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Flashpoint in A Flash: Season 1 - Episode 10: Eagle Two:

We resume our Flashpoint summaries after a very long hiatus! Go after the jump to read it! This episode features a VIP and his wife caught in an ugly situation at a special event. For all our Torontonians, this one was shot at the beautiful Fairmont hotel in downtown Toronto :).

We begin watching members of the SRU running around the hotel searching for someone. A bomb blast is heard, and Parker calls for a lockdown on the entire hotel. Ed Lane encounters our victim of the week, who says to agree with whatever their monetary demands are. Ed says that isn’t what they want, and we are left wondering as we rewind back 3 hours later. We’re taken to to SRU headquarters as Parker is describing and planning today’s assignment with the team. It’s the Millennium Forum, being held at a very prestigious hotel, and the SRU is in charge of protecting a couple of VIPs and their dog. The husband (David Graham) is an international businessman, and his wife Catherine, runs their foundation. Ed joins in, wearing a suit as he is assigned to protect the husband (“Eagle One”), as Jules is assigned the wife (“Eagle Two”) and is told to get some plainclothes. Next, we see a mother and a daughter (Alejandra and Claudia) preparing themselves for their jobs at their home when they are approached by two men. They speak in Spanish. Cut back to the SRU where Parker and Lane chat about date night and Parker’s trip to Dallas. Back to Alejandra and Claudia: the two men are attempting to coax Alejandra into their devious plans, but she refuses and sends them away. However, Claudia follows them behind the house, and offers to help them. Jules and Sam arrive at the hotel, Sam tells Jules he sold his car for a motorbike, and she jokes about how he plans to take ladies out on a date. Ed jokes with David and Catherine about how she would look good in anything, even a bathrobe. Claudia is seen taking a room service order, giving it to a chef, and insisting on taking it herself up to the room. Ed, Sam, and Jules work on the event log, and Sam has a hard time keeping focus while looking at Jules wearing a suit for the first time. They watch the camera feeds from outside their door. Claudia delivers the order, David remarks to Ed how Catherine has him on a special diet so they live to be 100. Claudia moves to a remote area of the building and talks with the two men, telling them there is an agent, and moves down to the package. Theme song! And I recognize Claudia’s cell phone, as it’s the one I used up until the end of 2007. It’s the Motorola V551, and it is one of my favorites that I’ve ever had. Though, it doesn’t make the same sounds that the show uses for effects. Enough of my rambling! Ed follows the couple out of the room as they leave a little ahead of schedule for cocktails, and Jules rushes to join them. Claudia is making her way out of the kitchen with a dish and a pitcher. Spike patrols the lobby, Young is watching outside the main doors, and Greg and Sam work out a new access point. Claudia removes the cover off her dish , and it holds a suspicious looking paper bag that she hides in the oven. David and Catherine offer Ed and his wife their suite for the rest of the night, with all the perks of room service absolutely free. Ed humbly accepts and calls his wife to tell her date night is still on. Catherine tells him the story of how he proposed on a spontaneous trip to Santiago. Jules unknowingly lets one of the two suspicious men (Castillo) from earlier go talk to the couple, believing his alibi as a journalist. Ed and David leave, and Catherine is left on her own for a few minutes without Jules. Ed finally gets a hold of his wife and gets her to come to the hotel. And then, a bomb blast is heard. Jules leaves Catherine alone for a moment to check the kitchen , but when she returns, Castillo and Catherine are gone. She alerts the team that Catherine is MIA and the team kicks into high gear looking for her. David freaks out to Ed learning his wife is missing and suggests a ransom note is on the way. Spike calls for the gas supply to the kitchen to be cut off and the ventilation to be turned on as he investigates the bomb. Parker puts the pieces together and finds that Castillo is a Chilean who might have kidnaped Catherine. The hotel goes under lockdown as Jules rests against a wall in guilt as she is having no luck finding her. Ed lays down the law with a hotel manager who refuses to let them search the whole hotel and disturb their guests. Greg calls in for another team, and every member begins knocking on doors. Ed calls his wife and cancels their date night, and David confesses to Ed that he wasn’t nice to everyone in Venezuela many years ago. Spike determines that it was a simple bomb. Catherine is sitting blindfolded in a loading dock, as the two men are talking to her. Claudia tells Catherine the story of how her father was taken away from their village in Chile, tortured, and has been missing for years. Catherine says she is sorry but does not know what this has to do with her. Catherine is strapped into a bomb collar. Jules and Louis end up outside the loading dock and open the large sliding doors and find Catherine in her “necklace bomb.” Greg learns that the bomb is fitted with a camera, and if anyone tries to tamper with it, move her out of the building, or isolate her, and it will be set off, as Wordy moves out the staff. Greg is told over the phone how to disable the bomb, and instructs Ed to keep David clear from everything. Greg arrives to the loading dock, and Spike begins listening to the bomb to determine how to disable it. We go back and forth between David and Ed, and Catherine and Jules, and we learn the situation. If David confesses during his keynote address that he killed Claudia’s father, then his wife lives. If not, the bomb will be set off and the entire room will be hit. Castillo gives Claudia the remote in case Felipe does not make it into the room. She wants to back out, but she is not allowed to. The men tell her this is exactly what her father would have done. The SRU decides to keep her on the balcony to keep everyone safe in case the worst happens. Spike works on deciphering the bomb and working on cell phones so that none of them work, and the bomb cannot be set off. Greg goes over details of a plan with a hotel manager. Catherine speaks by radio to David, and asks him to tell the truth. The team places themselves in and around the room and they slowly start letting the masses in, checking them with the metal detector wands. David takes the stage, and Jules stands with Catherine on the balcony. David is at a loss for words. After the break, David tells the story of how Gabriel Alvarez led a blockade at his village, to keep David from expanding his coppermine. David confesses to saying yes to having the blockade “removed”, and goes into a very good monologue about the consequences of saying yes. The team keeps their eyes on Felipe and Claudia, and Felipe takes the remote from Claudia. And aims to detonate it. Sam fires a shot at Felipe, Lewis pounces on him sending him to the ground, and Greg catches the remote. Spike contains the remote and heads towards Catherine to detonate it. Catherine feels a little uneasy not seeing Spike in a protective suit, but Spike says in a geeky, reassuring tone, that it’s okay and he has everything right there. He cuts the wires, and dismantles the collar. Catherine thanks him as he packs up the bomb. Wordy has Claudia with him, and she is questioned in front of her, to see if Catherine recognizes her. Catherine lets her go, seeing how scared she is and how genuinely sorry she is. Around the corner in the next hall, Catherine and David receive each other in a warm embrace, as they are split off again for a debriefing. The team decides to do their debrief tomorrow, and the team goes their separate ways. The end of the episode montage begins, and the song being played in the background is Kim Taylor’s “I am You”. Claudia goes home to her mom and cries on her shoulder. Jules wants to walk home alone from Sam. Through their tension, they kiss, finally confronting the feelings they have had all along. Ed goes home to his wife, sits with her on the hammock and enjoy a quite moment out under the stars.

When I watched this one for the first time back in January, it didn’t really feel like the premiere of Season Two for me - and it wasn’t meant to be in the first place. It should have aired much closer to the end of episode 9 - especially in the beginning banter between Ed and Greg over his visit to Dallas. Little things like that needed to be refreshed in the minds of the viewers. I did like this episode though - not as much as I have liked others, but somewhere in the middle.

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