Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 2: Fortress:

This is an episode with a gripping twist! Go after the jump to read our summary! This one even takes place among the infamous Canadian winters!

We begin outside a fancy mansion. The SRU is positioned outside, and Greg is talking on the phone with the terrfied nanny (Irina). She is backed up against the wall, and a gunshot is heard. Rewind! 3 hours earlier... We see Irina tell a very heartwarming story to convince a little girl that an ugly parka is beautiful. The little boy wants her to come with them to their hockey game, but she says she can’t. Irina is unfortunately put into an awkward situation because she cannot work in the afternoon, but the kids are going to be home early and they will have no one to watch them. The family leaves. At SRU HQ, the gang mocks Spike for taking his nephew to go see The Lion King, and Ed for going to watch a boxing match over their daily workout. Donna enters the room, and Sam turns away. The latest gossip is that Greg is dating a single mom named Sylvia. Back at the house, Irina answers a phone call from a guy named Mischa, and is uneasy. At HQ, Ed tries to pry Greg for details about his new girlfriend. Greg isn’t sure about this relationship because there is a child involved. At the house, an unmarked van is seen. The men in it with construction equipment know the security code, and enter the gate. These men are in the house for one thing only - to steal from them. Irina doesn’t want to be a part of this anymore because the family has been so good to her. As she gets ready to leave, she gets a call from the kids’ father saying that they are coming home even earlier because there were not enough players that showed up. A friend will be dropping them off. As she leaves the house, she tries a final time to keep the kids out of the house, but they run past her and she goes after them. The neighbor looks in their van and spots a gun. He calls he police, and the third man involved in this heist knocks him to the ground. The police arrive, and the kids try to escape, but the men drag them back in the house. The officer calls for backup. Irina is forced to take the kids upstairs, and the other two lead the family friend up there too. Roll Opening! The SRU arrives on the scene, complete with Donna in tow. Greg catches up with the inspector as the SRU moves in. Ed spots cameras outside, which present a problem if the gunmen can see them. They spot through the shifting blinds where they are hiding in the house. Irina holds and tries to comfort the kids, before she is called to show them the security system. They watch the cameras outside. The friend tries to give them money to negotiate with them, but he is told to sit down. Irina pretends not to know any of them, but when one of them (Mischa) starts speaking Russian towards the friend, she relents and provides a false translation to calm the situation. He says he is doing this because he loves her. The phone rings, and Irina answers. It’s Greg, attempting to talk to anyone in the house. Irina tells him that she is a hostage, and lies that she has never met them before. Greg wants to talk to them, but she says they don’t speak English, only Russian. She tries to tell Greg that if they let them leave, they will only take one hostage with them. Greg says he will work on that, as one of the men takes the phone from her and hangs up. Greg thinks she is in on this and wants to know more about her. Spike figures out that he can break into their security system. Irina tries to get the man to surrender, but he won’t. The camera feeds on their computer go blank, and they worry. The SRU uses ladders to get over the fence and close to the house. They are sure brave to be out without toques in a Canadian winter! Greg hears from Irina again, and if the video system is not restored, someone is going to get killed. Spike puts it back up, and they have new demands - they can see the SRU, and if they are not gone by 2 o’clock, someone will be shot. One of the neighbors tells about how Irina’s son is in Russia, and he lives with his grandma. She has a friend named Mischa, and the SRU looks up something about him. Greg calls Irina again, and asks about Mischa. Mischa gets angry, and takes the neighbor away at gunpoint. A shot is fired. Greg gets on his bullhorn to try to get to Mischa, but nothing works. The other two men throw the body of the neighbour off the balcony. The team is stunned. Irina tells them that she will not touch these children, but Mischa yells at her to do what he says and he will do what he has to. Ed confronts the owner of the van who claims it was stolen, but really wasn’t. We learn that Mischa is an ex-millitary! Greg converses with Donna about what the other two are doing there. Spike figures out a way to manipulate the cameras so the SRU can get in the house. The SRU gets on the move, through the garage and to the home gym and beyond. Irina tries to calm the kids down by singing them a Russian lullaby. One of the men wants to leave the children alone, but Mischa will not listen. The mother and father of the kids arrive, and give the SRU Irina’s cell phone number. Greg gets on the phone with Irina, and tells her to look out the window. The SRU trucks are all on their way out, leaving Greg there alone, or so it seems since the SRU is already in the house. Greg tries to reassure Irina that they are going to save her and the kids, and asks her to say a simple yes if she can trust him. And she does! Commercial! Greg is still on the phone with Irina and promises her that they are going to get through this, and to pass a message on that a helicopter is on the way to get the men out. Greg instructs her to put the kids against the south wall. The SRU continues to move through the house. Greg warns her to cover the kids ears and her own. As she moves towards the wall, she is spotted by Mischa , and they get into a fight. Irina is shot and falls to the floor. The kids surround her, crying, as the loud alarm goes off. The SRU move in, and Sam goes to take care of Irina and the little girl. Mischa has the boy with him, at gunpoint! Commercials! The suspense is killing me! Greg tries to negotiate a little by little for the boy’s release, as the SRU tiptoes closer and closer. He comes out from behind the shield to talk to him, man to man. This doesn’t work, and Ed has to fire three shots to take Mischa down when they are threatened, and save the boy. Greg holds the boy in a tight hug, while Ed is visibly shaken from the gruesome scene. The boy is reunited with his parents, and Ed looks stunned as he walks with the officers. Back at HQ, Ed talks to Greg in the briefing room to see if he is doing okay. This was not a situation that they planned . Ed tries to convince Greg to go out with his new girlfriend and go skating , but he just can’t do it. He couldn’t even go see his own son in Texas. The montage begins. The SRU is horsing around, arm wrestling, but as soon as Donna enters the room, Sam leaves. Ed looks on. Greg thinks to himself in the briefing room, and appears to be calling his girlfriend. The song that plays during this episode is “Fortress” by Black Lab.

I enjoyed this episode, though it seemed to drag on in parts. I especially liked seeing more SRU crew banter this time around!

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