Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 9: Exit Wounds:

This is the last episode of North America’s Season 2. We do not know how long Season 2 will be in North American markets, if it will count any episodes past this one. Go after the jump to read our summary!

We begin in a hospital mechanical room. Greg is on the phone with a young African-American man (Derek), who is in scrubs covered with blood. He says he will do what he has to do, and pulls out a gun, watching someone else across some pipes. He comes face to face with him and is ready to shoot. Rewind! 3 hours earlier, Derek is playing basketball with two kids. He heads up to his apartment afterwards, to find that his door is unlocked. He talks to his brother Matt, who seems really tense, not even thanking him for bringing him some burgers. It looks like he is taking care of him, because he makes sure he eats his salad first. He checks him out and sees that Matt has a bullet wound! Matt refuses to go to the hospital, but then he makes sure that he goes. As they leave their apartment, they are being looked for by two other men, Shane and Remo. One of them shot him, and he understands the situation could get worse if anyone talks to the police about this. So Derek says he knows someone who could help them. Derek is mad that he is with those two. Derek drives to the hospital. At the SRU, Ed arrives, and makes a joke to Wordy and Lewis that communication, affirmation, and repetition are the key to every good marriage, as they have an agreement about how to use the large door opening club. He asksGreg if he is still up for drinks, but he is busy working on the critical incident newsletter. He runs into Spike, who can’t figure out why Babycakes won’t work, and he says maybe it’s not him, but her. And then he runs into Jules, and we learn why the team is so tense. They have had to deal with 8 gun calls and two warrants each day this week. Nice to see Ed trying to be chipper. He heads to the locker room. Later, Shane and Remo are in Derek’s apartment with another person, Turk. They are eating the burgers that Derek treated his brother with. They find out that he works at the hospital, and heads over there. Derek arrives at the hospital and finds the easiest way to get past security to the nurse that he knows. He tells her to keep it quiet since it’s a gunshot wound. The nurse hesitates, but then agrees to help because he doesn’t want social security to take him away. The nurse does the doctor’s job as Derek goes to the supply room to get a few things for her. Derek sees Shane in the hospital, and tries to wrestle him. Shane fires the gun and the nurse is shot. Matt runs off. The SRU is called to action and they suit up. Roll opening! The SRU drives to the hospital. When they arrive, it turns out Jules didn’t want to see this hospital since she spent a lot of time in there recovering. They try to recruit other officers, and the SRU has another connection to this hospital, the nurse that was shot is someone Jules knows. Evacuation is not an option since there are 400 patients. Shane, Turk and Remo are waiting inside a locked restroom, and we learn that Matt has witnessed something he shouldn’t have, and now they plan to take out Derek as well. Derek finds Matt and they try to find a way out of the hospital. They set up their command post, and Spike begins the log. They go on the hunt for the gunmen. Derek tries to get what happened out of Matt, and he learns that he saw Shane kill someone. He gives Matt some women’s scrubs to wear so they blend in. Derek promises to protect him at all costs. Jules talks to the Nurse (Trudy), and Derek’s name comes up. He is a night orderly who left a gang. Spike sends out his picture. Trudy tells Jules’ that Derek bought Matt in and that he was shot and they had to keep it quiet. She is wheeled off to the OR. Greg gets on the phone with Derek and learns that he is not the one at fault here. He tells the SRU where they are, but Matt freaks out and runs. As Derek finds him they are approached by Shane, Remo, and Turk, and the chase begins through the hospital. Gunshots are fired. The SRU heads in the direction of the shots. Derek hides with Matt in a doorway, feet away from Shane and the gang, and a gunfight breaks out. The SRU catches up with them but they are not fast enough! Ed catches up with Matt and brings him to safety. Derek is shot and sits in a supply room. Commercial! Some people are being evacuated from the hospital. The SRU runs into Turk, and captures him. Derek screams in pain as he tries to stop the bleeding. Jules and Sam reminisce about these hallways, and she comments to Sam that he always liked her best when she needed him, and he says that everyone needs to be needed because it gives you something to shoot for. Ed tries to talk to Matt, but he stonewalls. Greg confronts Turk to start talking. Shane and Remo are arguing in a restroom. Remo wants to leave right now, but Shane won’t let him. They worry if they are busted or not by the person Matt saw them shoot. Derek finally gets up, and leaves the room. Ed sympathizes with Matt, but even if they save them now, someone else will get them. Ed hands Matt off to an officer to go see a doctor. More of the gang friction is revealed. Turk finally talks and he gets taken to the station. Jules and Sam get to the supply room that Derek just left. Greg and Ed talk to Matt to ask if Derek knows about what he saw. He answers yes, and they look for Derek before this gets to the other gang involved. Derek staggers through the hallways, telling Greg that the system is broken and there is only one way he know his brother will be safe, and he hangs up. Derek sneaks up behind Remo and says it’s over, ready to shoot! Commercial! We learn that Derek and Matt’s mother, was fatally wounded at a pizza place. Ed remembers that a gang member opened fire there to find the snitch, and killed six people, including their mother. 24 hours later, the cops let him go back on the street, and they don’t trust the cops anymore. The SRU continues to go through the hospital making sure it’s clear. Remo is on the floor, and his hands are tied. Derek left him there instead of shooting him. Sam and Jules take him away. Greg and Spike head for Derek and try to call him on Remo’s phone which he has stolen. Greg tries to talk him down, and tell him to keep going for his career. We are now where the episode began. Derek sneaks behind Shane and gets ready to shoot. But he can’t do it. Shane is ready to shoot Derek, and the SRU comes in just in time. Derek ducks, and Greg, Ed, and Spike go after Shane. Ed finds him first, but Shane doesn’t freeze. He is ambushed on the side by Spike. Matt gets up from waiting for the doctor, and walks away. He hides in a patient room and finds a gun. Commercial! This just got more twisted! Back at the hospital, Matt comes out with his gun, in front of Shane, Ed, and Spike. Sam is behind Matt, and Ed promises that he will be in jail for a long time. Sam and Lou get close behind Matt. Ed tries to talk him into putting the gun down. Ed comes close to Matt and takes the gun from him as he sobs, and hugs him. The montage begins. Shane and Trudy smile at each other as they pass in the halls. Jules and Sam share happy moment. The SRU leaves the hospital. At the briefing room, Greg treats everyone to beer and chips before the review starts, commending each of the members. This part makes it seems like it was written like a series finale - which we don’t want to see for a while! They celebrate Ed’s 5th year as team leader, and with their cheers ends the episode.

A nice ending to a great season. Here’s to more Flashpoint!

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 8: Last Dance:

What would you do if you only had a short time left to live? Hit the jump for our recap. And, this one comes complete with a science lesson!

We begin with a seemingly happy couple dancing at a wedding reception that isn’t theirs. The woman spots a member of the SRU, and her partner pulls out a gun, shoots it and yells “DON’T MOVE!” as the SRU closes in... Rewind! 3 hours earlier... We see shots of the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal and the ROM. Eating inside a fine restaurant inside, is the couple. The woman is really enjoying how her food is melting in her mouth, and wants to finish it to the end! The two are so in love with each other through their simple words, when the woman suddenly feels a little ill, and she breaks a glass of wine. She heads to the ladies room, not before kissing her husband. She seems overwhelmed at how nice this restaurant is. As the waiter cleans up the broken glass, he says he will bring them their bill. The man questions why they won’t even get a dessert menu? Back at the SRU, the team has to stay overtime since another team is stuck at a hotel standoff. The SRU calls their families, saying that they will be home late, Jules overhears Sam calling his girlfriend to cancel their date. And Spike calls Lou to join in the fun. Spike tells Lou he’s going to be held up at work, and Lou says it’s okay, at least you called. They smile coyly, but of course I burst out into laughter watching that exchange! The woman, (Laura) is talking to herself in the restroom, appearing a little delusional. The waiter says to the man (Evan) that his friend needs help in the restroom, and then after that they have to pay their bill and leave. He goes to check on her, and they decide to leave without paying their bill because they weren’t very nice to them. She says she likes his bad boy side, and he says the night is young. They leave. What else does he have in store? He takes her to a pawn shop, and she spots a ring she likes. They plan to steal the ring. She distracts the cashier while he breaks into the case and steals the ring. He is spotted taking it, and the cashier pulls out a gun. However it seems that this has happened for the fourth time this month. He shoots a display, and the man takes his wife hostage with a letter opener. Laura grabs the gun, and they leave. Evan warns as he makes his way out the door something about being short on time, and asks what they would do with what they have left. Roll Opening! The SRU is called in, and they head to the shop, while the couple is on the run, driving to their next destination. Ed learns about the car they are driving and tells the SRU to be out on the look out. Winnie finds out about the dine and dash, and shares the news with them, and the waiter suspects they are high on drugs. They think the woman is a drug addict. The SRU heads out, wondering why they just took one ring. Larua and Evan keep going, since there are no cops after them. Laura is dipping in and out of consciousness again... something is seriously wrong. He hits another car, unaware that the light is red, and they take off on foot. The couple gets in a cab , as the SRU learns about the crash and that the couple got in a cab. Greg orders no sirens, and SRU only to go look for them. They try to use a GPS system to locate them. Larua says her head is spinning, and he asks the driver to go faster, even though he can’t. The SRU learns that both of these guys have a clean record. Sam and Jules are riding together, and they want to split up and get another vehicle. Jules doesn’t want to get him in trouble with his new girlfriend, and Sam reminds her that she’s the one who dumped him, so why should she care? The couple arrives at a pharmacy. Evan goes inside, and Laura sees the alert on the cabbie’s monitor. But Laura wants to tell the cabbie her story before he calls it in. The cab operator calls the car, and he is petrified... Commercial! Does anyone know if Bill Clinton played his sax on Elvis Costello’s Spectacle? Spike is looking for the car. Evan gets back into the car, and the cab drives off. The SRU wonders why the cab driver hasn’t sent in the alarm code. Evan slips the ring on Laura’s finger. The dark lighting makes it a little hard to see in this scene. The cab operator is trying to reach the cabbie, but he won’t respond. He just keeps driving. Jules talks to their landlord at their apartment building, and she looks around. Greg gets a call from the Inspector he met at the shop, and finds out they just robbed a drug store. Jules enters their bedroom as the landlord tells them that they are being secretive. She finds vials of morphine. But they still think that they are drug addicts on the run. Spike spots the cab on his GPS and they head towards it. Evan and Laura remember their first dance. They end up at a rustic looking building. The SRU figures out their ways into the building, but they encounter the cab and yell at everyone to get out of the car. They apprehend the cabbie, but the couple are not in there. They are greeted by a receptionist and she turns away to book a consultation, and they are gone. They have made their way inside, but for what? The SRU enters the building, asks for the building to be put under lockdown, as they search for them. Now we are where the episode started, the couple are dancing among a sea of guests at a reception. The SRU continues to search. Laura thinks she saw a cop, and Evan spots them too, but they keep dancing. They are committed to the plan. The SRU closes in on them, and Evan pulls the gun and fires it. He tells everyone to move to one side of the room, and tells Laura that they will stay together and won’t look back. Commercial! Back to the reception. Spike works on the event log. Greg gets the music off, and sends the DJ away. Greg asks Evan what has happened, but he yells back to keep his distance. Jules is now in Laura’s office seeing post it notes everywhere, reminders about every little thing, like she is trying not to forget. The cabbie is brought in to talk with Greg over the network. Laura cries that she wants to go home. Greg is still trying to talk to Evan. Jules finds a doctor’s appointment card, and Spike gets on the phone with him. The cabbie doesn’t think they are high. The cabbie knows more but he can’t say anything more about that, except that they are short on time and they wanted to dance. Spike learns that Laura has spontaneous CJD - Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. And now we pause for a science lesson from resident everythingologist, Dr. Sailordees!

*clears throat* ahem. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease simply put is when you have abnormal proteins (known as prions) making other proteins in your brain turn into the abnormal ones, causing the cells they are in to die, making holes in the brain. This is the human analogue of Mad Cow Disease. The only way a person can acquire this (from outside sources) is by getting these abnormal proteins in their system, either by eating meat from a cow infected with Mad Cow disease, or by an iatrogenic (hospital) accident where instruments used in brain surgery of an infected person pass the prions onto the next unsuspecting person. However, in this episode we are dealing with Sporadic CJD, in which one of the cells of the brain decides it doesn’t want to function properly, forms one of these bad proteins, and before you know it the brain cells fall one by one. In layman’s terms, your brain turns into a big sponge because a tiny part of a cell through a domino effect kills your brain cells. Don’t worry kids, this probably won’t happen to you since there’s only a one-in-a-million chance that the brain cell can malfunction like this. Now in today’s episode of Flashpoint features a main character suffering from CJD. Now if she is only given weeks to live, we usually see these people enter hospital care, as these people are experiencing severe bouts of dementia along with a loss of control over movements and things they used to have control over. They lose motor control and their sense of balance. We’re not sure why this isn’t the case here. But, the writers got the dementia part right . Of all the diseases caused by prions, why’d they have to pick this one? Fatal Familial Insomnia would have been much more exciting to write about! What if Laura couldn’t sleep and all Evan wanted to do was to make her happy during every moment she was awake?*disappears*

Back to the episode: Spike gives Greg a brief lesson in sCJD, and Greg uses this to negotiate. Ed wants to use rubber bullets to go after her so she doesn’t take a lethal dose of Morphine. Greg asks Jules to get a lawyer on the phone, to see if these two can stay together based on compassionate grounds since she only has two weeks to live. Laura fills the syringe, and with tears in her eyes is ready for Evan to shoot it into her. Sam shoots, and the syringe falls. In a surprise twist, Laura points the gun at herself and asks Evan to shoot her. Commercials! Sam is asked to switch to a lethal bullet. Spike talks to Evan’s mom outside, and reveals that Laura is going to die to her. Evan drops the gun down away from her head. Laura says that this is her choice. This was planned, and they made a video so Evan wouldn’t be blamed. Evan says she gets everything she wants today. Greg talks to Laura about how hard it is to shoot someone, it is not the easiest thing to do. It will be the last memory he will have of her. Greg says the team is by law going to shoot Evan before he shoots her. Ed confronts Evan about how he planned to kill himself after he killed Laura. Laura can’t believe this and asks why. The team stands down. Evan doesn’t want to live without her, and Laura says that he has to, because he has so much time left, because his family needs him. She says he is going to love someone else someday, and doesn’t know how she will live on without him living. Jules calls back and says that the judge can swing them staying together for the rest of the time she has left. Evan and Laura hug, and the incident ends. The montage begins. The SRU watches on. Laura’s videotape plays, saying how sorry she is that she couldn’t warn everyone. The pawnshop owner locks up for the day and hugs his wife. The sun rises, the SRU sits and thinks to themselves in the briefing room, and Jules and Sam look at each other. The episode ends. The song played this week was “Rialto” by Kathleen Gorman.

No one died today , but it was still a tragic ending that sometime after this episode, Laura was going to be dead and this episode wasn’t really ever going to have a happy ending. And what was up with Sam and Jules at the end? Is Jules thinking that maybe she should have given Sam a chance? The season finale is up next!

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 7: Perfect Storm:

Another high school drama! Go after the jump to read our summary!

The SRU is trying to find a teenager (Billy) facing his bully frantically through a high school. The teenager has a gun, and asks the bully to say the mean name he calls him, over and over. He fires a shot, and Ed pounds his fists in anger. Rewind! 3 hours earlier... A high school art class is let out for the day. A girl (Ella) walks up to a timid redheaded boy (Billy), and admires his beautiful painting. He doesn’t know what the map he has painted is about. At the top is a lone character which is probably his representation of himself. They walk through the halls, and the Ella hugs her boyfriend... someone who the timid guy doesn’t like. Ed is driving his son to school, and Greg is with them as well. As he drops off Clark, Greg comments he is lucky as he doesn’t have to deal with unappreciative teenagers. At the school’s field, Ella tries to stop her boyfriend , Scott, from teasing Billy. A fight breaks out, and it’s recorded on someone’s cell phone. Billy is forced to say he is gay and that he is a piece of garbage. Billy is visibly disturbed and shaken, and it’s put up on youtube for everyone to see. Ella walks with her boyfriend as Billy cries among the piles of garbage surrounding him. Billy goes home to his alcoholic father, who asks for a beer, which he ignores. Billy steaks a gun from his father’s bedroom and goes back to school. At SRU HQ, Jules visits Sam. Sam went to Mexico, and visited his own dad after some years. He was offered a way back into the army, but he said no because he felt he made more of a difference with the SRU. He also revealed to Jules that it was hard to tell his mom that they had broken up. Billy goes back to school, and is the lone person in the hall. He enters a large theater, looking for his bully, and he shoots a couple students who try to tell him to go away. Roll Opening! At SRU HQ, they talk about training for a training competition coming up at the SRU, when they are called to the scene. Jules is ready to get back in action! They arrive at the high school, set up their command, and enter in the school under lockdown. The students don’t know what is going on and some think it’s a drill. Command post is set up in the principal’s office. They can’t figure out who the suspect is. Wordy ushers some system into a clear classroom and puts them under lockdown. Ed and Wordy go out to look for victims. Scott and Ella are waiting by the pool, and she breaks up with him. She is mad at Scott for beating up Billy, and Scott is jealous that Billy is helping her with school. Ed and Wordy arrive at the theater, and tend to the two injured kids. They administer first aid to the boy who is conscious, and take the unconscious one out to safety. Ed asks them to go through the yearbook to see if they can recognize the shooter. Spike jams the cell phone banter to try to figure out who he is. Jules thinks the cafeteria is too open, and the SRU goes to evacuate there. We see a shot of the school from the outside - two students are running in one direction, and on the floor above, Billy runs in the other direction. Jules and Sam find one student and rescue him to safety. Ella and Scott are wandering the halls, while Billy is lurking in the equipment room. He finds Scott’s schedule to find where he is headed. Billy is on the hunt for Scott. Scott and Ella have nowhere to hide while the school is under lockdown! Commercials! The SRU hears of gunshots from the gym, and the kids now know this isn’t a drill. They know who the shooter is now. Sam and Jules enter the cafeteria looking for students. Sam spots some students and leads them to safety outside the school. Ella and Scott are still running through the school and they end up in the art room. Ella looks at Billy’s picture again, saying his name. The SRU learns that Billy has a tough life at home, and not just at school. A girl comes forward and tells the SRU what happened, and shows them the video of Billy being beat up on the grounds. One of the officers is told to leave so that the SRU doesn’t put him in trouble for what his son did. Billy looks around for Tony. He finds Tony in a classroom, the one who uploaded the video. He is holding Tony at gunpoint. Tony is fearing for his life as Billy asks him to say his nickname again, and forces him at gunpoint to walk with him. Another girl watches from the end of the hall. The SRU is on the hunt looking for him. Ella and Scott are hiding in the equipment room where they are having a hard time calling for help. Ed and Wordy just miss Billy. Tony apologizes to Billy, but Billy doesn’t take it. We hear a gunshot, and see Ed slam his fists in anger. The SRU tries to figure out where the gunfire came from. Ella finally gets through to the SRU and tells them about Billy. The officer who was told to go away because of his son comes back in the school trying to find is son, when he is sent the video of his own son being shot. He rushes to go find him. Ed and Wordy continue to scour the halls. Ella says Billy is a good person and he wouldn’t hurt anyone, and wishes she could have done something to help. The officer runs through the halls screaming his son’s name to no avail. Billy enters the art room. The SRU heads to the art room. Ella decides to be brave and start talking to Billy to stop this. Billy looks at his painting as he talks to Ella. He feels his painting is nothing and it doesn’t work. The SRU closes in on the room. All Billy wanted was for someone to care and for someone to apologize. He doesn’t know what he is doing. Ella tells him everyone is scared, and reveals that she broke up with Scott. She says Scott is afraid of him because he is so much smarter than him. Ella’s speech here is so convincing about how she wishes she could take everything back and do more to help Billy. She’s acting like a miniature Greg! She convinces him to put the gun down on the table. But then Scott makes a sound, and Billy is ready to shoot. The SRU storms in asking where Tony is. Just as they make progress , the officer rushes in and shoots Billy. What a twist! Commercial! Billy is hurt, but still breathing. Kevin apprehends the officer, thinking his son is dead, but then his son talks to him and he learns he is okay. All Billy wanted was for Tony to say he was sorry, which he did. Greg gives a stern talk to the officer. The montage begins. Billy is wheeled into the ambulance, Scott cries in the art room, Ed thinks to himself about his son, the students are rescued and set free from the theater, and Greg talks to Ella telling her she did everything right. Ella hugs Greg and he tells her that Billy is going to be okay because she was there. Sam tells Jules a simple welcome back. Greg is in the briefing room thinking to himself, as he suddenly goes to his locker in a fit of rage tearing it apart. He misses his son. Ed tells him he can’t keep doing this to himself. The episode ends. The song in this one was “Open Your Eyes” by TraceNine.

I think at least on the Canadian end of things at the end a short announcement about Kids Help Phone by the cast would have been a good complement to this episode. Bullying has gotten a lot harsher especially in the last 5 years and the writers did a great job in bringing this issue to light in this episode. It is wrong for schoolyard fights to be uploaded for all the world to see! Here’s hoping next season Greg makes it to Texas and has the courage to see his son.

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 6: Remote Control:

Another gripping episode! More than large sums of money and bank transfers are at stake here! Hit the jump for our recap!

We see the SRU enter a building from the top. We see two men talking to each other, one from a computer room and another inside the building elsewhere. A woman gets smacked across the face by another man. REWIND! 3 hours earlier... a pregnant woman is taking a snooze on the couch when she senses her husband is about to tickle her. She warns him not too! They decide to switch jobs - he gets to rest, and she works his double shifts! He feels the baby kicking around. He surprises his wife with a special modded set of cell phones that will allow him to directly receive from the other one , like a long distance baby monitor. He (Justin) explains it in all it’s geeky glory how he got it to work! He gets a call from a friend, Mike, saying that this is a bad time to call. However, Mike is waiting outside. And he looks a little creepy... At the SRU HQ, Greg comes in with a ton of coffee (not from Tim Horton’s?) They catch up, Sam did some soul searching, and Jules comes in to surprise the SRU! She tells Greg that she is set. The SRU goes to follow Jules but Donna stays behind... Mike, a gambling addict, asks Justin for a loan, but he says no. Justin gets in his car, but Mike follows him inside, and tells him that he’s desperate and in real trouble. Justin can’t help him because it’s too illegal. Even if it means Mike will be killed. Justin decides to play some tricks with the system to do this, but makes Mike promise to pay it back. He tells him this is the last time this is happening. Mike gets out of the car, and Justin drives off, his wife (Maya) looking out the window. At his office, one of his co-workers gives him some ginger tea for his wife’s morning sickness, and to calm his frayed nerves. He makes some calls and makes the money transfer happen. Back at SRU, Greg says Jules passed her requalifying test with a perfect score, and that she will join Ed for a high school career day. He has a tough choice ahead of him about what to do with Donna. Back to Bravelink Financial, Justin fidgets with the scrawled account number, when Mike comes to visit him. Mike says that the plan has changed, and now he has 500 grand to pay by 6 PM. And the thugs have his Maya hostage. Mike claims they followed him to Justin’s house, but I have a suspicion that there’s more to this. He pulls his shirt down over a gun sending a security guard in a tizzy. He tells Justin he has no choice and pulls out a gun to keep the cops out, but also holds Justin hostage. Roll Opening! This looks like it’s going to be a good one! The SRU arrives at the bank (which appears to be a building on Bay Street IIRC) as Mike holds Justin hostage. He just tells him to do as he says and everything will be okay. If he transfers the money, Maya will be safe. Greg calls the bank to find out the situation, but Mike tears the phone away from Justin. Mike tells them to stay out and no one gets hurt. Ed works on a plan into the building from the back and below. The system will not let Justin make the transfer. He gets the bank manager to try to override it, but he doesn’t know how. He points the gun around before he learns that the execs on the 10th floor have the codes. Mike is called by Maya’s captors, and Justin works on a deal so they can watch him work on getting the money to them. Greg learns Mike has a record, of credit card fraud and other fast cash schemes. Spike gets the security camera feed on their monitors. Justin gets the feeds to the captors, and promises they will not talk to the cops on camera while they get this transfer going. He asks for them not to hurt his wife. Ed and Donna watch from a few floors above, and Donna prepares a distraction. Ed is face to face with Mike who is holding Justin captive, and the SRU gets everyone else out of the building. Ed asks Mike to put the gun down. Her captors see the SRU , and one of the captors goes towards Maya with a large knife. They call up Justin, and he hears his wife scream. He gets the gun, and tells the SRU to back off. They stand down, and Greg replays that chilling phone call again which Spike intercepted. Commercial! Justin is enraged at Mike and he learns for the first time Maya is pregnant. He is tired of having to bail him out every time. Justin is determined to get the codes and save his wife. Greg can’t figure out the connection between Mike and Justin. The SRU decides to play along with their game until they know where the wife is. Mike was taken in as an orphan by Justin’s uncle, so Greg gets him on the phone to learn more, while Justin tries to hack machines for some override codes. He finds one in a family photo. Greg talks with the uncle, and Mike and Justin are half brothers. Mike has a more tumultuous past. Justin works on getting the money transferred. Spike manages to narrow down the location of Maya by listening to sounds in the background, and Donna recognizes the windows from a nightclub she did a drug bust at. Greg sends half the team over there, and keeps a few members to watch the situation here. Justin calls the captors, and says they will have their money, but only after he hears his wife. They move her onto a plastic sheet as Spike makes his way to the server room. Donna and Ed rush to the nightclub to save the hostage’s life, as right now her survival isn’t looking too good right now. Commercials! Ed, Donna, Wordy, and Sam arrive. Sam is Sierra , and the other three find a way into the building from above. Spike is on his own in the survey room and he quickly gets a camera set up. Spike leaves the room, but Justin and Mike are on the way down. The SRU get on the roof of the club by crossing a ladder across a gap from another building. Justin gets down there and starts making the transfer. Wordy picks open the lock, and they all head inside. The transfer begins. Justin gets a phone call from the captors saying he is working as fast as he can. The captor slaps Maya. The SRU is on a narrow staircase, and Donna whistles to distract the club’s security. Wordy gets him. Justin is working to get the money in, typing like a money, and the transfer goes through, but then there’s a server error. No one knows why. The SRU moves into the club. Justin lies to the captors saying he won’t do it until he knows Maya is alive so they put her on the phone. Greg gets new information about this gang holding Maya. Justin learns he has been betrayed by Mike. Justin picks up the gun and points it to Mike... Commercial! Oh how is this going to END? Justin realizes he has been lied to. Spike stops watching and rushes into the server room to stop this. Greg and Louis join in too, telling him that they are trying to save his wife. He tries to talk them down, by saying to let the SRU help Justin for once instead of him helping Mike all the time. Louis apprehends Mike, and the SRU storms in the nightclub where Maya is being held at gunpoint. We hear a gunshot - and it comes from Donna. She had a clear enough shot to free Maya and gun down her captor. Justin is relieved. Donna finally showed some courage! Back at SRU HQ, Greg and Ed discuss Donna’s future. Ed thinks she is as good as anyone there, but they can’t let Jules go. Donna comes in. Ed tells her that she was excellent today as he leaves. Donna sits with Greg and says that he can make this easier for him. She wants to join Team 3. She will still be a part of the SRU, but won’t disturb their family and Jules is set to return. The montage begins! Mike is put behind bars, Justin and Maya are happy to know their baby is okay, Donna talks to Ed in the locker room, and Jules shakes hands with Greg in the SRU lobby as Sam smiles and waves to her. The song played this week was Hannah George’s “Shine”.

Another great episode! And this one had a much more convoluted story than previous ones and it was well done!

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 5: The Perfect Family:

One of the best episodes this season! This one is about two young adults who want the child the woman gave up for adoption back. Hit the jump for our recap!

We begin with the SRU involved in a high speed car chase. Louis is ready to shoot at a white car, which is holding a man, a woman and a baby. The woman panics and covers the baby. Louis can’t take the shot! Rewind! 4 hours earlier... the woman, Jessica, is sitting on her couch crying. The man, Terry knocks at her door, and talks to her, saying that he has changed and he is ready, and he just wants to be with her and their baby boy. She lets him in, and he is at her door holding flowers. She tells him that their baby is gone, that she gave him away. At another job, Donna is proud as she has apprehended a criminal. Greg thinks it’s strange she had no reaction after shooting the customs agent a few episodes ago, but Ed says to leave her alone, as he did him after his issues. Back to Jessica, she thinks it’s messed up he left her when she was pregnant. Terry looks at the introduction book that the agency made up of their child’s adoptive parents, and she was feeling overwhelmed and gave the baby to them to adopt. Terry is genuinely sorry and that she has nothing to feel sorry about. He is here now , and he wants to make this work. She doesn’t know his name, but she was going to name him Owen. Terry wants to do one lasat thing... they arrive at the parents’ house, to go see their child. They are refused by the adoptive father and told that it was not part of the arrangement. The wife comes to the doorway, and lets them in. They see their child for the first time, and learn his name is Liam. Jess asks to hold him, and the wife lets her. Terry has a change of heart, and says “I think it’s time for Owen to come home”. The adoptive father asks for the baby back and tells them to get out of the house. Terry gets into a fight with the husband, and threatens him with a knife. He tells Jess to go get Owen. The father stabs Terry, but he gets back and knocks him to the ground. He goes after Jess. The SRU is well on their way and listening to the feed from the security system. Outside the baby’s room, Terry shows Jess a picture of their family and asks why it isn’t them? He kicks the door down, and rips out the security system keypad. Jessie finally gets the baby, and they leave. They scream at the mother to give them some things for the baby. Winnie tells Greg about the adoption. Terry and Jess leave with Liam as the mother screams to them not to leave. Roll Opening! Terry and Jess leave the house and get into the adoptive parents’ BMW minivan and rush off. The SRU follows them. Winnie tells them more about Jessie than Terry. Jessie is 19 and gave up the baby 2 months ago, and her mom died of a drug overdose some time ago. Terry argues with Jessie over lawyers, and her cell phone rings. She talks to Greg and he tells her that the baby is crying a “hungry cry” and advises her over the phone. Jess is forced to hang up the phone and tells Greg they need a lawyer. The chase continues with Louis getting ready to shoot a tracker on the rear bumper so they can keep up, and Donna drives beside them to distract them. The SRU falls back and watches their GPS. Jess tells Terry they need to stop, but he keeps going. The SRU follows them at a distance. Jess continues to ask where he was. Winnie finds out more information about Terry and shares this with the SRU: he has a record, and has attempted murder before. Commercials! And it seems Terry has a history of assault. Terry wants to do just one more thing before they turn themselves in. He hits the curb and the tracker is destroyed. The SRU is now lost trying to find them. Winnie tells Greg Terry’s parents died when he was a young child, and he was bounced around between foster homes. Winnie finally gets on Jess’s cell phone, and she tells them that they are safe, and that they need to do this one thing. Greg tries to assure her that she did the right thing as a mom to give him up for adoption to make sure he had everything he needed. She doesn’t know how to make formula. They are at an amusement park that’s shut down for the winter. Terry takes Jess to the park’s gate, where he breaks it open and they enter. He takes them through the park’s amusements to a carousel. The SRU arrives at the park and they split up. At the carousel, Terry holds his son, and takes him to sit on one of the horses. The SRU is looking all over the park for them. Terry tells the baby that when he was four, that his mommy and daddy took him to this park , and he thought the whole world lived in this park. The carousel was the most beautiful thing in the park, and everyone that came here was happy. Greg talks with Tammy, his last foster parent. Tammy tried everything to reach him, but Terry had nothing to look forward to since his parents weren’t around. Terry takes Owen to his favorite horse and tells him that his daddy’s name was Owen. Greg spots them at the carousel and tells the SRU to move over there. Terry sees the SRU move in, and he gets angry and scared he will never see his child again when he is in jail. He backs away with the baby. Jess asks for him back, and Terry runs off with him. Commercial! Terry runs towards a roller coaster. Wordy gets a hold of Jess and tries to calm her down. Terry unlocks the roller coaster fences, and he heads for the stairs. Donna has a gun with rubber bullets, and she can’t bring herself to take the shot, and the baby is in danger. Terry continues to run up the stairs, and the SRU worries he will jump to his death, like his father. Terry climbs up the stairs to the highest point he can with the baby. Greg is a few feet away from him, and tries to talk to him man-to-man. Greg understands his feelings towards the child, and how he never had anyone in his life to really teach him. He never had a real family. Greg wants to help. Terry tells him how his father killed himself in front of him by jumping off the roof of their apartment building. Greg assures him there is nothing wrong with him as they get closer and closer to the edge. Donna once again has the clearest shot but she is hesitant. Greg continues to try to talk him down, and offers to take him to go feed Owen together. Greg is close to Terry and takes the baby. Terry says to take care of him for him, and Terry says that he’s sorry. Greg tries to hold him down but he can’t. Terry wrestles free and jumps to his death off the edge , screaming that he’s sorry to Jessie. Jessie breaks down and so does Greg, holding Owen close. Commercial! Jessie is holding Owen , sobbing in the back of an ambulance. We learn that Terry’s dad wrote the same last words Terry said to Greg in a note before he died. An officer takes away Liam, and Jessie goes into a police car to give a statement. At the SRU, Greg mentions he gave the order to Donna to take the shot, but she didn’t. Donna has nothing to add, as the briefing continues. After it ends, Ed confronts Donna and says that the only thing more dangerous than a cop who shoots too fast, is a cop who doesn’t shoot when they need to. Donna tries to rationalize, and says that she questioned the order, which you’re not supposed to do when the boss calls the order. She asks if the job gets any easier, and Ed says no. Donna storms off. Ed looks at Greg as if to say, we can’t deal with her anymore. Liam is back with his adoptive parents, and they cuddle with him on the couch. Donna is in her locker room, looking at herself in the mirror, wondering if this is still the right place for her. The episode ends. The song that played this week was Jon Heintz’s “Rain”.

This was one of my favorite episodes. I loved the story, and even though it was a tragic ending, it was still a good story that was realistic and needed to be told. And once again, you can almost pinpoint what the characters are thinking just by looking at their faces at the end of the episodes. I have to wonder about the real story behind this tale.

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 4: Aisle 13:

This episode deals with teenagers going to extremes to solve problems caused by the economy. And it’s written by a writer for another CTV series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. Hit the jump to read our summary!

We begin outside a store. We see a boy’s mother saying this is all a misunderstanding, and another boy’s mother saying that he has had the year from hell. Wordy is crawling in through a ventilation staff, and Ed is ready and waiting for Scorpio. We see a teenager being held at gunpoint, and Greg gives Ed the order. As he’s about to fire, rewind! 5 hours earlier, we see two African-American parents arguing about moving to Lethbridge (really not as boring a town as it sounds, I’ve been through it many times). They are moving there because their restaurant business has fallen short and they can’t afford it anymore. At SRU headquarters, Jules makes a surprise appearance to talk to Greg about coming back. Sam wants to talk to Jules about why she has been ignoring him, but she says to wait until tonight over coffee and goes to find Greg. We’re now taken to the African-American teenage boy’s room (Adam), where he is talking to his best friend Donny through a webcam, and listening to rap music. He tells him to meet him at a store in ten minutes. His dad comes in and says that he’s sorry he had to see them argue and learn about the move this way. Adam gets offended when his dad seems to think that his world revolves around his best friend. He leaves in a huff giving his father’s words back to him, saying his horizons need expanding. At SRU headquarters, Spike is trying to tell Donna a story, but Ed keeps Spike in check by saying that a knife wasn’t as big as he thinks. Sam comes in late, and Ed reminds him that, but he shrugs it off and says sorry. At the store, Donny watches Adam play an arcade game as he learns the news that they can’t afford rent anymore. Donny can’t believe this, and Adam takes him out of the store needing to “chill”. At the SRU, Ed talks to Sam alone, sensing something is wrong but Sam won’t admit it. He just says that he is fine. And in the SRU, if a member isn’t there 100%, bad things can happen. Donny and Adam bike up to a fine grocery store. This is where Donny used to work before he fired, but he likes their expensive cookies. They go in the store, just as it’s closing up. Donny thinks he deserves a parting gift for his years of service at this store. He picks up a knife and some stockings, and heads to the restroom, in employees only quarters at the back of the store. Or so, that’s where Adam thinks they are going. Donny leads him into refrigerated room, and says he wants to steal the money since he knows their routine pretty well. They rush into the store, stockings over their head, Donny threatening with a knife, and everything goes according to plan until they make it to the loading dock, and they are caught by security. As they head back, Adam isn’t fast enough and is ambushed by the cops. He asks Donny for help, and he stabs the cop. Adam is in disbelief, as the cop is lying on the floor. Donny takes the gun, and stuffs it and the money bag in his jacket. But as they are leaving, they are caught by other employees and customers of the store, as the police arrive. Donny pulls the gun, telling Adam it’s not over...Roll Opening! The SRU arrives on the scene, and Sam and Donna are told to recon the building. Wordy goes to check on the security guard that has fallen to make sure they don’t have his gun. Inside the store, Adam tries to ask Donny to quit it again, but Donny thinks that it’s cool. Another employee reminds Donny was fired because he was napping in the storeroom, and isn’t scared of him thinking he won’t use his gun. Donny holds the employee at gunpoint as Greg makes his first call over the bullhorn, asking them to pick up the phone. Adam wants him to pick up the phone , say he’s sorry and go home. Donny doesn’t want to do that, and moves closer to the employee with his gun. He doesn’t want to go to jail. Adam walks away. Wordy talks to a witness and spots the bikes the two came from. Lou begins typing up the log. Greg and Spike are in the truck too, monitoring the situation. Donny now has the employee sitting in a chair, and has duct taped his hands and face. The store phone rings. Donny picks up, and Greg makes a lame attempt to speak to “D-Rock” in teen speak, but Donny doesn’t fall for it. He hangs up. Spike pulls up the security camera feeds and sees what is going on. Greg gets on the phone again asking about who is friend is, and he is given the code name Backslash. The SRU determines that he is scared, and they look up these aliases on the internet. Wordy reads bike serial numbers to match up the names over. They find out that Adam is 17 years old and call up his parents. Sam comes up with a plan to get into the store. Sam is a little hurt he isn’t on the Sierra position this time around, but Ed says it’s his team and his call. Adam’s mom arrives on the scene. Greg talks to her about what has happened. She insists that there is nothing wrong with him and he would not do this. He gives them Donny’s name and street name he lives on. As Adam is taping up one of the customers, he realizes she is pregnant and wants to let her go. Donny wants a chopper and isn’t thinking straight, but thinks no one else is thinking straight. A guard rushes in to try to apprehend Donny, but Donny shoots the guard down. Officer down! To Commercial! Adam can’t believe Donny just shot him and that they are now both headed to jail. Donny starts tearing store displays apart in a fit of rage. Greg calls the store again and Adam picks up, and as he tries to apologize, Donny tears the phone from him. The SRU is now in the back of the building. Donny tells Greg that he did it to protect his friend because he came towards his best friend with a knife. Greg asks how the guard is doing. Wordy climbs up large racks to get to the ventilation staff. Adam asks the customer who is a dental hygienist to do anything she can to help the fallen officer. Adam tries to tell Donny it’s too late now to walk away, and Donny doesn’t want Adam to help out the customers. Donny’s mom arrives, and Greg talks to her. She breaks down in front of him. His older brother died, his father walked out on him, and Donny just slipped. He became troubled in life and in school. Greg smiles to reassure her he will do everything he can to get Donny out safely. Wordy and Donna come out of the shaft. Greg calls Donny by name, and says he is working on the chopper, but Donny screams he wants it now. Greg decides to try Adam’s cell phone number. Donna freezes open a lock. Greg and Adam chat by texting to each other. Donny catches on, and Adam is petrified initially. Commercial! Adam tries to play cool and say he’s texting his mom. Donny is mad, but lets him go back to working with the dental hygienist. Wordy ends up in another shaft to end up overtop of them, and he drops an earpiece down on a line. Ed and Sam are perched on the roof and remove a window. Greg calls Adam while sending him a text to go to the cleaners aisle to the earpiece so he will be safe. Ed is in position to shoot. Adam wears the earpiece, and he’s told to look up. Spike is ready to blow open the window and enter. Under Greg’s guidance he attempts to negotiate with Donny. The earpiece cuts out, and Adam can’t hear. Donny notices it, and after a heated argument, now the gun is pointed at Adam. Greg calls Scorpio as the situation is escalating. Commercial! Adam and Donny get into a fight as Adam tries to wrestle the gun from him. Donny runs away and Ed can’t shoot. The SRU enters the store from the front and from the top. Some go towards the hostages, and Ed, Sam, Wordy and Spike, surround Donny asking him to put the gun down. Greg suggests to let Adam talk to him one last time, but Donny points the gun to himself. Adam tells Donny that they are brothers and they will be there for each other, always. Donny puts the gun down, breaks down in tears, and he is apprehended. Greg is relieved that no one died! The montage begins. Adam’s mother and father hug him as he is held in cuffs. Greg shakes his father’s hand. Donny is taken in a police car after he hugs his mom. Adam and Donny take one last look at each other. Back at the SRU, Ed apologizes to Sam over how he treated him earlier. Sam tells Ed that his girlfriend is going to break up with him, and Ed insists on grabbing a beer with him tomorrow. Greg and Ed then talk about how they figured it out, and how they didn’t think it was going to work anyway. Jules and Sam are out for coffee, and Jules explains that they can’t be together because she worked hard to be on the team. At least Sam got to hear from her that she loved him. Jules says if they want to be together, one of them has to leave the team. Adam’s parents sit on his bed, and hold hands and think. The episode ends with their two bikes, still on the stands outside the store. The song that played this week was “Help Me” by Daniel Cage.

When I first watched this episode, I didn’t like it, and watching it again, I still only liked the behind the scenes stories with the SRU. I wasn’t entirely convinced by Donny’s performance, and this was sadly one of the worst episodes that I’ve seen of the show.

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 3: Clean Hands:

The SRU is assigned to protect a notorious killer who is returning home! See what happens after the jump!

We begin at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. Greg is trying to talk down a man holding Sam hostage. Ed is talking to Spike about the best option for hitting his Scorpio. The man has a grenade and is going on and on about how he has been affected by someone. He is ready to release the pin, and Sam yells SLOW DOWN! Rewind! 4 hours earlier: the boys are talking about pranks they can play on Donna. Spike wants to fill her kevlar vest with cream cheese, and then watch her go splat on the obstacle course. Donna walks in and catches Wordy in his towel, and says she needs a shield refresher for an escort job. He just got pwned! A man watches an Alcohol Anonymous meeting, and a woman speaks about how she misses her daughter, but that it has been 8 days since her last drink. Back at HQ, Wordy and Donna are talking about her days working undercover as they head to the briefing room. Outside the A.A. meeting, the man waits for the woman, who is his soon to be ex-wife, and he gives her the divorce papers. He reveals to his wife that their daughter’s killer is being flown in today. This is today’s assignment for the team: Greg tells everyone that he fled overseas before he could be punished, and is now being flown back to Canada after being in a mental hospital. They have to make sure this guy gets through the airport and into proper transportation soundly. The man and the woman argue over him not letting her know when he was back from his army assignment. He takes a couple cheap shots at her for being in these “little groups”. She tries to tell him (Walter) to do something to heal himself, but he just can’t do it. They go their separate ways. Back at HQ , they are reminded about how much effort is needed to protect him since everyone is out to get him. Donna can’t understand why they have this assignment. Walter is sitting in his car, looking at an old mix CD his daughter made him, as he straps on an ID badge and makes his way inside the airport. The SRU enters the airport, and they are surrounded by reporters and crowds. Greg goes on camera saying that they are trying to do their job, and that everyone should vacate. Walter sneaks into a locker room, where he has hidden a gun in the ceiling tiles. The door is locked towards everyone else. Roll opening! Greg talks to an airport manager and a customs agent to figure out how to get him through the airport without dealing with the crowds. They decide to get him through customs, but then double back to a loading area where there will be a truck waiting to take him to the mental hospital. Ed shares small conversation outside the plane terminal with the customs agent, before they take the criminal (Peter Wilkins) into custody. Peter is not paying attention, and whistling to himself as the agent tells him that he is in their custody now and where he will be headed. Walter watches the crowds in the airport lobby from a floor above, and chokeholds a fellow caretaker who tries to tell him to go elsewhere. Greg calls out the SRU to get in a diamond formation around the agent and Peter. Greg and Louis go to make an announcement to the crowds, while this fellow caretaker talks to the airport officer about how Walter just grabbed him. He thinks he spots Walter in the crowd, but it is the wrong man. The rest of the SRU is heading through the hall with Peter. They are shot at by Walter , and Wordy is hit in the vest. Sam follows the agent who runs off after the shooter, and Ed, and Wordy take the criminal back to customs. The agent and Sam confront Walter in the mechanical room, and the tension mounts. Sam calls for backup, and tells the agent to run as he lands on what looks like a small grenade. It detonates, and the next scene we see is Sam in pain, being held at gunpoint by Walter. Commercial! Sam’s hands are tied, and his cell phone is taken away. Greg doesn’t know what to do, and the other members of the SRU bring in the prisoner. Walter takes off Sam’s helmet, and kicks all his guns away. He gets a hold of Sam’s headset, and wants to do a prisoner swap with Greg. Donna goes with the injured Wordy to watch the prisoner, and the others go with Ed to find Sam. Greg suspects Walter is ex-militia and sends the customs agent to go talk with airport security to find out more about this guy. Donna tells the prisoner to sit on the floor in an isolated room, and yells at him to “shut it” after he starts whistling. She asks Wordy what sort of universe we live in where we protect prisoners and take a bullet. He says he doesn’t know, but when he goes home to carry his baby girl, he has to have clean hands. Sam is led to a tunnel by Walter, and he explains to Sam why he can’t hear and how his plans changed. Sam tries to ask what part of the army he was in. He asks Sam first, and he says he was in Special Forces. Sam figures Walter was in infantry by the way he reacts to his position. Greg is saying that the custom’s agents are more effective at finding the connection between Walter and Peter than Airport Security was to the head. He then fires back saying the SRU is the bad guy because they won’t even let the public get a look at the man who is seemingly going to get off easy. The customs agent finds more holes in the head’s story and goes to question him herself. Sam continues to talk with Walter. Walter says prisoner exchange worked in Sudan, and talked about his experience there. Sam cannot reason with him. Walter’s ex-wife, Wendy, talks to Greg saying that this is completely strange and he would never do anything like this. Greg finds out more about this story: their daughter was the 14th victim of this criminal. The father was on assignment and the daughter was staying with her grandparents, and this happened when she was allowed to stay out past curfew for just one night. Walter listens in. Greg tries to talk Walter down to surrender, but he still wants to do the prisoner exchange. The Customs Agent tells Greg the Security Head confessed to leaking out the prisoner’s return to the masses. At the gate, Walter has one arm holding Sam, and the other arm holding a grenade. If Ed shoots and misses, he risks hitting Sam too. Commercial! This is a problem for Ed and Greg. Spike can’t scan for any radio transmitters since he is covering the command post. Greg decides to break the rules and send Wordy and Donna to the scene at the gates, and puts the Agent in charge of watching Peter. Greg tries again to help Walter, and he responds by saying no one understands or knows anything he has been through. Greg tries to remind him that Walter still has his family who needs him, but Walter doesn’t believe it. He is about to pull the pin for the grenade when Sam yells GO NOW, and Ed shoots a special sticky substance paralyzing Walter’s hand and the grenade, sending him to the ground. The plan between Walter and the Airport agent is unraveled, however it seems they have the wrong guy, and the customs agent was behind this all, trying to free the prisoner. Commercials! We learn that the customs agent and Walter were stationed together in Sudan, and they have quite a past as her sister was also a victim of this killer. Donna finds her location on the computer through her ID card usage, but it gets even more convoluted in a parking garage. The agent wants to shoot the prisoner. Sam and Donna get to her in time just before she shoots him in the head. Greg tries to negotiate with her saying she is a cop, not a killer. The agent moves in to shoot the criminal, and a single shot is heard - but it comes from Donna, who is visibly shaken after shooting her first person with the SRU. Back at HQ, they are debriefing, and Donna thinks that because she shot a cop, everyone is happy. Greg tries to tell her, that even though they do right, they don’t have to feel right. Donna is still appearing to be fighting her conscience, as the SRU leaves the room one by one. Greg listens to the CD that Walter’s daughter left for him, and the montage begins. Walter is taken into the station, past his wife who just looks at him, stunned. Donna is in the shower shaking her head and crying. Wordy tucks his sleeping daughter in bed. The episode ends. The song that plays is Kim Taylor’s “Days Like This”.

This episode showed a little more of Donna’s strange and twisted psyche, and how she only seems to deal with the aftershocks of a mission like this to herself, but she doesn’t quite put up a brave face to her colleagues through the SRU. I enjoyed this episode even more because we heard Sam really connect to his captor, and we got to see him bring in some of the tactics he learned from being in Special Forces in the SRU.

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 2: Fortress:

This is an episode with a gripping twist! Go after the jump to read our summary! This one even takes place among the infamous Canadian winters!

We begin outside a fancy mansion. The SRU is positioned outside, and Greg is talking on the phone with the terrfied nanny (Irina). She is backed up against the wall, and a gunshot is heard. Rewind! 3 hours earlier... We see Irina tell a very heartwarming story to convince a little girl that an ugly parka is beautiful. The little boy wants her to come with them to their hockey game, but she says she can’t. Irina is unfortunately put into an awkward situation because she cannot work in the afternoon, but the kids are going to be home early and they will have no one to watch them. The family leaves. At SRU HQ, the gang mocks Spike for taking his nephew to go see The Lion King, and Ed for going to watch a boxing match over their daily workout. Donna enters the room, and Sam turns away. The latest gossip is that Greg is dating a single mom named Sylvia. Back at the house, Irina answers a phone call from a guy named Mischa, and is uneasy. At HQ, Ed tries to pry Greg for details about his new girlfriend. Greg isn’t sure about this relationship because there is a child involved. At the house, an unmarked van is seen. The men in it with construction equipment know the security code, and enter the gate. These men are in the house for one thing only - to steal from them. Irina doesn’t want to be a part of this anymore because the family has been so good to her. As she gets ready to leave, she gets a call from the kids’ father saying that they are coming home even earlier because there were not enough players that showed up. A friend will be dropping them off. As she leaves the house, she tries a final time to keep the kids out of the house, but they run past her and she goes after them. The neighbor looks in their van and spots a gun. He calls he police, and the third man involved in this heist knocks him to the ground. The police arrive, and the kids try to escape, but the men drag them back in the house. The officer calls for backup. Irina is forced to take the kids upstairs, and the other two lead the family friend up there too. Roll Opening! The SRU arrives on the scene, complete with Donna in tow. Greg catches up with the inspector as the SRU moves in. Ed spots cameras outside, which present a problem if the gunmen can see them. They spot through the shifting blinds where they are hiding in the house. Irina holds and tries to comfort the kids, before she is called to show them the security system. They watch the cameras outside. The friend tries to give them money to negotiate with them, but he is told to sit down. Irina pretends not to know any of them, but when one of them (Mischa) starts speaking Russian towards the friend, she relents and provides a false translation to calm the situation. He says he is doing this because he loves her. The phone rings, and Irina answers. It’s Greg, attempting to talk to anyone in the house. Irina tells him that she is a hostage, and lies that she has never met them before. Greg wants to talk to them, but she says they don’t speak English, only Russian. She tries to tell Greg that if they let them leave, they will only take one hostage with them. Greg says he will work on that, as one of the men takes the phone from her and hangs up. Greg thinks she is in on this and wants to know more about her. Spike figures out that he can break into their security system. Irina tries to get the man to surrender, but he won’t. The camera feeds on their computer go blank, and they worry. The SRU uses ladders to get over the fence and close to the house. They are sure brave to be out without toques in a Canadian winter! Greg hears from Irina again, and if the video system is not restored, someone is going to get killed. Spike puts it back up, and they have new demands - they can see the SRU, and if they are not gone by 2 o’clock, someone will be shot. One of the neighbors tells about how Irina’s son is in Russia, and he lives with his grandma. She has a friend named Mischa, and the SRU looks up something about him. Greg calls Irina again, and asks about Mischa. Mischa gets angry, and takes the neighbor away at gunpoint. A shot is fired. Greg gets on his bullhorn to try to get to Mischa, but nothing works. The other two men throw the body of the neighbour off the balcony. The team is stunned. Irina tells them that she will not touch these children, but Mischa yells at her to do what he says and he will do what he has to. Ed confronts the owner of the van who claims it was stolen, but really wasn’t. We learn that Mischa is an ex-millitary! Greg converses with Donna about what the other two are doing there. Spike figures out a way to manipulate the cameras so the SRU can get in the house. The SRU gets on the move, through the garage and to the home gym and beyond. Irina tries to calm the kids down by singing them a Russian lullaby. One of the men wants to leave the children alone, but Mischa will not listen. The mother and father of the kids arrive, and give the SRU Irina’s cell phone number. Greg gets on the phone with Irina, and tells her to look out the window. The SRU trucks are all on their way out, leaving Greg there alone, or so it seems since the SRU is already in the house. Greg tries to reassure Irina that they are going to save her and the kids, and asks her to say a simple yes if she can trust him. And she does! Commercial! Greg is still on the phone with Irina and promises her that they are going to get through this, and to pass a message on that a helicopter is on the way to get the men out. Greg instructs her to put the kids against the south wall. The SRU continues to move through the house. Greg warns her to cover the kids ears and her own. As she moves towards the wall, she is spotted by Mischa , and they get into a fight. Irina is shot and falls to the floor. The kids surround her, crying, as the loud alarm goes off. The SRU move in, and Sam goes to take care of Irina and the little girl. Mischa has the boy with him, at gunpoint! Commercials! The suspense is killing me! Greg tries to negotiate a little by little for the boy’s release, as the SRU tiptoes closer and closer. He comes out from behind the shield to talk to him, man to man. This doesn’t work, and Ed has to fire three shots to take Mischa down when they are threatened, and save the boy. Greg holds the boy in a tight hug, while Ed is visibly shaken from the gruesome scene. The boy is reunited with his parents, and Ed looks stunned as he walks with the officers. Back at HQ, Ed talks to Greg in the briefing room to see if he is doing okay. This was not a situation that they planned . Ed tries to convince Greg to go out with his new girlfriend and go skating , but he just can’t do it. He couldn’t even go see his own son in Texas. The montage begins. The SRU is horsing around, arm wrestling, but as soon as Donna enters the room, Sam leaves. Ed looks on. Greg thinks to himself in the briefing room, and appears to be calling his girlfriend. The song that plays during this episode is “Fortress” by Black Lab.

I enjoyed this episode, though it seemed to drag on in parts. I especially liked seeing more SRU crew banter this time around!

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 2 - Episode 1: Business as Usual:

Here we go! The official start to Season 2. This episode is marked as the 5th episode of Season 2, but this isn’t the way it was supposed to be! Read our summary after the jump!

We begin in what looks like a stock market media room. There is a man doused in gasoline standing in front of Greg who is trying to negotiate with him. He is ready to set himself on fire, unless Joel Graves comes in the room. He counts down from ten... rewind! 3 hours later. Jules is comiserating in the hospital about having to watch flowers which Sam has left for her to die. Sam unfortunately tells her that there’s another round of recruiting to fill her spot until she is well enough to return. They are down to 6 out of 300 and they are good, according to him. We go to target practice, where Ed is talking to the 6 finalists. He closes in on the lone female (Donna), who seems much smarter than the others. Then we see her negotiation skills in the combat room, and the team is impressed. We go to a house, where a family is being raided by Repo Men out of the blue. It looks like their house is going to be foreclosed. He calls another man living out of his car, who says he will call another man. This man is seen walking out of a thrift store, throwing his parka into a donation bin. They all head towards the stock exchange. The men sneak past security inside and head to the media room as a reporter is reporting about downfalls in the economy. The three men are approached by the same security guard, and they say they will not leave until they speak with the CEO of a company they presumably used to work for. Security radios in for more assistance, but one of the men stays cool and says they are account holders. We go to a board meeting, and the CEO is interrupted to go down to them. He doesn’t know how to talk to them, and skips around it. He sends one of his staffers down to send his regrets. The men tell the staffers that they can’t email customer relations because they don’t have a computer, let alone a house to put one in. The staffer relents and says that he might accept a written request for a private meeting, and he allows them to stay. The men decide to go through with Plan B and two of them head upstairs. They are decliring themselves homeless because of him. They manage to sneak into an elevator faster than security can stop them. One of the men pulls out a gun, and says “this is plan B” and he isn’t walking away. They arrive at their floor, and he ambushes reception with his gun, sending the office in a tizzy. Roll the Opening! Greg talks to Donna alone in the briefing room. This looks like it’s a sort of psychological test of some sort. Donna is a little inconsistent about her story. Greg tells her to wait and they will pick this up later as the SRU is being called into action. The two men from the elevator are now weaving themselves through offices and cubicles, trying to find their man. As the team is suiting up, the SRU (minus Sam) tells Greg they want Donna on the team, but he needs more time to think. At the office, the men encounter Joel, and he runs away behind locked doors. The men continue to look for him. In the media room, the man left behind douses himself and the room with kerosene. The SRU arrives at the stock exchange and heads to the media center and checks in with building security. Greg sees the man ready to light himself on fire and he has to rethink his negotiation strategy . Commercial! Spike starts to record on the event log. Greg tells Spike to call the fire department but not to let them enter just yet, and to get the building evacuated. There’s another problem, any spark could set off a fireball and the vapors are getting a little intense. Greg tells everyone with a firearm to leave the room, and many officers leave. Back upstairs the two men arrive at Joel Graves’ office, which is locked down. Spike sees a picture of the three men entering the building and he sends the pictures to Kira. Greg speaks to the reporter to find out more about what happened and to learn something about this company. The SRU arrives upstairs at the company offices, and they search for the men among the terrified workers, asking them to point in the direction they went. Greg talks the mortgage crisis with the reporter, and learns more about the man about to blow himself up (Stan) and lets her go. Throughout this we see CTV News appearing on overhead monitors :). Stan explains his side of the story, how he is mad Joel can go spend time at a Caribbean resort while he is losing his own house. He just wants to see Joel down here. Greg tries to make that happen. The other two men fight amongst themselves, one wants to quit now, but the other doesn’t. Kira is still trying to search for more information on these men, and finds the connection between all three - they all used to work for an auto plant run by that company. The other two finally confront Joel, and make him talk about all his wrongdoings with the company on TV. Joel is cornered in this office after losing a fight with one holding the gun. Greg continues to talk with Stan trying to find the right time to negotiate. He finds an opportunity, but it doesn’t quite work as this provokes Stan to pour more gasoline on himself. The SRU make it to Graves’ office only to realize that they have left. Spike sees an active elevator, and stops it in between floors so that Ed and Wordy can get to them. Ed pries open the elevator doors, and the other members of the SRU prepare hoists anchored to doors. Ed calls out the positions for Sam, Lou, and Wordy as they make their way to the elevator. The elevator opens, and Graves has a gun to his head. The SRU has to change their game plan, as this is now a hostage situation. Greg tells the Fire department that they can’t be seen by Stan. The man who doesn’t want to be a part of this anymore comes down to the media center and wants to help Stan. Lou spots some large fans for ventilation. In the elevator, Joel tries to reason his large bonus with the one in the elevator (Brian). But then he softens up when he hears the story of Lorne . Lorne talks more about the story of these three men with Greg. Stan’s wife Carol, gave up her life because they couldn’t make the mortgage payments anymore. The men’s motive is clear: let him know what he did for his 22 million dollar bonus, in front of some of the people he hurt. The SRU is a little shaken when they hear all this, but they have to keep going. Graves and Brian arrive on the main floor, and Greg is having a harder time trying to keep Stan calm. Ed starts to negotiate with Brian saying that everyone understands what happened, and he knows how helpless he feels. Greg is getting frustrated with the confusion from Stan because he can’t get everything he wants. Or rather, the things he wants are impossible. Ed manages to talk down Brian, and Joel is released. Joel goes on his way, looking at Brian. Greg continues to try to talk Stan down, but nothing appears to be working. Joel heads down to the reporters in the lobby, and finally speaks to the media about his wrongdoings. He apologizes, and offers to do anything he can to help. Stan doesn’t quite buy it, and is ready to pull the trigger on the lighter. Lou walks in with one of the larger fans turned on, and Stan is apprehended. Back at SRU HQ, Ed talks to Greg to find out the real reason behind why he won’t hire Donna, and it’s because he can’t let Jules go. Greg sits back at the table with Donna, and goes through the events of today with her, and talks with her about the what the team means. Donna promises she won’t let him down, and Greg finally agrees to let her join the team. Donna walks to the SRU lobby with a big smile on her face. The montage begins, Joel is thinking to himself, Ed brings in some Tim Horton’s coffee to the three men at the station. Donna settles into Jules’ locker room, as Sam looks on, heartbroken. The song played during this episode was "Search Party" by Wintersleep.

This episode did a great and creative job of bringing to light the repercussions of our current economic situation . And although the media room didn’t look as spiffy as real ones, the episode had a lot of heart once you were able to get past that part.

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 1 - Episode 13: Between Heartbeats

Read after the jump for our summary! This episode begins almost where we started, and the season ends full circle.

We begin on a rooftop, where a perched gunman is covered in a camouflage blanket, spying on the SRU. He is talking to Greg, asking for Ed, but Greg doesn’t want to tell him where he is... although Ed is seen standing right next to him. The gunman fires... and REWIND! 2 hours earlier! Once again, Sam and Jules are talking renos in the equipment room. Sam offers to bring paint thinner. Nothing screams romance more than paint thinner and shades of blue ?! Greg walks in and tells them there is a meeting in the briefing room. We are then taken to the kitchen of Petar Tomasic, the son of the man Ed shot in the first episode. Petar goes through the motions, feeding his cat, and burning newspaper articles, identification, and photos in his sink. He calls his friend Luka, saying in Croatian that he is sorry he had to lie to him, and thanked him for everything he did. He just has one last favor to ask of him, as he says he is leaving him a key to take anything he wants from his apartment. Meanwhile, in the boys’ locker room, Wordy and Ed joke around about being 3 hours from summer vacation. Ed’s wife calls him to tell him he isn’t packed, and makes sure he will still be finished at noon. It’s cute to see these two banter! Petar packs up a large duffel bag marked “Police” and picks up a news article showing that Ed was cleared in the death of his father. He puts it away, and heads out, leaving his key under his doormat. In the briefing room, Greg talks about the flurry of fake 911 calls they have been getting from unknown caller IDs. He tells the team to get their frustration out at HQ, exercising or at target practice. Meanwhile, Ed’s son Clark is waiting outside school for his bus, when Petar stalks him, saying he has no choice and that this is what war is about. It is all his father’s fault. Clark runs on the bus, worried. He calls Ed to tell him what happened, and Ed tells Greg. Greg says not to worry, and lets him go early to be with his family and go home early. Sam and Jules ponder if Ed knows about them. Jules still doesn’t want to come clean so that one of them doesn’t get transferred to another team. The team is called to City Hall where multiple shots were fired, and the police to not know from where. The SRU heads out and tells the police that containment is the priority. Roll Credits! Wee are taken to Toronto’s City Hall, which to some people looks like an alien mothership because of it’s shape. The SRU gets into position outside, and keep the victim covered and take him to where paramedics can tend to him. The sniper continues to shoot, watching the action below, every two minutes. We now see where he is sitting on the roof, under his camouflage. He watches the SRU, looking for Ed. The SRU determines he is shooting from above, and they try to figure out where he is sitting using a 3-D render on one of their computers at their command post, and by looking around. Petar shoots out their sniper locator, but Ed thinks he knows where the shot was fired from. Spike counts down to the end of two minutes, but no shot is fired. Sam and Jules make their way to a hotel rooftop. Ed cautions them. They see no shooter, but Sam spots a bullet and deduces that’s where he was. He also names the kind of bullet and gun it came from. We see Petar pretending to be an SRU member and he waltzes past unsuspecting police officers into another building onto the rooftop. Greg and Ed try to figure out the mindset of the gunner. Sam and Jules head to the clock tower. Back at command post, Spike sees a common thread among the fake 911 calls, and they determine that it’s Petar. Ed calls his family. Commercial! Ed tells Kira to get his wife and son to the station and to put the station under lockdown. Ed calls his wife and tells her not to worry and just to get in the squad car when it comes. They have confirmed Petar is the gunman, as Jules and Sam head to the top of the clock tower. Luka arrives on the scene and talks to Greg and Ed, and he tells them Petar might have bought a rifle on the black market. Luka gives them Petar’s cell phone number in an attempt to start negotiation... and we are now where the episode began. Petar watches Ed from where he is, and shoots at another officer. Commercial! Greg gets into an argument with a senior constable over how a rookie officer was shot. The SRU tries to once again locate him, once again trying to outwit his strategic choice of location. Jules tells Sam about how her dad was on the first SWAT team, and how that influenced her to be where she is today. The SRU can’t get to Petar anymore, so they try to dial him on Luka’s phone. Luka tries to talk to Petar about this to convince him to stop, but it doesn’t work. Petar came to this country to not be afraid of guns from the rooftop, and does not understand why his father was shot. He still wants Ed Lane. Spike locates Petar, and they head towards another building along with Sam and Jules. Sam and Jules end up there first, and learn that there was a lone SRU officer who came up there from an officer. They become suspicious. Ed alerts the SRU that he is in a mock-up uniform. Sam and Jules make it to the roof, and Sam has a protective shield. Lou and Wordy make their way up as well. Jules spots the sniper, and moves towards him, however that is a decoy and she gets shot! This is the most gripping moment of the entire series, and we can’t even bear to watch Jules on the ground in shock. Commercials ! Sam does not leave Jules’ side, protecting her from the tirade of bullets being fired. The SRU gets a plan underway to rescue Jules. Ed wants to show himself to divert his fire, but Greg says they do everything together as a team. Wordy and Lou reach Sam and Jules, and they all carry her off. Ed spots Petar from the mechanical room below and heads off to the roof. Sam is given the Sierra position and he goes to find a vantage point. Ed looks for Petar only to be captured by him from behind. Wordy is a level above them, and can’t get a clear enough shot. Petar tries to guilt trip Ed for what he did, and Sam is their only hope for putting this to an end. As soon as Sam gets a clear shot, he shoots. Ed hasn’t finished negotiating with Petar, and you can see that Sam goes after Petar for what he did to Jules. Ed turns around and says “Subject down” in a simple tone, as Petar’s blood is spattered on his face. Below, Sam wants to go to the hospital and skip his debriefing and the papers, but Greg assures him they will all be at the hospital waiting for him with Jules. Luka feels as if he is at fault for what happened, as if he didn’t do enough. But Greg assures him it was not his fault. He did everything he could, as he goes into the ambulance with Petar. That night, the SRU watches Jules, unconscious in her hospital bed. Sam arrives, and Greg leaves the two of them alone. Sam tries to talk to her, saying that he is sorry for not protecting her. All the members leave under Greg’s orders, except for Ed, who doesn’t want to leave. Greg tells Ed to go on his vacation and be with his family. The montage begins, and Luka arrives at Petar’s apartment with an officer and picks up his cat and cudddles her. Ed meets his family outside the hospital, and they all hug. He says Jules will be okay, but he is exhausted. His wife drives them home. Ed just wants to go away from all of this for a while. The episode ends. The song that played was “Weapon” by Matthew Good.

This is my favorite episode hands down. And it was also nice to see an ending (although it wasn’t a positive one) to see how the victims recovered (or didn’t in this case) after the incidents in the episode. A technical note: this is the end of the first season in all international markets, and this is what this episode was written to be. However, CBS and CTV aired this episode, and the three preceding it as the first four episodes of Season 2. Which was fine since we were supposed to get 18 episodes this season, but then something happened and five episodes were cut again. But that’s all for later!

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 1 - Episode 12: Haunting the Barn:

Read our full summary after the jump! And there is a former star of Sailor Moon in this one: Robert Bockstael (Prince Diamond) plays Harvey Silver. Stephanie Morgenstern is also seen in this episode, playing an officer.

We begin outside a crowded subway station surrounded by police and citizens. Spike maneuvers in a bomb robot towards a suitcase bomb as Jules counts down the time left before Spike detonates the suitcase. The case explodes... and rewind! Four hours earlier, the SRU complains about the broken AC as they head towards the briefing room. An old friend, the retired Sargent Daniel Rangford, visits the SRU and catches up with them. The SRU is alerted to the station where the suitcase is, and as they leave, Rangford hopes they keep the peace. Ed tells Sam about Rangford and how great his legacy with the SRU was. Back at headquarters, Rangford asks to use the Briefing Room and walks around the halls he once knew. He puts a letter in someone’s locker. The SRU arrives at the station which has been marked off by police line as they come up with a plan about the suitcase. Rangford asks Kira for a file, but he flinches a little when she says she needs clearance from the commander. He begins to speak in a threatening voice towards her and shows her a gun. Back at the subway station, Spike wheels out his robot as Jules works Command Post. At the SRU, Rangford takes Kira down to the archives, and holds her cell phone. As Kira goes in to retrieve the file, Rangford spots a plaque dedicated to him, and quickly turns away. The SRU doesn’t know why the suitcase is here in a public place. Rangford assures Kira that everything should come back to normal, and instructs her on how to act. As he walks back into reception with Kira, he is greeted by another of his colleagues. He talks the barest minimum to him and he walks away. Rangford tells Kira to sit down. Spike begins to scan the suitcase. Spike suspects there is phosgene in the suitcase. The same colleague back at the SRU gives Rangford a water bottle , and inadvertently he spots the gun. Rangford pulls a gun on the colleague , and backs into the briefing room. Kira sends a text message to the SRU and they split up, Ed, Wordy, Sam and Greg head back to HQ and Jules is put in charge of this situation at the subway station. Rangford keeps the SRU members at HQ at a distance as he locks himself in the briefing room. Roll Opening! Kira gets through to the SRU over voice and fills them in. They arrive back at HQ and figure out ways to monitor the situation using equipment he doesn’t know about. Spike finishes his scans and sends his robot, affectionately named “Babycakes” to open the suitcase. Ed starts the negotiations with Rangford. Greg talks to Kira and learns about what happened. Greg asks Kira to suit up and call up Rangford’s old partner, Harvey Silver. Ed is in a bind as Rangford has foiled his fiber optic camera, but Wordy manages to get another one in as Ed continues to talk. Rangford begins to drink out of his bottle of whiskey as he reads an old newspaper article. The SRU watches, and Sam begins typing in the event log. Rangford begins shooting at a chair, almost delusional as if there is someone else in the room. After a few shots he comes back to his senses. Rangford’s wife comes in, asking to see him, but Greg takes her aside. Ed breaks into the room, and Rangford holds the gun to his head. Commercials! Back at HQ, Rangford says if they move forward, he will shoot himself, as he goes through the rules of negotiation. He begins to lay out all the pages in the file in a circle around him.Harvey arrives, but Sam deters him from coming inside the room, and Sam asks him about an incident in 1989. Babycakes surrounds the suitcase with a special scanner, and sees things he doesn’t want to see. Kira tries to talk to Evelyn, and she says that he is not the same man she married. He doesn’t enjoy a lot anymore, and he had nothing left to his life when he retired. Rangford talks more about what tactics will not work, including tear gas. Evelyn feels detached from her husband who has been “hanging off a cliff” all these years. We go to Harvey and Sam, and Harvey tells the story about what happened in 1989. It was at a house where an 18 year old was looking after her orphaned brother and sister. There was a home invasion, but by the time they got there, they had left. The rest of the team went back on patrol, and Harvey and Danny stayed to write it up and sit with the kids, trading baseball cards. Two hours later, there was a homicide there. The girl who they managed to save was brain damaged to the point where she couldn’t have a great quality of life. The other two were killed. Greg leaves Ed to find out more information. Harvey didn’t know what to say to Dan. Spike gets ready to detonate the suitcase. Ed rolls in a water bottle to Dan. Kira brings in a bunch of beta tapes from the incident. Greg finally allows Evelyn to see Dan, but behind shields. Dan is ready to shoot himself in the head again, but upon seeing Evelyn wants her to go away so he can do this without her. The suitcase detonates as Dan puts the gun towards the SRU. Commercials! Evelyn begs Dan not to shoot. Dan gets delusional again and appears to be talking to a child. Kira fast forwards to a police interview with the 10-year old girl after the incident.You see Stephanie Morgenstern from her backside in this scene. We can now understand why Dan feels guilty - he told the boy to show his sisters how brave he was, and the little boy stood up to the criminals. Greg and Ed try to talk him down. Dan remembers what the little boy was like before he left, and he remembers seeing a screwdriver jammed into his throat. He blames himself for what happened and can’t take it anymore - all he sees are the ghosts of all his failed missions. He then asks Ed to shoot him. Ed takes the bullets out of his gun, and puts them on the ground. He takes off his equipment and his vest. He understands where Dan is coming from as he remembers all the calls they didn’t get to on time. Ed says Dan made him who he was, and he manages to pull him into a hug and takes the gun. The two men have a good cry about all their tough times as the camera pulls away. And we go to commercial. Spike looks at the remains of the suitcase, and sees actual hay and grass, and the remains of Dan’s Silver Shield which he earned for his bravery in this incident. The montage begins, as Dan is led away, and Greg promises to send him to rehab. Ed goes to his locker, and pulls out the letter Dan left for him. In the briefing room, Greg is with himself as he signs the incident report. Kira takes the report back to her office. Ed goes home and shows a special bulletin board with news articles about his career to his wife. He puts the note Dan left for him up there (a simple “I’m Sorry”) and hugs her. The end.

This was one of my favorite episodes of the show because we saw more of the effects a lot of these incidents that don’t go as planned have on the officers - something which the montages at the end never seem to capture all of. I thought the performance given by the entire cast was superb!

Flashpoint in a Flash: Season 1 - Episode 11: Backwards Day

Read our summary after the jump! This one is about a woman scorned after she learns she is unable to have children, and learning her husband has had an affair.

We begin seeing the SRU enter a pretty trendy house with their guns up. A blonde woman has a chef’s knife to a brunette, and we see the man in the middle at some computers wondering what he did wrong. Jules is ready to shoot the blonde and the team breaks in the room. We rewind to 3 hours earlier, as the blonde (Sara) is undergoing an ultrasound with her husband (the man in the middle). The Doctor tells her that there’s no pregnancy, and the woman goes through denial in front of the woman. Sara is reminded she has undergone a myriad of treatments, and all of them were unsuccessful. The Doctor tells her bluntly that she can’t recommend that she spends another 15 grand on fertility treatments as she breaks down in tears. Jules looks outside her house to make sure no one from the SRU is outside as she leaves... with Sam! Sam still can’t believe she wants to keep their relationship under wraps as she tells him that he will be dropped off a few blocks away. Sara has an argument with her husband (Josh) who has given up on having a child of their own, because they can’t even afford to live in their own house anymore. Sara has become almost a hermit because she doesn’t want to see a woman with a baby. Josh leaves the car abruptly, and Sara cries again. Back at the SRU, Wordy teases Spike because his mom still does his laundry! Ed walks in, and remarks to the gossiping “ladies” that it’s time to go bust out a gang. Sara is in her nursery, listening to the peaceful orgel music of a mobile, when suddenly she tears it apart, and screams as her husband’s cell phone goes off. She sees a text message from another woman (Hannah), thinking that it’s his mistress and she texts her back to trick her into coming to their house. On their way out, Jules and Sam are riding in an SUV together and they argue over when they should tell the crew. Jules doesn’t want to, but Sam sees no problem. Greg and Ed discuss taking a day off. Hannah arrives at Sara’s house, and she lets her in. Hannah thinks she will be waiting for Josh, as Sara offers her some tea. Sara tells her that Josh is at work, and confronts a confused Hannah about the text messages. Hannah tries to leave but Sara threatens her with a knife. Hannah grabs a cordless phone to call the police, as Sara comes closer to her. Opening credits! The crew is diverted from their gang bust to go to Sara and Josh’s house. Jules and Sam look around the house. Sam dials in the house under careful orders from Greg, but when there is no answer, he uses the bullhorn. Jules grows suspicious when she learns the alarm has not been triggered, but instead armed after the supposed intruder was inside. Sam throws a phone in the window of the dining room in an attempt to talk to Sarah. Hannah begs Sara to answer, but she refuses. She throws Hannah down on the floor as she throws the phone out screaming that she wants the truth. Ed, Greg and the rest of the SRU arrive. Greg lets Sam continue to handle the negotiating and assigns Ed and Lou to Command Post. Lou says he can’t believe this, and Ed says it’s a backwards day. Josh arrives, but Greg holds him back from entering the house, and asks him some questions about how Sara was this morning. He is sent to go talk some more to Ed and Lou. Back at the house, Wordy and Spile scout the house, and set up a listening patch through the windows. Sara has Hannah backed up against a wall, ready to stab her, as Hannah begs for her to talk to Josh. Back in the truck, Josh doesn’t think that all this equipment is needed to stop an upset woman with a knife, but Ed sets him straight. The team is ready to bust in the house and fire rubber bullets, when Hannah asks Sara not to hurt her because she is pregnant. Can you imagine if this was on Maury? COMMERCIAL BREAK! Jane Kaczmarek can play a judge with a lighter side, but to me she will always be the harsh taskmaster on Malcolm in the Middle. Back to the show: Greg orders the SRU to stand down when he learns Hannah is pregnant. Sara screams over and over “You’re having his baby”, and blames Hannah saying she is the reason he gave up on her. Sara tries to force Hannah up the stairs, but Hannah manages to shake the knife from Sara’s hand and the two are on the floor fighting. Sara ends up on Hannah and she is once again begging for her life and the baby’s. Sara gets off of her, and once again forces her up the stairs. Ed confronts Josh about having an affair but he doesn’t admit it. Sam tries once again to get Sara on the phone. Sara leads Hannah into the nursery and tells her how they have tried for years to have a baby. Hannah tells Sara that she interviewed Josh for Wired magazine in New York and that the interview was amazing. Sara doesn’t buy it and goes towards the window to see what is happening outside as Sam is telling her to pick up the phone. Hannah uses this opportunity to turn on a baby monitor, and the SRU picks it up on their frequency monitors. Josh tells Ed his story of how Sara got pregnant, but lost the baby. She never gave up the fight with all her therapies, in spite of all their accounts being emptied. The SRU clues into the baby monitor. Greg assigns Jules to the Scorpio position, and rearranges the rest of the team. Sara puts a dresser against the door, and once again confronts Hannah , holding a knife towards her, asking what happened in New York. Hannah will not admit the affair, but says that Sara will not like the truth as we go to a commercial break. The SRU then breaks into the front door quietly as they make their way up to the nursery. Ed shows Josh names associated with license plates around the area, and Josh recognizes Hannah’s name. He finally confesses to an affair. Hannah tells Sara they have known each other for several years and then they had a strong connection. Josh says he bumped into her at a convention in New York, and nothing had changed. Josh had grown apart from Sara because of all these treatments, and they spent a night together. Sara grows jealous that Hannah was able to make him happy again. Sam asks to be patched into the baby monitor in a last ditch attempt. Sara asks Hannah if Josh is the father just as Sam gets through. Sara can’t understand why Josh wants to be with Hannah over her. Sara unravels all of her hatred towards Hannah, as Sam asks for Josh to talk through a headset. Jules has an argument with Sam over how to handle this. Greg makes the decision to let Sam continue to negotiate, even though Jules can see that Hannah’s life is in danger. Sam manages to talk down Sara, but then Hannah pushes her against a wall, knocking her down. The SRU enters the room but it’s not looking good as Sara is rolled over... with a knife through her chest. Commercials! Josh watches in horror as Sara is wheeled into an ambulance, and Wordy carries Hannah off. Back at the SRU, it’s Team Jules versus Sam, and some members of the team want to know what would have happened if Ed was in charge. Ed says that sometimes you can’t help when these things happen, as they learn that Sara is going to be okay. Spike tries to calm the tension in the room and says “Well that’s good, right?”. The montage begins, we see Josh with Sara in the hospital, Greg and Ed agree not to switch positions again, and Jules and Sam apologize to each other. Sam doesn’t want to sneak around anymore, and the two are confused about where they are in their relationship as Jules invites him to prime her drywall. Because, who wants to go on a date outside the house when you can work on renovations? Ahh, the epitome of romance...The song that played today was "The World Won't Wait" by The Dunes.

Not the worst episode of Flashpoint that I have seen, but near the bottom. I was not convinced by either of the actress’s performances in this episode, Kristin Booth as Sara, and Alisen Down as Hannah. At times it was hard to understand what they were saying through their tears and Kristin’s performance at many times seemed too fake.