Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Flashpoint Equipment Stolen?!

And blogging on this site reaches new heights: from a hotel computer -_-'. I just read in this morning's Globe and Mail that a truck carrying some important and expensive video equipment used for Flashpoint was stolen! You guys can read the story here. This is truly sad, and if any of our readers in the Toronto area see a big truck with some video equipment, please call the authorities! This show holds a special place in all our readers' thoughts because of the connection to Sailor Moon, and it's truly sad to see something like this happen after four years of hard work to get this show on the air!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Flashpoint Picked Up For Second Season in Canada!

OT: Moonies, I was able to find the time to work on 2 short posts in under an hour (a new record!) so this week is not entirely lost! Now onto the big news...

Flashpoint has just been picked up for a second season by it's Canadian network, CTV! In a press release this morning, the network announced it had ordered another 13 episodes to go into production in early 2009! We really hope the cast and crew gets a break after the first season ends - they have all worked really hard to make this show the hit that it is! It has consistently scored over 1 million viewers each episode in Canada, and even survived the Olympics! This release came out just days after the first season wrapped shooting! Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, at CTV Inc. commented "Viewers have embraced Flashpoint and we are answering their call for more. The cast and creative team have delivered a series that not only entertains with high-intensity drama but with heart as well." In a joint statement, executive producers Anne Marie La Traverse and Bill Mustos said "We're extremely proud to have this opportunity to bring more of our homegrown stories to viewers in Canada and around the world." We knew right from the start that this could have been something big - and we continue to be so proud of everything Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) and her husband Mark Ellis have achieved with their creation! Here's to many more! As of this writing, there has been no word if CBS has picked it up for a second season. We will keep you posted once we find out!

EDIT: (Tuesday) The Globe and Mail is reporting CBS greenlighted the second season, however we're a little skeptical as no one else has reported this.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Flashpoint Summary/Ratings Today or Tomorrow

Hey Moonies - I have to be out of town till the end of the week so I am unable to do the summary or the ratings reporting until Sunday night at the very latest. Technically I'm out for the whole week, and thanks to the magic of timed posts it seems like I've been here a lot this week! For those of you fans in other countries who have been following our Flashpoint coverage very well, I won't keep you in the dark , I will have something up by Monday - I'm as addicted to the show as you are, and as long as my PVR doesn't fail there will be something. For those of you fans who are able to watch the show and would like to post a quickie summary , feel free to do so in the comments!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Behind the Music of Flashpoint

We here at Moon Chase think that it's really awesome that Stephanie Morgenstern's (Sailor Venus #1) Flashpoint is showcasing a lot of indie talent by playing their songs during the montages at the end of the episodes. CTV has a great page that has the names of the songs used and links to all the bands. But did you know that two of the cast members are indie rockers themselves?Amy Jo Johnson, who plays Sargent Julianna "Jules" Callaghan, has released a few CDs of her own, original music over the past few years. She has even played a singer in a made for TV movie, we recommend all readers to check out the movie Sweetwater: A True Rock Story if they can - her performance in that movie was so perfect! I actually have her rendition of Motherless Child on my Zen Micro. Last week's episode, Attention Shopper featured her song Dancing in Between. It's an older song, and was released on her album imperfect in 2005.

Hugh Dillon, who plays lead sniper Ed Lane on the show, was once a staple of Canadian radio with his former band, the Headstones. They broke up in 2003, and Dillon formed a new band, the Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir in 2005. Their upcoming album, Works Well With Others hasn't had a confirmed release date yet, but we can tell you that Paul Langois of The Tragically Hip recorded some tracks with them. Hugh wrote a song especially for Flashpoint called Lost at Sea, and it will be featured on next week's episode (#8), Kissed a Girl.

Did You Spot A Catsy in Last Week's Flashpoint?

Wow! We ALMOST missed this one, and we wouldn't have caught it unless we didn't catch the episode streaming on the internet (because the creds are too tiny to read on the TV screen)! Flashpoint's episode last week had a second connection to Sailor Moon! Playing a young mother, trying to assist the SRU in identifying the teenagers of the Winchester Gang, was none other than Alice Poon! She played the villian Catsy in Sailor Moon R! We pulled a screengrab off CTV's site so you could all see her in action! We will keep you posted should any other VAs appear on the show!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Flashpoint Ratings: August 14th

The ratings are just trickling in for the US, but very slowly. Flashpoint scored 6.31 million viewers (of course, beaten by NBC's Olympics coverage) with a 1.6/4 among 18-49 year olds and a 4.4/7 for CBS overall during that hour. Hopefully there will be more released soon, so watch this space. As usual, we still don't have last week's Canadian ratings.

EDIT: It seems we got everything! Hurrah! Flashpoint continues to get more viewers than CSI!

EDIT 2: Hot off the presses are last week's Canadian ratings!

EDIT 3: Flashpoint scored 1.186 million viewers, and was the third program watched overall in the country that week behind CBC's The National and The Olympics!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Flashpoint in A Flash: Season 1 - Episode 6: Attention Shoppers

This was the best episode of Flashpoint we've seen so far! Full Summary after the jump! This episode did have a lot of skin so for those of you chibi-Moonies up too late at night, please don't sneak around and watch this episode, okay? ^_^

Attention Shoppers
We begin with shots of Toronto at night, and closing in on Eaton Centre... ahh the home of Richtree, the best eatery in Toronto! Gregory Parker’s voice is heard over the intercom as we see shoppers sitting down in a line in the floor of the mall, being searched before they are escorted out. And lurking in the fitting room of a store, is a trembling girl who dials her telephone. Her name is Tasha and she confesses to her mom she killed a girl, and tells her mom she is sorry... and REWIND! Jules leads the SRU to their locker rooms as they chat about music and steaks and get into their gear (warning, you see a little too much of Amy Jo Johnson so don’t watch younger chibi-Moonies!) Now we are at Tasha’s home, where she tries to get her depressed mom out of bed. She seems like a nice girl. She walks out of her grungy apartment to find insults spray painted all over the front. As she walks, she is teased by some other girls which she ignores. Back at the SRU, Ed answers the phone and it’s for Jules from Scott Scarlatti who wants to know if she’s free for a date tonight. It’s a very awkward situation and Jules just nods her head without speaking. The SRU practice dragging Ed around the room. At the mall, Tasha talks with her boss about why she hasn’t been herself lately, and she avoids answering the question saying it’s just her usual stresses. Tasha is confronted by the other girls in the restroom, and we learn that she confessed something to the cops. The gang leader slams her against a stall door, and pushes her around. She’s on the floor being beat up and her hair is being cut by the leader... girls can be so mean! Another girl shows her a gun as the leader threatens her, somehow the gun is dropped, Tasha picks it up and fires it, shooting one of the members. She runs off , and the gang members run after her to seek revenge. THEME SONG! Oh boy, this looks like it’s going to be an intense episode. Commercials! Macy is having a 1 day sale and it’s nice to know everyone can enjoy Oreos! The SRU drives to the mall , and they find out that the girl who was shot was a gang member with a tattoo on her arm. The SRU goes up the glass elevator and realizes they have a tough task ahead of them. Tasha is sobbing as she walks through the mall and looks at her kiosk. The SRU starts questioning shoppers, and they learn that there are teenagers running around the mall. Greg says not to control the shoppers just yet, and they learn that they are all part of the Winchester Crew. Jules sees the hair on the floor and senses there was a forced makeover. She suspects that there’s another victim and that it’s a little personal. And we are taken to the beginning of the episode, where Greg makes his announcement to get all the shoppers out of the stores. The mall is in lockdown. The girls pledge to kill Tasha. Jules finds her backpack and narrows down the high school. Through the security tapes, the SRU identifies the shooter and everyone goes looking for her. Tasha sees the SRU with their dogs and runs. She is spotted and cornered. One of the other gang members spots her and fires the gun, sending the shoppers in a panic and Tasha escapes. OH @#$%! Commercials! Oh who cares about Swiffers and Tropic Thunder... we wanna see how this all ends! The SRU runs through the mall and Wordy gets a gang member. The other two are on the loose, and Tasha is hiding in a fitting room. She is crying, can’t stand the sight of her hair, and takes the gun out from her pocket. The girl lies Tasha is the crazy one and says she is shot in the arm, Ed pulls up her sleeve and sees the gang number. She is now forced to tell the truth about the gang members. Jules uses a thermal scanner to locate two people under a table... not their suspects, but they tell them to put the cameras back. The girls steal some clothes from a store to change their appearance and split up. The SRU is at an advantage because Jules knows how girls work and how they can get revenge! The SRU puts the pieces together and find out who Tasha confessed to the cops about. Tasha is in the fitting room leaving a message for her mother. Luria is outside Tasha’s apartment, and sees the graffitti. She walks inside, to Tasha’s room, which looks just like any normal, happy, girl’s room. Sadly, it’s the tidiest place in the house. One of the girls trips an alarm in the mall, and soon they are both led off by SRU. Tasha’s boss calls her cell phone, she says she is sorry but she won’t say where she is. Tasha holds a gun to her head. As the SRU moves into the store she is hiding in, she pulls the gun to her chest. Commercial! Crystal Light will pump up your water and that guy in the Arby’s ad reminds me of the Nanny from Kevin Hill. More members of the SRU move into the store. Jules and Braddock move into the fitting room, and they find the gun, but Tasha is gone. She escaped through a vent. Ed Lane tries to get some more words out of the girls. Jules is the only one who can fit through the vent. Tasha’s boss tries to say Tasha is a good girl, despite where she lives. Jules catches up with Tasha who is moving towards the roof of the mall. I’ll bet anyone who has been to this mall hasn’t seen it in this way before! Tasha makes her way outside and is ready to jump off the ledge. Future Shop is in the background! Jules learns that she was raped, and drops her gun to try to talk to her. She remarks that she has never seen someone who is ready to die put up an awesome fight. She asks what happened today, and she moves in next to Tasha. Jules talks her through it... I’m not going to say too much more because this really was a great moment in the series and every reader needs to watch this episode! So Tasha agrees not to jump and moves to give her hand to Jules, but she slips! Of course, this is when the trailer ended and we all thought she was going to die... but Jules saves her, and the SRU pulls her up. Commercials! KFC has a value menu, and Papa Murphy’s Pizza looks good. It’s a new day in Toronto, and we hear a piano play the Flashpoint theme song. Tasha is sitting on a stretcher, and Jules talks to her. Tasha asks why Jules did that for her, and she says that she doesn’t go down without a fight, just like her. She leaves her with the paramedics, and walks towards the rest of the SRU, and finally Amy’s song begins to play! Tasha’s boss gives her a hug, the SRU packs up back at headquarters. Braddock walks in on Jules clad in a towel, and he says he was worried about her. He looks at her bruised shoulder, and asks her out to the diner for breakfast, and she agrees. Fade to black... Next week’s episode is about a Military School student who is kicked out and he turns the guns on his high-pressure family.

This in my opinion was the best episode so far of the season - it’s too bad it was aired out of order. You can tell at the end when Jules realizes she has feelings for Braddock. It was a very hard hitting plot and given how bullying has become such a HUGE issue in schools these days all over North America, it was nice to see that there is always a way out of these gangs, no matter how ugly the situation becomes.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashpoint Ratings: August 7th

Good news readers, BBM finally released last week's Canadian Flashpoint viewer ratings - go check them out here!

We have some very exciting news out of the US to report this morning with respect to the show's ratings from last night. Flashpoint was the second highest rated show last night, behind the two-hour finale of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance. The show scored 7.17 million viewers, and for the first time since it's rescheduling to Thursday nights, it had garnered 260,000 more viewers than the CSI encore which preceded it! Congratulations to the cast and crew of Flashpoint! The show also scored 2.1/6 with viewers 18-49. We don't expect to hear from BBM with Canadian ratings until at least next week.

EDIT: BBM finally posted the ratings on Friday, August 15th! Flashpoint is #3 in Canada behind So You Think You Can Dance's finale. The show scored 1.3 million viewers across the country!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 1 - Episode 5: Who's George?

Sorry it's a bit late - I just came back from our translator, White Tiger King's wedding reception. On behalf of the readers and staff, congrats Tiger! And thank technology for PVR's! Summary can be found after the jump!

We begin with a shot of Toronto's financial district on Bay Street, and eventually focus on a bank. Ed Lane is ready to shoot and we see a robber, clad in black exit the bank with a female hostage. Gregory Parker shouts to the robber not to do it, as he with his gun forces the hostage to her knees. Greg wonders what to do next... and REWIND! 2 hours earlier. Braddock is learning how to negotiate in a parking lot in a hypothetical scenario being played by the other SRU members. He fails to resolve the situation, and pretend gunman Ed Lane pretend kills a hostage. Greg tries to help Sam learn what he did wrong, but he avoids it. Next we are taken to a man talking on his cell phone in a car, asking for a few more days to get something done, but eventually he relents and says he will have it tonight. He loads up a gun and puts on a mask. This is our bank robber! Back at SRU headquarters, Greg tries to teach Braddock a thing or two about negotiating. Now we're at the bank, which is celebrating it's rise to the 2nd best performing branch in the downtown core from it's last place position. The bank's manager hands out some employee awards and everyone gets back to work. She takes aside a worker named Paul, and says he has to pull his own weight despite his personal troubles. Paul moves back to his work, and the manager makes mention of an error code with the door in the morning. She retreats to her office, and there's our gunman waiting for her. He demands $500,000, and he wants her to withdraw it and bring it back up to her office. He will leave, and no one gets hurt. She leaves to get the money as he moves to a window to watch. The manager calmly tells a teller there's danger, and the teller gets the message that there is a robbery. Another sounds the alarms, and people pilfer out the door... some don't make it as the robber heads down to the floor and takes the manager hostage at gunpoint. ROLL CREDITS! Hmm. It seems Kohl's is sponsoring Flashpoint now (but without that horrible Avril line plzplz) Worst Week looks a little stale. Back to the show - the SRU is called into action and heads to the bank. We learn our robber , the Monday Morning Bandit, had an override code and cut the video and audio security, and that he knew tellers were trained to be quiet and hand over the cash. They are dealing with a pro here. Greg assigns positions, but Braddock wants a higher one. Jules tells him to wait, he's not ready. The group gets into position, as we go to the inside of the bank where all the hostage are sitting up against the bank's counters with their hands behind their heads. Greg gets on the phone with the Bandit, who demands that the team get him a car by noon so he can escape. He gets the bank manager on the phone who pleads that they do what he says or they will all be killed.
Ed talks to another officer who reveals something about how these robbers work and use the subway to escape. Greg works with Braddock on negotiating, and he calls the Bandit again. Greg says that he will have what he wants if he cooperates and gives up the hostages. Greg realizes that he doesn't fit the typical antisocial profile, and the SRU has to change their plan of action. The hostages worry in the bank. The manager gets up and says she has to go to the bathroom and she tries to bargain with him. The bandit makes her sit back down again. Some SRU members head down to the subway. Greg notifies the Bandit that the alarm is going to go off again and that he should stay calm. Jules sets off the alarm and the team sets off a bomb in the subway that leads to the bank's basement. Greg realizes that this is not our Monday Morning Bandit, and the bank manager starts off a frenzy when she tries to get help for an asthmatic teller. The team is now face to face with the robber, who fires some shots in the air. Some team members get some hostages out, but the robber still holds the manager. They ask him repeatedly to put the gun down, and he won't. The SRU moves closer, but the robber drags the manager upstairs and reveals his face... It's GEORGE! Commercials! J.C. Penney is having a sale and who knows if Spray 'N' Wash is really that strong... Back to the show! The SRU now has feed from the security cameras but n sound. They find the unmasked George talking to the manager... a security guard tells Greg he was a former head of security until he was fired 2 months ago. Greg gets a file of information about him, and the forensic psychologist lets him know what to look for in the robber's psyche. Another teller tells Jules that the manager is a horrible boss, and a lot of people hate her for how she turned the bank around. Greg goes off to negotiate with George, and Braddock goes with Lane. George gets mad and says the team has half an hour to meet his demands or else the manager dies. He gives them an account number and that the manager is going to take him to a computer to verify the money has been received. Greg tries to take his mind off the manager, but it is futile and he hangs up. He tells the manager that it's not looking good for her... Commercials! Sears is having a sale and Harold and Kumar's latest hijinks are on DVD! Jules learns he has a wife, and another SRU member learns that the money is going to some business. Greg is on the phone with George again, and the psychologist heads to a nursing home for more info. The manager shows a different side to her ruthlessness and talks about how she doesn't like to fire people. She worked hard to only have to fire 7 people over 62. George hangs up and says "no more talking". He gags the manager, and Greg tells the SRU to prepare to act. Ed gives Braddock more guidance on the job behind the rifle. The psychologist calls Greg and we learn George's wife has Alzheimer's and will be kicked out of her care home because she does not have the money to stay there. We have a motive for the robbery now. Greg uses this to empathize with George, and it looks like he is ready to listen and give in. He asks to talk to his wife, and Greg doesn't know if he should or not. Greg allows it, and Mary and George start talking. Mary tells George she doesn't like to be alone and she feels like she is at fault. George says he has to go , and they tell each other they love them. He lets the manager go free, but she doesn't want to go. She wants to help him with his wife's situation. He puts on his mask and heads out with her out of the bank. Greg runs out of the truck to the front of the bank and the team materializes... Commercials! Kiefer is on Letterman and Swingtown looks creepy. And we are taken back to where the episode started. Greg talks to him to put the gun down and let the manager go. George stands up and points the gun to Greg. Lane tells Braddock to shoot, and George falls to the ground. Greg is stunned, the manager is left in tears as some soft, sad, and harrowing vocal music plays in the background. Braddock is stunned, and Greg walks over to unmask George. The psychologist tries to tell Mary that George is dead, but she does not understand. Back at HQ, Ed Lane tells Braddock it's all procedure when he was questioned. The attack may have been planned as George's insurance did not cover suicide, but did pay out if his death was caused by a third party. Greg asks Braddock if he is okay, and Greg himself is confused because he doesn't know where he lost the connection. Braddock offers to help, and Greg takes it as they go through the log together. End Episode! Next week is Episode #4 Attention Shopper - a woman with a gun has run astray in a shopping mall.

This episode was a little complex, and maybe because I'm a little tired I can't quite wrap my head around everything that happened. Next week's episode finally features cast member and former Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson's Dancing in Between playing at the end.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Behind the Scenes of Flashpoint!

We're still waiting on the ratings for last week's Flashpoint in Canada. Turns out BBM (Canada's audience measurement organization) is the holdup. It's been over a week and they still haven't posted any of their top shows from the previous week. As soon as it's posted (and believe us, we are checking several times a day) we will update and amend the previous article.

In the meantime, this morning we came across something that all of you fans in Canada and North America can enjoy! CBS affiliate WIVB Buffalo sent their afternoon news anchor Victoria Hong to the set of Flashpoint, and she was given a tour by Michael Cram who plays Kevin "Wordy" Wordsworth. It's a really neat look at one of the most expensive sets created in Canadian Television History and you get to learn a lot of cool things, how the glass walls were built so they could swivel to fit a camera, or how the exercise equipment on the set is all real! We recommend all our readers click here to see what the set is like. We are still astounded that one of the former stars of Sailor Moon, Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) has come so far since her VA days.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Flashpoint Ratings: July 31st

Nielsen Media reports that there was a gain in US viewers for last night's episode of Flashpoint! The show gained approximately 1.1 million viewers (around 16%) from last week, bringing the total to 7.34 million viewers, and a 1.8/6 with the 18-49 demographic. The re-run of CSI before it had 7.94 million viewers so Flashpoint retained a lot of the viewers. It is now thought that broadcast networks in the US will rely a lot more on quality programming from Canada (see, we Canucks aren't that bad at all!). Watch this space, we'll be updating with the Canadian ratings as soon as they are released!

EDIT: No sign of the Canadian ratings yet. Usually they are out a few hours after the American ones, but we don't know why the Canadian ratings haven't hit the web. We also didn't get the time to mention that this week's encore was moved to Saturday on both networks from Sunday . The encore still fared well on CBS , scoring 3.61 million viewers over NBC's Saturday Night’s Main Event. It doesn't look like Episode 4 Attention Shopper is going to air this week. The show airing on August 7th will be Episode 6, Who's George. We sure hope the fourth ep airs soon!

EDIT: (August 8th) The ratings for this episode have finally been released by BBM! Flashpoint scored 1.216 million viewers in Canada and was the third most popular show in Canada that week, just behind So You Think You Can Dance.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Flashpoint Tidbits!

This week's episode, Asking For Flowers, featured former Jericho actor Kenneth Mitchell playing the abusive cop, Pete Fitzhaven. He talks about his experience with the show and his character in an interview with UGO. While he was really happy with the production being a co-production between the US and Canada, he found it a little challenging to play his character who was drunk the whole time. He also isn't fond of playing villains too much. Click here to read more about his role and his upcoming work!

And we thought we had it tough, being very busy with Moon Chase this summer. The success of Flashpoint has caused the size of it's audio production unit to double, as reported by Playback Magazine in their August 4th issue. Typically, a production has 2 sound editors and one assistant to handle all of the audio after the episode has been shot. Flashpoint aired two and a half months earlier than they expected, so now their audio unit has 5 sound editors and 2 assistants just to keep up with the workload and schedule. They are probably huddled right now at Technicolor Toronto on their seven ProTools workstations. Wow, it's almost as busy as Sailor Moon was when it first started. Roland Parliament said years ago that they had to finish an episode nearly every day, and it was a challenge to keep up with the schedule. Flashpoint also had to increase their picture editors from 2 people to 3, they've added another music editor, and they've had to hire 2 composers just to keep up with CBS's schedule. While no one is saying how much all this crew is costing the production, they do say that CBS is taking care of these increased costs. It is thought (but not confirmed) that the show costs between 1.6-1.8 Million dollars an episode to produce! To the crew of Flashpoint, we salute you for your hard work, and we can only hope the dessert you indulge into after all this is over tastes of nothing but sweet relaxation!

Flashpoint in A Flash: Season 1 - Episode 4: Asking For Flowers

No, we didn't skip an episode. We just learned that this was actually supposed to be the 5th episode in the series, and not the 4th one (which explains why you Power Ranger fans didn’t hear Amy’s song this week). This was likely done because the Olympics are starting up soon and ratings may drop. Sorry for the delay, I had a few surprises I had to deal with tonight. I may change this later once I can actually watch the episode in peace (this was really rushed, even by my standards). I ignored the commercials this time around (sorry, for those of you who enjoyed my random commercial banter. It will return next week!). Read the summary after the jump!

Asking For Flowers

We begin with a shot of the lovely Harbourfront in Toronto. The team heads out into the Marina where a standoff is going down inside a boat. A woman holds a gun to a man as reinforcements move in... and REWIND! 4 hours earlier. The same woman is trying to get inside a house, calling to her sister to let her in. Desperation ensues, and she picks up a rock from outside and breaks a window in the front door to let herself in. The security alarm goes off, and we learn that the woman inside the house is Sadie. Sadie is found in the bathroom on the floor beaten and bleeding. Rebecca is this sister who has come to help her, and she helps her clean up. Back at SRU HQ, Braddock is running on a treadmill watching a chick flick. Sorry Sam, no matter how hard you try you are not giving Christian Bale a run for his money ~_~ . The other officers make small talk about his choice of movies amongst their banter. At the house, Rebecca goes to check on Sadie’s baby daughter Caitlyn. Sadie tries to get into a comfortable position on her bed. At HQ, the other officers talk about their lives, especially how Ed Lane and his son don’t have anything in common and how he’s getting bullied at school. Back at the house, Rebecca tries to comfort a crying Caitlyn when she discovers blood on the blanket and she tries to convince Sadie to call the police. Sadie doesn’t think it’s going to work because her husband is a cop. Rebecca finds a gun in the closet and loads it. She puts back the keys to the lockbox after she says, “This is going to end”. Rebecca reassures Sadie that everything is going to be okay, and she goes to give Caitlyn a bottle. ROLL OPENING! At HQ, the team finds that there’s nothing too much out of the ordinary so they split up and head out on patrol to different ends of the city. Rebecca walks into a bar and has a drink. She encounters Sadie’s husband Pete and invites him for a drink, hiding the fact she knows Sadie is bruised up at home. At the house, Sadie discovers the gun is gone and worries on her bed. She calls a guy named Matt. Ed and Wordsworth drive through the town , continuing to talk about what to do about this bullying situation. Ed gets a call from this Matt who is a lawyer and stuck in court. He gets the heads up on the situation, but he is unsure what is going on as not even Matt knows. At the bar, we learn that Pete has been promoted to Sargent. Ed and Wordsworth arrive at Sadie’s house, and they ask what’s going on. Sadie is hesitant but lets them into the house and she puts Caitlyn down. The SRU sees blood on the wall. Sadie says that her sister came by and took the gun. The officers leave and suspect there is more to the story. Matt tells them that Rebecca might be obssesed with Pete and has been stalking him. Pete leaves the bar, visibly wasted. Rebecca is outside waiting for him, and offers to drive Pete home, but Pete thinks he is good to drive. Rebecca plays fishy and says she doesn’t have a car, and gets into the car with Pete. Pete decides to go to another bar for some more drinks, but Rebecca suggests they go to Pete’s boat. The team goes into action and heads to the bar. Meanwhile, Pete and Rebecca head to his boat. Ed asks around about them at the bar, and no one knows where they are. Ed thinks they might be having an affair, but then Ed tries to suggest that maybe he is abusing her, but no one really confirms the accusation. The team mobilizes and heads to their vans. At the boat, Rebecca talks about how Pete and Sadie could have travelled to Italy in it and the team arrives at the marina. Pete drinks wine right out of the bottle and says something about Sadie not being good enough for him. The team plans their approach to end this situation. Ed finally comes out and says the wife was lying as they move into position and try to gather the background of the story. Pete continues rambling how Caitlyn’s birth made Sadie very grumpy. Jules starts to make the mission report, and the team jumps into nearby boats for a better view. Pete throws a complete curveball and tries to make moves on Rebecca claiming he picked the wrong sister. The team can’t see inside the boat, and uses a radio from someone else’s boat. Rebecca stops the game and starts accusing Pete of beating Sadie from the beginning of their wedding. An argument ensues, and Pete tells Rebecca to leave. She pulls out the gun, and Braddock spots them and moves in to see better. Rebecca is ready to shoot Pete. She tells him to go to a friend’s place, let her get a divorce, but he disagrees. Greg gets on a bullhorn and starts negotiating. At gunpoint, Rebecca forces Pete to take the rope off the post and the boat slowly floats away. It’s now sunset, and the boat is well away from the marina. Sadie arrives on the scene and they are trying to make sense of the situation. Greg rethinks his negotiation strategy with the rest of the team and gets Pete and Rebecca’s cell phone numbers. Wordsworth tells Sadie a story that it took 2 years for him to figure out that his best friend growing up was in an abusive marriage. At the boat, Rebecca tells Pete to turn on his cell phone and kick it over. Pete takes matters into his own hands and grabs a hold of Rebecca and throws her around. Wordsworth tells Sadie that they might have to kill Rebecca, and Sadie shows Wordsworth the wound on her chest. Sadie begs for them not to hurt Rebecca. . The team prepares to enter the boat without wetsuits. Pete fakes that Rebecca is beating him over the cell phone. Wordsworth tells Jules that Pete is problem, not Rebecca. Now the team knows what is going on and they change their strategy. Pete punches out Rebecca and It’s now night. Rebecca is unconscious, Pete continues to pretend that he is the victim. The team plays along with his story as they head to the boat. Ed tells Pete that Rebecca broke out of the house and plays along that Rebecca is the one out of control. He tells him he is a good cop and he shouldn’t let things get out of control, amongst talk of getting a restraining order. The team enters the boat, finds Pete and cuff him on the spot. He thinks that this is all going according to his plan. They cuff Rebecca just to make it look like it’s in his favor. The team brings him to their command truck, and they show him evidence he tried to kill Rebecca. Pete learns he is the one under arrest. Sadie goes with Rebecca in the ambulance to the hospital. And this isn’t Amy Jo Johnson’s song playing...Jules and Braddock share a laugh on a truck, and Ed calls his son telling him he wants to play video games with him. Ed goes home to his wife. Next week: A Bank Robbery goes out of hand when the Robber takes everyone hostage inside.

There was definitely a lot more at play than just the incident this episode, we saw a slice of Ed trying to deal with issues at home. This episode asked the question, how far do you go if the person responsible is one of your own? Sometimes you have to play a little to bring the enemy to justice. As always, we can't wait for next week's episode!