Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 1 - Episode 13: Between Heartbeats

Read after the jump for our summary! This episode begins almost where we started, and the season ends full circle.

We begin on a rooftop, where a perched gunman is covered in a camouflage blanket, spying on the SRU. He is talking to Greg, asking for Ed, but Greg doesn’t want to tell him where he is... although Ed is seen standing right next to him. The gunman fires... and REWIND! 2 hours earlier! Once again, Sam and Jules are talking renos in the equipment room. Sam offers to bring paint thinner. Nothing screams romance more than paint thinner and shades of blue ?! Greg walks in and tells them there is a meeting in the briefing room. We are then taken to the kitchen of Petar Tomasic, the son of the man Ed shot in the first episode. Petar goes through the motions, feeding his cat, and burning newspaper articles, identification, and photos in his sink. He calls his friend Luka, saying in Croatian that he is sorry he had to lie to him, and thanked him for everything he did. He just has one last favor to ask of him, as he says he is leaving him a key to take anything he wants from his apartment. Meanwhile, in the boys’ locker room, Wordy and Ed joke around about being 3 hours from summer vacation. Ed’s wife calls him to tell him he isn’t packed, and makes sure he will still be finished at noon. It’s cute to see these two banter! Petar packs up a large duffel bag marked “Police” and picks up a news article showing that Ed was cleared in the death of his father. He puts it away, and heads out, leaving his key under his doormat. In the briefing room, Greg talks about the flurry of fake 911 calls they have been getting from unknown caller IDs. He tells the team to get their frustration out at HQ, exercising or at target practice. Meanwhile, Ed’s son Clark is waiting outside school for his bus, when Petar stalks him, saying he has no choice and that this is what war is about. It is all his father’s fault. Clark runs on the bus, worried. He calls Ed to tell him what happened, and Ed tells Greg. Greg says not to worry, and lets him go early to be with his family and go home early. Sam and Jules ponder if Ed knows about them. Jules still doesn’t want to come clean so that one of them doesn’t get transferred to another team. The team is called to City Hall where multiple shots were fired, and the police to not know from where. The SRU heads out and tells the police that containment is the priority. Roll Credits! Wee are taken to Toronto’s City Hall, which to some people looks like an alien mothership because of it’s shape. The SRU gets into position outside, and keep the victim covered and take him to where paramedics can tend to him. The sniper continues to shoot, watching the action below, every two minutes. We now see where he is sitting on the roof, under his camouflage. He watches the SRU, looking for Ed. The SRU determines he is shooting from above, and they try to figure out where he is sitting using a 3-D render on one of their computers at their command post, and by looking around. Petar shoots out their sniper locator, but Ed thinks he knows where the shot was fired from. Spike counts down to the end of two minutes, but no shot is fired. Sam and Jules make their way to a hotel rooftop. Ed cautions them. They see no shooter, but Sam spots a bullet and deduces that’s where he was. He also names the kind of bullet and gun it came from. We see Petar pretending to be an SRU member and he waltzes past unsuspecting police officers into another building onto the rooftop. Greg and Ed try to figure out the mindset of the gunner. Sam and Jules head to the clock tower. Back at command post, Spike sees a common thread among the fake 911 calls, and they determine that it’s Petar. Ed calls his family. Commercial! Ed tells Kira to get his wife and son to the station and to put the station under lockdown. Ed calls his wife and tells her not to worry and just to get in the squad car when it comes. They have confirmed Petar is the gunman, as Jules and Sam head to the top of the clock tower. Luka arrives on the scene and talks to Greg and Ed, and he tells them Petar might have bought a rifle on the black market. Luka gives them Petar’s cell phone number in an attempt to start negotiation... and we are now where the episode began. Petar watches Ed from where he is, and shoots at another officer. Commercial! Greg gets into an argument with a senior constable over how a rookie officer was shot. The SRU tries to once again locate him, once again trying to outwit his strategic choice of location. Jules tells Sam about how her dad was on the first SWAT team, and how that influenced her to be where she is today. The SRU can’t get to Petar anymore, so they try to dial him on Luka’s phone. Luka tries to talk to Petar about this to convince him to stop, but it doesn’t work. Petar came to this country to not be afraid of guns from the rooftop, and does not understand why his father was shot. He still wants Ed Lane. Spike locates Petar, and they head towards another building along with Sam and Jules. Sam and Jules end up there first, and learn that there was a lone SRU officer who came up there from an officer. They become suspicious. Ed alerts the SRU that he is in a mock-up uniform. Sam and Jules make it to the roof, and Sam has a protective shield. Lou and Wordy make their way up as well. Jules spots the sniper, and moves towards him, however that is a decoy and she gets shot! This is the most gripping moment of the entire series, and we can’t even bear to watch Jules on the ground in shock. Commercials ! Sam does not leave Jules’ side, protecting her from the tirade of bullets being fired. The SRU gets a plan underway to rescue Jules. Ed wants to show himself to divert his fire, but Greg says they do everything together as a team. Wordy and Lou reach Sam and Jules, and they all carry her off. Ed spots Petar from the mechanical room below and heads off to the roof. Sam is given the Sierra position and he goes to find a vantage point. Ed looks for Petar only to be captured by him from behind. Wordy is a level above them, and can’t get a clear enough shot. Petar tries to guilt trip Ed for what he did, and Sam is their only hope for putting this to an end. As soon as Sam gets a clear shot, he shoots. Ed hasn’t finished negotiating with Petar, and you can see that Sam goes after Petar for what he did to Jules. Ed turns around and says “Subject down” in a simple tone, as Petar’s blood is spattered on his face. Below, Sam wants to go to the hospital and skip his debriefing and the papers, but Greg assures him they will all be at the hospital waiting for him with Jules. Luka feels as if he is at fault for what happened, as if he didn’t do enough. But Greg assures him it was not his fault. He did everything he could, as he goes into the ambulance with Petar. That night, the SRU watches Jules, unconscious in her hospital bed. Sam arrives, and Greg leaves the two of them alone. Sam tries to talk to her, saying that he is sorry for not protecting her. All the members leave under Greg’s orders, except for Ed, who doesn’t want to leave. Greg tells Ed to go on his vacation and be with his family. The montage begins, and Luka arrives at Petar’s apartment with an officer and picks up his cat and cudddles her. Ed meets his family outside the hospital, and they all hug. He says Jules will be okay, but he is exhausted. His wife drives them home. Ed just wants to go away from all of this for a while. The episode ends. The song that played was “Weapon” by Matthew Good.

This is my favorite episode hands down. And it was also nice to see an ending (although it wasn’t a positive one) to see how the victims recovered (or didn’t in this case) after the incidents in the episode. A technical note: this is the end of the first season in all international markets, and this is what this episode was written to be. However, CBS and CTV aired this episode, and the three preceding it as the first four episodes of Season 2. Which was fine since we were supposed to get 18 episodes this season, but then something happened and five episodes were cut again. But that’s all for later!

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