Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 6: Remote Control:

Another gripping episode! More than large sums of money and bank transfers are at stake here! Hit the jump for our recap!

We see the SRU enter a building from the top. We see two men talking to each other, one from a computer room and another inside the building elsewhere. A woman gets smacked across the face by another man. REWIND! 3 hours earlier... a pregnant woman is taking a snooze on the couch when she senses her husband is about to tickle her. She warns him not too! They decide to switch jobs - he gets to rest, and she works his double shifts! He feels the baby kicking around. He surprises his wife with a special modded set of cell phones that will allow him to directly receive from the other one , like a long distance baby monitor. He (Justin) explains it in all it’s geeky glory how he got it to work! He gets a call from a friend, Mike, saying that this is a bad time to call. However, Mike is waiting outside. And he looks a little creepy... At the SRU HQ, Greg comes in with a ton of coffee (not from Tim Horton’s?) They catch up, Sam did some soul searching, and Jules comes in to surprise the SRU! She tells Greg that she is set. The SRU goes to follow Jules but Donna stays behind... Mike, a gambling addict, asks Justin for a loan, but he says no. Justin gets in his car, but Mike follows him inside, and tells him that he’s desperate and in real trouble. Justin can’t help him because it’s too illegal. Even if it means Mike will be killed. Justin decides to play some tricks with the system to do this, but makes Mike promise to pay it back. He tells him this is the last time this is happening. Mike gets out of the car, and Justin drives off, his wife (Maya) looking out the window. At his office, one of his co-workers gives him some ginger tea for his wife’s morning sickness, and to calm his frayed nerves. He makes some calls and makes the money transfer happen. Back at SRU, Greg says Jules passed her requalifying test with a perfect score, and that she will join Ed for a high school career day. He has a tough choice ahead of him about what to do with Donna. Back to Bravelink Financial, Justin fidgets with the scrawled account number, when Mike comes to visit him. Mike says that the plan has changed, and now he has 500 grand to pay by 6 PM. And the thugs have his Maya hostage. Mike claims they followed him to Justin’s house, but I have a suspicion that there’s more to this. He pulls his shirt down over a gun sending a security guard in a tizzy. He tells Justin he has no choice and pulls out a gun to keep the cops out, but also holds Justin hostage. Roll Opening! This looks like it’s going to be a good one! The SRU arrives at the bank (which appears to be a building on Bay Street IIRC) as Mike holds Justin hostage. He just tells him to do as he says and everything will be okay. If he transfers the money, Maya will be safe. Greg calls the bank to find out the situation, but Mike tears the phone away from Justin. Mike tells them to stay out and no one gets hurt. Ed works on a plan into the building from the back and below. The system will not let Justin make the transfer. He gets the bank manager to try to override it, but he doesn’t know how. He points the gun around before he learns that the execs on the 10th floor have the codes. Mike is called by Maya’s captors, and Justin works on a deal so they can watch him work on getting the money to them. Greg learns Mike has a record, of credit card fraud and other fast cash schemes. Spike gets the security camera feed on their monitors. Justin gets the feeds to the captors, and promises they will not talk to the cops on camera while they get this transfer going. He asks for them not to hurt his wife. Ed and Donna watch from a few floors above, and Donna prepares a distraction. Ed is face to face with Mike who is holding Justin captive, and the SRU gets everyone else out of the building. Ed asks Mike to put the gun down. Her captors see the SRU , and one of the captors goes towards Maya with a large knife. They call up Justin, and he hears his wife scream. He gets the gun, and tells the SRU to back off. They stand down, and Greg replays that chilling phone call again which Spike intercepted. Commercial! Justin is enraged at Mike and he learns for the first time Maya is pregnant. He is tired of having to bail him out every time. Justin is determined to get the codes and save his wife. Greg can’t figure out the connection between Mike and Justin. The SRU decides to play along with their game until they know where the wife is. Mike was taken in as an orphan by Justin’s uncle, so Greg gets him on the phone to learn more, while Justin tries to hack machines for some override codes. He finds one in a family photo. Greg talks with the uncle, and Mike and Justin are half brothers. Mike has a more tumultuous past. Justin works on getting the money transferred. Spike manages to narrow down the location of Maya by listening to sounds in the background, and Donna recognizes the windows from a nightclub she did a drug bust at. Greg sends half the team over there, and keeps a few members to watch the situation here. Justin calls the captors, and says they will have their money, but only after he hears his wife. They move her onto a plastic sheet as Spike makes his way to the server room. Donna and Ed rush to the nightclub to save the hostage’s life, as right now her survival isn’t looking too good right now. Commercials! Ed, Donna, Wordy, and Sam arrive. Sam is Sierra , and the other three find a way into the building from above. Spike is on his own in the survey room and he quickly gets a camera set up. Spike leaves the room, but Justin and Mike are on the way down. The SRU get on the roof of the club by crossing a ladder across a gap from another building. Justin gets down there and starts making the transfer. Wordy picks open the lock, and they all head inside. The transfer begins. Justin gets a phone call from the captors saying he is working as fast as he can. The captor slaps Maya. The SRU is on a narrow staircase, and Donna whistles to distract the club’s security. Wordy gets him. Justin is working to get the money in, typing like a money, and the transfer goes through, but then there’s a server error. No one knows why. The SRU moves into the club. Justin lies to the captors saying he won’t do it until he knows Maya is alive so they put her on the phone. Greg gets new information about this gang holding Maya. Justin learns he has been betrayed by Mike. Justin picks up the gun and points it to Mike... Commercial! Oh how is this going to END? Justin realizes he has been lied to. Spike stops watching and rushes into the server room to stop this. Greg and Louis join in too, telling him that they are trying to save his wife. He tries to talk them down, by saying to let the SRU help Justin for once instead of him helping Mike all the time. Louis apprehends Mike, and the SRU storms in the nightclub where Maya is being held at gunpoint. We hear a gunshot - and it comes from Donna. She had a clear enough shot to free Maya and gun down her captor. Justin is relieved. Donna finally showed some courage! Back at SRU HQ, Greg and Ed discuss Donna’s future. Ed thinks she is as good as anyone there, but they can’t let Jules go. Donna comes in. Ed tells her that she was excellent today as he leaves. Donna sits with Greg and says that he can make this easier for him. She wants to join Team 3. She will still be a part of the SRU, but won’t disturb their family and Jules is set to return. The montage begins! Mike is put behind bars, Justin and Maya are happy to know their baby is okay, Donna talks to Ed in the locker room, and Jules shakes hands with Greg in the SRU lobby as Sam smiles and waves to her. The song played this week was Hannah George’s “Shine”.

Another great episode! And this one had a much more convoluted story than previous ones and it was well done!

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  1. CBS recently aired this episode and I have to say finally watching the show in HD definitely makes watching Flashpoint that much better. This episode just screams genius, especially with the writing and the acting. Wow...It was almost like watching a high-stakes movie, right down to the last second. You were there with the victims, hoping that the bad guy wouldn't snap (especially when you're dealing with an unborn baby). The SRU unit was right on queue with everything they did, right down to how they found the solution and at the last possible second, to neutralize the target and end the situation peacefully. If there was any episode that I would ask my friends and family to start out with to watch Flashpiont, this would be it. Bravo, Stephanie. Bravo indeed.