Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 3: Clean Hands:

The SRU is assigned to protect a notorious killer who is returning home! See what happens after the jump!

We begin at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. Greg is trying to talk down a man holding Sam hostage. Ed is talking to Spike about the best option for hitting his Scorpio. The man has a grenade and is going on and on about how he has been affected by someone. He is ready to release the pin, and Sam yells SLOW DOWN! Rewind! 4 hours earlier: the boys are talking about pranks they can play on Donna. Spike wants to fill her kevlar vest with cream cheese, and then watch her go splat on the obstacle course. Donna walks in and catches Wordy in his towel, and says she needs a shield refresher for an escort job. He just got pwned! A man watches an Alcohol Anonymous meeting, and a woman speaks about how she misses her daughter, but that it has been 8 days since her last drink. Back at HQ, Wordy and Donna are talking about her days working undercover as they head to the briefing room. Outside the A.A. meeting, the man waits for the woman, who is his soon to be ex-wife, and he gives her the divorce papers. He reveals to his wife that their daughter’s killer is being flown in today. This is today’s assignment for the team: Greg tells everyone that he fled overseas before he could be punished, and is now being flown back to Canada after being in a mental hospital. They have to make sure this guy gets through the airport and into proper transportation soundly. The man and the woman argue over him not letting her know when he was back from his army assignment. He takes a couple cheap shots at her for being in these “little groups”. She tries to tell him (Walter) to do something to heal himself, but he just can’t do it. They go their separate ways. Back at HQ , they are reminded about how much effort is needed to protect him since everyone is out to get him. Donna can’t understand why they have this assignment. Walter is sitting in his car, looking at an old mix CD his daughter made him, as he straps on an ID badge and makes his way inside the airport. The SRU enters the airport, and they are surrounded by reporters and crowds. Greg goes on camera saying that they are trying to do their job, and that everyone should vacate. Walter sneaks into a locker room, where he has hidden a gun in the ceiling tiles. The door is locked towards everyone else. Roll opening! Greg talks to an airport manager and a customs agent to figure out how to get him through the airport without dealing with the crowds. They decide to get him through customs, but then double back to a loading area where there will be a truck waiting to take him to the mental hospital. Ed shares small conversation outside the plane terminal with the customs agent, before they take the criminal (Peter Wilkins) into custody. Peter is not paying attention, and whistling to himself as the agent tells him that he is in their custody now and where he will be headed. Walter watches the crowds in the airport lobby from a floor above, and chokeholds a fellow caretaker who tries to tell him to go elsewhere. Greg calls out the SRU to get in a diamond formation around the agent and Peter. Greg and Louis go to make an announcement to the crowds, while this fellow caretaker talks to the airport officer about how Walter just grabbed him. He thinks he spots Walter in the crowd, but it is the wrong man. The rest of the SRU is heading through the hall with Peter. They are shot at by Walter , and Wordy is hit in the vest. Sam follows the agent who runs off after the shooter, and Ed, and Wordy take the criminal back to customs. The agent and Sam confront Walter in the mechanical room, and the tension mounts. Sam calls for backup, and tells the agent to run as he lands on what looks like a small grenade. It detonates, and the next scene we see is Sam in pain, being held at gunpoint by Walter. Commercial! Sam’s hands are tied, and his cell phone is taken away. Greg doesn’t know what to do, and the other members of the SRU bring in the prisoner. Walter takes off Sam’s helmet, and kicks all his guns away. He gets a hold of Sam’s headset, and wants to do a prisoner swap with Greg. Donna goes with the injured Wordy to watch the prisoner, and the others go with Ed to find Sam. Greg suspects Walter is ex-militia and sends the customs agent to go talk with airport security to find out more about this guy. Donna tells the prisoner to sit on the floor in an isolated room, and yells at him to “shut it” after he starts whistling. She asks Wordy what sort of universe we live in where we protect prisoners and take a bullet. He says he doesn’t know, but when he goes home to carry his baby girl, he has to have clean hands. Sam is led to a tunnel by Walter, and he explains to Sam why he can’t hear and how his plans changed. Sam tries to ask what part of the army he was in. He asks Sam first, and he says he was in Special Forces. Sam figures Walter was in infantry by the way he reacts to his position. Greg is saying that the custom’s agents are more effective at finding the connection between Walter and Peter than Airport Security was to the head. He then fires back saying the SRU is the bad guy because they won’t even let the public get a look at the man who is seemingly going to get off easy. The customs agent finds more holes in the head’s story and goes to question him herself. Sam continues to talk with Walter. Walter says prisoner exchange worked in Sudan, and talked about his experience there. Sam cannot reason with him. Walter’s ex-wife, Wendy, talks to Greg saying that this is completely strange and he would never do anything like this. Greg finds out more about this story: their daughter was the 14th victim of this criminal. The father was on assignment and the daughter was staying with her grandparents, and this happened when she was allowed to stay out past curfew for just one night. Walter listens in. Greg tries to talk Walter down to surrender, but he still wants to do the prisoner exchange. The Customs Agent tells Greg the Security Head confessed to leaking out the prisoner’s return to the masses. At the gate, Walter has one arm holding Sam, and the other arm holding a grenade. If Ed shoots and misses, he risks hitting Sam too. Commercial! This is a problem for Ed and Greg. Spike can’t scan for any radio transmitters since he is covering the command post. Greg decides to break the rules and send Wordy and Donna to the scene at the gates, and puts the Agent in charge of watching Peter. Greg tries again to help Walter, and he responds by saying no one understands or knows anything he has been through. Greg tries to remind him that Walter still has his family who needs him, but Walter doesn’t believe it. He is about to pull the pin for the grenade when Sam yells GO NOW, and Ed shoots a special sticky substance paralyzing Walter’s hand and the grenade, sending him to the ground. The plan between Walter and the Airport agent is unraveled, however it seems they have the wrong guy, and the customs agent was behind this all, trying to free the prisoner. Commercials! We learn that the customs agent and Walter were stationed together in Sudan, and they have quite a past as her sister was also a victim of this killer. Donna finds her location on the computer through her ID card usage, but it gets even more convoluted in a parking garage. The agent wants to shoot the prisoner. Sam and Donna get to her in time just before she shoots him in the head. Greg tries to negotiate with her saying she is a cop, not a killer. The agent moves in to shoot the criminal, and a single shot is heard - but it comes from Donna, who is visibly shaken after shooting her first person with the SRU. Back at HQ, they are debriefing, and Donna thinks that because she shot a cop, everyone is happy. Greg tries to tell her, that even though they do right, they don’t have to feel right. Donna is still appearing to be fighting her conscience, as the SRU leaves the room one by one. Greg listens to the CD that Walter’s daughter left for him, and the montage begins. Walter is taken into the station, past his wife who just looks at him, stunned. Donna is in the shower shaking her head and crying. Wordy tucks his sleeping daughter in bed. The episode ends. The song that plays is Kim Taylor’s “Days Like This”.

This episode showed a little more of Donna’s strange and twisted psyche, and how she only seems to deal with the aftershocks of a mission like this to herself, but she doesn’t quite put up a brave face to her colleagues through the SRU. I enjoyed this episode even more because we heard Sam really connect to his captor, and we got to see him bring in some of the tactics he learned from being in Special Forces in the SRU.

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