up the phone. Jules says the room is registered to a Benjamin Sam.

SRU team members analyze floor plans and devise a strategy to go in.

Winnie says that the name Benjamin Sam is fake. The SRU can detect two cell phone signals in the room, one for Bruce and another for Paul Wilder.

Paul tries to convince Bruce to give up the baby, but Bruce refuses again. Jules confirms that the teen is named Paul, not Ben. He lives with his mother and sister close by.

The team receives a text from Paul, saying that the baby is going to come out of the room. Jules speculates that this means that Bruce is ready to talk. The team approaches the room and Paul opens the door carrying the baby. The team can now see Bruce and a weapon he's holding. Ed coaxes Paul to put the baby down and go back into the room, leaving the door open. Bruce gets agitated, pulls Paul into the room and shuts the door. The team retrieves the baby just before shots start firing.

With the baby safe, the teams develops a new tactic. They decide to try flash bangs and CS gas to encourage Bruce and Paul to leave the room. When the team gets into the room, wearing gas masks, they find Bruce unconscious on the floor but Paul has disappeared.

As the team tries to figure out how Paul escaped, his mother, Penny, appears on the scene. After analyzing the room carefully, they find a hidden cupboard. Inside the cupboard is a tool box containing an annotated map of the city. Roy says that the hotel manager confirmed that Paul paid for the hotel room in cash for three weeks upfront.

When Greg asks Penny if Paul has been staying away from home, she confirms that he has been sometimes in the last few weeks but she thought it was a good thing because he's very quiet. She says he really cares about his studies, especially if it's a subject he enjoys. Currently he's most interested in how cities work. She also notes that he's gifted and has skipped two grades.

Greg asks Penny if a photo they found in the room of a girl is someone Penny recognizes. She isn't.

After some discussion, the team determines that Paul is in the sewers. They find a trap door in the floor of the motel room. Greg asks Penny if she has any idea of where Paul might be headed. She doesn't know.

Bruce regains consciousness and Greg asks how he knows Paul. Bruce says that shooting a cop that morning was an accident. Bruce says that Paul came to him to get a specific gun and was paying the second half that day. Greg realizes that Paul was only expecting to buy a gun today, not a dramatic scene involving the police.

Jules finds photos on the flash drive from the tool box. There are also serial killer profiles. The gun Paul was looking for was the same kind used by a serial killer. some of the photos are of young women. Five of them, expected to be connected to five of the exit points on the map.

Ed, Sam, and Wordy are in the sewer, following a path from Paul's map. On the surface, Jules tells Greg that Paul picked today for a reason so he will likely stick to his plan. Greg and Jules think that Paul is unconcerned about getting caught by the police or being punished. After looking through the photos some more, Spike notes that only one of the girls would be at a location outside. He noticed laces over her shoulder, and suspects they are for ice skates. Greg instructs the team members in the sewer to go to the rink.

Jules asks Penny if Paul is empathetic. Penny says he doesn't respond to the emotions of others like most people. When asked how Paul responded when his father died, Penny reveals that he didn't. Jules asks if Paul enjoys hurting people. Penny says no and that, if anything, people take pleasure in hurting him because he's always been the smallest, youngest, and smartest in his class. Penny wants to know why they are asking these questions. Jules tells her that they suspect he has psychopathic tendencies and asks if he's been rejected by a redheaded girl.

Penny pleads with Greg, saying that her son is different but he can't be a psychopath. Greg says they don't want to judge, they just want to help him. Greg shows her the photos of the five girls that they found on the flash drive. Penny says they all look like Franny, his sister.

Penny says that Paul used to be very attached to his sister but had problems dealing with his sister becoming more independent as she got older. Penny describes Paul as awkward and reclusive and that he knows he doesn't "get" people.

In a flashback, we see Paul and Franny arguing. Franny says that Paul is a freak and she doesn't want to see his face again. He gets angry and screams.

Penny says this happened the previous year and that in retaliation, Paul cut Franny's face out of all the photos in the house and threw her things out a window because he wanted her to disappear. Penny made him promise to never hurt his sister. Now she's afraid that he's keeping his promise, that he's going after other girls instead of Franny. She blames herself.

Ed, Wordy, and Sam exit the sewer and head to the rink. Paul approaches a redheaded girl and awkwardly tries to talk to her. He tells her she has to go with him. She says she has a lesson to go to. He insists, saying he has a gun. He grabs her just as the SRU approaches.

Paul holds the girl at gunpoint, while standing on the ice. Ed tries to talk him down.

Greg and Spike discuss Paul's personality traits. Jules is in Paul's bedroom now, and describes it to Greg and Spike. She notes that it is extremely orderly. She also says that there is a photo essay of expressions and gestures, like he was trying to learn how to read emotions. Greg thinks that Paul may be undiagnosed as a high-functioning autistic. Jules notes that people with Asperger's are non-violent.

After Penny notes that it's Franny's birthday, Jules realizes that's why he picked today.

Back to the ice rink, Ed continues to try talking Paul down. Even the girl pleads with him to let her go.

Jules says that Paul kept one photo of Franny, from when she was about three, when they had a closer bond. Greg suspects that all the research Paul has done has made Paul think he may be a psychopath, so now he's doing things "by the book." Greg says they need to make him look deeper than that.

Greg and Spike arrive on the scene. Ed says that Paul is agitated and unresponsive. Greg says he's going to try a new angle. He introduces himself to Paul. He says it's great that Paul helped a baby earlier and kept her safe. He mentions the serial killers that Paul has been studying and says that those people would have never helped that baby. Greg also says that Paul could have shot Bruce, but he chose not to. The serial killers he studied wouldn't have made that choice.

Paul says that Greg doesn't know him. Greg says that's true, but he knows that Paul tries hard to understand himself. Paul says he understands himself, other people are the problem. Greg says he knows that Paul likes order and routine, that it's stressful for Paul to be around lots of people but it's peaceful to focus on one thing that matters to him at a time.

Greg mentions Franny and Paul says that she hates him. Greg says she's just scared because she didn't understand him. Greg says that he and Paul can help her understand, because he thinks that Paul might have Asperger's and there are a lot of people who will know what he's going through and can help.

Paul asks how he can tell if Greg isn't lying. Greg asks if Paul thinks he's listening to him. Paul confesses he never wanted to hurt the girl. He asks if he should give the gun to Greg. Greg says he can do that or put the gun on the ground. He puts the gun down and he is cuffed and arrested.

Penny asks Jules how she didn't realize the truth. Jules tells her not to blame herself, that she noticed that Paul was different and thought he was special. Penny says she should have done something. Jules says she did, she loved him and that she cannot stop doing that. Paul will need help, but he's also going to need his mother's love and support.

Paul apologizes to Penny and Penny says that she is sorry too and she loves him.

At headquarters, Roy talks to Ed. He says he didn't hear the call to not approach the motel room, that he and his partner were doing the best they could in responding to a cop being shot and trying to save the baby. Ed says he doesn't have the time right now and walks away. Roy says that Ed never did have time.

Jules and Greg go over the details of the case. Jules asks if Greg ever gets the feeling that they only get to scratch the surface. He says he does, all the time. Jules says Greg was right today about digging deeper. Greg says they do what they can with the time they have.

At home, Ed finds a sonogram picture on the fridge. He turns around and sees his wife. They hug and she says she really needed him today. He apologizes, holding her tight.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Note From Flashpoint Team One:

A few of our American readers are probably confused why Canada has two sets of ratings on the ratings table for some Season 2 episodes, and why the United States only has one. And, they are also probably wondering why we have episode summaries for every episode before they have even aired! Hopefully, this post from the producers of Flashpoint which was posted last night can help to clear things up.

To answer the question, "Are these new shows or reruns"....

If you live in the US, you are watching Flashpoint on CBS. The episodes currently running on Friday nights are new to American viewers. CBS has never run these episodes before.

If you live in Canada, you may think you are watching the show on CBS, but it is really being broadcast by CTV in simulcast with CBS. CTV already broadcast these nine episodes beginning in September, 2009.

For both CBS and CTV viewers, a new Season of 13 brand new episodes is available. The networks may decide to run these together as they did with the first 22 episodes. Stay tuned to both Networks for programming announcements.

Regarding yet another Season of Flashpoint, CTV has already announced that they have renewed the show for yet another 13 episodes. CBS does not have to decide about these until October. So a new production schedule will not be announced until after October.

This has been very confusing to viewers and we hope this helps to clarify. Please point newcomers to this note for the explanation.

Fans can join the official producers' page on Facebook, Flashpoint Team One! The page has a lot of contests and interesting content such as an upcoming psychologist coming in to chat tomorrow. They also have a twitter account, you can follow them here!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Up Close & Comfortable with Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern

Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern can be seen in a new segment from CTV and TD Canada Trust called Up Close & Comfortable. During the short interview, the co-creators talk about what it's like to write for Flashpoint and how they approach season premieres and season finales differently from other episodes.

To watch the video, just visit the Up Close & Comfortable website and select Up Close with Flashpoint.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Flashpoint To Return to CBS on June 4th!

This was revealed via Mark Ellis' Twitter account yesterday, but we wanted to wait until a couple press outlets had reported it. We've learned a few lessons from the other blog about companies not liking it when blogs "jump the gun" ahead of a release or any news coverage! Flashpoint will return to CBS on Friday nights beginning on June 4th, with the episode "One Wrong Move". This is the beginning of part two of Season 2, and Season 3 wraps up filming in Toronto in a matter of weeks. We'll be fixing our ratings table soon to reflect these changes, but you can use what is there to follow as a rough guide for when episodes are going to air. On Saturday May 29th, CBS will be repeating the first episode "Scorpio". There are 13 Fridays between June 4th to the first week of September, so hopefully without any hitches, these 9 episodes of Flashpoint that the fans have been waiting since last Fall to see, should be aired during this summer. We can't comment on what will happen beyond this for the upcoming third season for CTV or CBS.

In other news, CBS is sticking with keeping the cop shows on Friday nights in the Fall 2010 season, as Medium, CSI: NY and the new cop show Blue Bloods, are filling the network's primetime block. At this time, Flashpoint is not on the fall 2010-2011 schedule.

We'd like to take this time to thank fans of this blog for their patience - we have had a very rough couple of months with our other blog Moon Chase. We have been running a major campaign which began in February and ended just a couple weeks ago, and we acknowledge we have missed a lot of reporting for this blog. Our staff should return mid-June to posting on this blog regularly, and at the very least expect our ratings table to be updated during Flashpoint's return. We're sorry, but we will be back soon!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flashpoint Finally Begins Broadcast in Japan, Season 1 Boxset Out Soon There Too!

Flashpoint continues to surprise us with new countries that it visits! One we were waiting for a while to hear about was Japan, just a month ago we reported of an actor from the Sailor Moon musicals appearing on a show with a similar premise. Today, Mark Ellis via his Twitter account RT'd a Japanese fan's tweet, and didn't know what it meant. After translating it, we wondered if the show was on the air there and turns out it is!

Flashpoint began on February 4th on FOX TV's special sister channel, FOXCRIME. The show is called "フラッシュポイント -特殊機動隊SRU-" - pronounced Flashpoint -Kidoutai SRU- which translates to Flashpoint -Special Riot Police SRU-. The show airs on Friday and Saturday nights, and the Japanese fans get a special treat since two episodes air back to back. They show the same episodes both nights. On January 22nd, Gaijin Tarento Dave Spector commented on the show, and this is featured at the bottom of FOXCRIME's Flashpoint Page. He writes (roughly translated):

Dave Spector - This is the best drama to get into!
Flashpoint -Special Riot Police SRU-

Every time I watch the show, the indescribable tension is unbearably good!
The SRU Group of the Canadian Police is always cool, composed, and professional.
They are more excellent than the American cops!
The casting is also in good taste.
Teamwork predominates!

There were only dramas featuring the American SWAT Team, up until now. This time, Toronto, Canada is baptized, and becomes the stage.

The calmness and professionalism make the SRU shine. Interesting! All at the first glance!

But the main reason I watch this show is because Jules is cute *laughter*.

The casting is all in good taste too.

As for the man who is the boss and leader, “Parker”, there is no messing with this negotiator.

The man who is always reliable "Ed" is an excellent first sniper.

The team leader gradually rearranges the team.

These adults all have sex appeal. Especially the Sniper "Jules", she's cute! I've been in love with her character since the first episode. This is a bit of a stretch, but I look forward to her future character development.

The rookie, "Sam" (a similar sniper) restrains his feelings and works very hard through the trauma of his best friend who was mistakenly shot.

Additionally, there is also "Spike", who knows the explosives and how they work, "Wordsworth"a devoted husband who has a good combat pace, "Lewis", a good soul who takes charge of the non-lethal weapons like stun guns and tear gas, and "Doctor Luria"

Anyway..."Flashpoint -Special riot police SRU-"?
It fits right in with everything you see.
I saw every episode.
It is the best!

Please watch the introduction that I hosted!

Paramount has also set up an official site for the show and the really neat thing is, they are getting both Season 1 and Season 2 boxset releases this summer. Season 1 will be released on July 9th, and Season 2 will be released on August 6th. Season 1's boxset will contain 13 episode, and Season 2's will have 9 episodes. The boxsets will cost you, each one is close to $100 USD. Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern were even quoted in a news release! It makes special mention of the incident in 2004 which piqued their minds and made them ask "In front of many people, you had to execute someone. How would you spend the rest of your day?"

Congratulations again to everyone in Flashpoint, and especially to Stephanie Morgenstern. You are the second person involved with Sailor Moon to make it big in Japan!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

German DVD News, CBS Vaguely Hints About Flashpoint (Again)...

Koch Media to Release Flashpoint Season 1 in Germany!

Last week, Koch Media of Europe announced that its German distribution arm will be releasing Flashpoint - Das Spezialkommando, Staffel 1 (Flashpoint - The Special Command, Season 1) on May 28th. This will come out just after the start of Season 2 in Germany in April of this year. As far as extras go, it will have a Making Of featurette, and the pilot commentary (these must be either dubbed or subtitled in German). This also marks the first European release to come with extras (the one released in the UK came out well before the North American releases did and had none). Our German readers can pre-order this through The cover? We've got it featured below, and it looks like they used the same image CBS DVD used for their Season 1 release, but without as much smoke, and you can actually see the city's silhouette! We like the color on this release a lot more than CBS's release too!

And in other CBS News...

In a Q&A last week with Nina Tassler (Entertainment President CBS), the Hollywood Reporter asked if there was any possibility of any new scripted dramas this summer. She answered "We haven't completely determined, but it's done so well for us. And we still have "Flashpoint." Conversations are ongoing." She seemed a little wishy-washy with her words here, and if Flashpoint is pushed further later into the year, we're sure all the American fans are going to try to make their way up to Canada each week when new episodes air. She also made no mention of CTV's other new cop drama that they are also co-producing, The Bridge. The premiere of The Bridge last week wasn't the best premiere ever, but the show probably has a lot of potential to grow in coming episodes!