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Episode Summary: Follow the Leader

When a young man caught up in a white supremacist group turns against them, he triggers a deadly retaliation with far-reaching and highly personal consequences. (description from CTV)

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Two men are hiding in a secluded area of city hall, Jeff and Trent. Jeff says that Victor's orders are that the package has to go off.

Cut to the SRU team walking through the building discussing someone possibly targeting the open immigration areas.

Sam notices Trent. He calls out to him, but Trent raises his bag and screams that he has a bomb. People scatter, screaming.

Rewind to four hours earlier. Victor is giving a lecture to his followers, complaining about racial diversity, saying that he feels it is a bad thing and threatens the future of Caucasians. He says they are going to celebrate citizenship day by making a statement. The group cheers and splits apart.

Danny comes down the stairs after talking to Victor, looking nervous. He makes a couple phone calls, the first is a tip to 911, the second tells his girlfriend he loves her on a voice message.

Trent finds Danny and asks if he was talking to "her." Danny says he wants to tell Trent about the plan. Trent says it's need to know and that he will hear it from Victor when it's his turn. Danny insists. Trent asks if Danny wants Victor to know he has a phone in his pocket and leaves the area.

At SRU headquarters, Ed says that a man called in a tip about a series of attacks planned for the day. Greg says that the attacks are racially motivated and that the leader is Victor Ackland. Five years prior he was red flagged for handing out white supremacy literature on university campuses. It looks like he's gone independent now, but he's under the radar.

Ed notes that home base is an abandoned glass factory with 23 armed subjects. The goal is to get there in time to prevent them from putting their plan into play. They go over the basic details of their plan for subduing the subjects.

At the factory, the Danny tries to pull Trent aside again to speak with him privately. Trent gets annoyed and calls attention to himself, loudly asking Danny if he wants to share something with the group. Victor overhears from upstairs and walks to the railing, calling out to ask if there's something he should know about.

Outside, SRU is planning their entry. Spike loops the video on a surveillance camera.

Inside, Victor asks Danny if he has cold feet and remarks that they've seen less of him lately. Danny says he's been busy with his job, working weekends. Trent says Danny's girlfriend has him on a leash. Danny's cell phone vibrates. Victor asks what he's doing with a cell phone.

An alarm sounds. SRU accidentally triggered a trip wire.

Victor asks what's going on and a man says the system has been hacked. He notices that a camera feed was looped. He resets the connection and they can see SRU. Victor tells everyone to get to their stations.

Jules, Spike, and Sam toss tear gas into a large, open doorway. Three men come out and they take them into custody. Wordy and Ed approach another door quickly, hearing it about to open. Wordy quickly disarms a young man who exits and they take him into custody. Greg checks the area to see if there are any more suspects lurking around. He asks if they should make entry from this doorway. Ed says that team four is entering from the other side and they should stick to the script.

Greg, Wordy, and Ed walk down an alleyway. Greg is shot twice by suspects hiding in a window. They take cover, Wordy radioing that Greg's been hit and they're under fire. The gunfire continues as Wordy checks Greg's wounds: one in the arm, one in the vest. Greg says he's okay. Ed says they will get him out of here.

With Wordy's direction, Ed finds out where the shooter is located. He asks Sam over the radio for his status. Sam says he's almost there. Greg protests, saying they need to find the bombs. Ed says he hears him but isn't listening.

Jules approaches to help. Sam and Spike enter the building to find the shooter. Inside, we see Danny approach the shooter, Malcolm. He convinces him to hand over the gun. Danny drops the rifle out the window and Malcolm gets angry. They struggle. Sam and Spike find them and restrain them.

Wordy approaches the second shooter on a walkway. He orders him to drop his weapon and come down the ladder. The shooter complies and Wordy arrests him.

Back to Greg, Jules, and Ed. Greg says he's fine and wants to move on. Ed insists on a medic. Greg radios to Spike about the explosives.

Inside, Spike is trying to find the explosives. Danny talks to Sam and says he's the one who called 911 with the tip and is now looking for his little brother, Trent. Sam brings him down to talk to the team.

Outside, Ed takes Greg to see a medic. Greg says he'll wait his turn. Ed asks another officer for a status update. The officer says one subject is down, one injured, eleven more in custody. Ed says their team got seven, leaving at least three unaccounted for, including Victor. Ed radios Sam to get Danny down there so they can speak with him.

Greg asks Sidney if they have more info on Victor. He says the only thing he found is that Victor was in military training, from 1986-1990. He never made it into the field due to a Bad Conduct Discharge.

Spike finds a "war room" inside. It has maps with multicultural gathering spots listed as targets they planned to hit today. Ed says that there still may be attacks as there are three subjects unaccounted for. Spike continues investigating inside.

Outside, Sam sees Jules having a friendly chat with the medic helping Greg. He looks a little jealous.

Danny says his brother is not there. He says Victor and Jeff Watts (Victor's right hand) are also missing. He says they are likely together. Ed confirms that it was possible for them to escape the perimeter. They will have to extend their search.

Spike finds chemicals that can be used to make bombs. He says they made many small bombs that are portable and easy to hide but can cause heavy damage. He found plans for ten bombs so he can find out how they work. Unfortunately, three bombs are missing.

Greg radios Sidney telling him that three subjects are carrying explosives, and instructs him to contact all divisions stating that threat level is red.

Spike uploads a list of possible target locations. Ed tells Sidney that they need officers, checkpoints, dogs, and scanners at all locations. Sidney says that's a lot of ground to cover. Greg tells him to reach out to friends in Peel and Durham regions for help.

Spike says the bombs have a 100' damage radius. They are triggered to detonate simultaneously. They also have impact sensor warnings, so they will explode if dropped. Greg says that doesn't make sense, that extremists usually like to leave a bomb and walk away. Jules says that carnage must be part of his message.

Victor is in a car with Jeff and Trent. He says they are a family that chose each other. He also says Trent needs to tell him if he knows who tipped off the cops. Trent says he thinks it was Danny. Victor confirms, as he still has Danny's cell phone. Trent apologizes, but Victor says Danny's choices are not his fault.

Greg asks Danny if he can narrow the list of targets. Danny says he didn't know the targets, he was only the lookout. He says he was part of the group, but that it was all just talk before today. He explains that his family lost their house because his father was laid off from his job after a lot of immigrants were willing to work for less. His father blamed all their money problems on immigrants taking his job and eventually killed himself, leaving Danny and Trent alone. From then on, Danny vowed to take care of Trent, protect him, and fight back.

Victor tells Trent that he remembers Danny being very angry when they first met. He says he had hopes for him.

Danny says that Victor used to listen to him and that by knowing him, it felt like he and his brother were no longer alone. Victor had a job in security at the old factory, so he had the run of the place. He used to drill them on the weekends, teach them survival skills and the like for fun.

Cut back to Victor's car. Victor says he was wrong about Danny. Trent protests, blaming Danny's girlfriend.

A flashback reveals that Kelly, Danny's girlfriend, is of African descent. Danny had never expected to fall for her, but eventually she changed the way he thought about things. When Trent met her, he didn't take it very well that she wasn't white. Trent told Danny he was deserting him.

Victor finds a picture of Danny and Kelly on the cell phone and asks Trent if he met her. Trent says he hasn't.

When Sam asks Danny why he continued going to the group, Danny says it was the only way to continue seeing his brother. Fortunately, Trent never mentioned that Kelly wasn't white to Victor.

Victor's car reaches its destination. Victor says that the best thing that happened to him was when Danny brought Trent to him. He says he saved Trent's briefing for last and asks if he wants to know what's in the backpacks in the trunk. Trent confirms.

Spike radios that Trent and Jeff were seen entering Hancock Square, carrying backpacks. He says it's possible that they're headed to the department of citizenship and immigration as the target. Greg radios Sidney to note that Victor is likely acting alone.

At city hall, we see Jeff and Trent talking in a secluded area. Jeff says when they're done they'll meet at the Fox & Crown, have a beer, and watch it on the news. He reminds Trent of the orders.

SRU is at the scene, developing their plan and how they will disperse. They intend to focus on subjects with backpacks.

Danny notifies the team that he saw Jeff. Greg and Spike pursue. Spike subdues him with a sleeper hold and Greg grabs the backpack. Greg says everybody has to get out and Spike disarms the bomb when the area is clear.

Sam and Jules see Trent. Sam calls out to him and Trent yells that he has a bomb. Jules tries to calm the crowd, instructing them to move to the exits. Sam says he will try to talk Trent down because he can relate as a former soldier.

Jules asks Spike about their options. Spike says the only way is to use pliers and cutters as they can't get an EMP there in time. They need to talk down Trent before the deadline.

Sam tries to ask Trent to leave the bag, but Trent says he has to make sure the bomb goes off and that a soldier never leaves his post. Sam asks about his dad.

Elsewhere, at a hotel, Wordy and Ed find Victor, but he doesn't have the bomb. He says that Kelly has it. On the street, we see Kelly walking with a paper bag.

Greg tells Danny that Victor may have given the bomb to Kelly. Danny says Victor doesn't know her. Greg says Victor tracked her down at the hotel and reassures Danny that the team will find her and keep her safe. He says they need Danny here to help Trent.

Ed interrogates Victor, but he refuses to tell them where Kelly is heading with the disguised bomb.

Greg and Spike ask Danny about the significance of the day and time. They find out about a citizenship ceremony on Adelaide street. The team starts to head to the location, with Sidney sending additional units.

Back at city hall, Sam continues to try to talk down Trent. Greg asks Danny about what happened when Trent found his father deceased. Danny says that Trent was thirteen at the time, and that when Danny walked in their father was already hanging and Trent was screaming at their father in anger. Danny had to pull him off.

Greg and Sam discuss this, realizing that Trent feels like he's being abandoned again and that he must be clinging to Victor as he thinks that's the only family he has left. Greg says Trent needs to know he's not alone.

Ed and Wordy find Kelly and tell people to move away. They instruct her to stay very still. Ed approaches, saying they need the bag. She is confused.

At city hall, Sam continues negotiating. Trent screams for everyone to leave. Danny says he won't leave without him. Sam says that Danny has been there the whole time, even with Kelly in danger. Trent asks what happened to Kelly. Sam tells him that Victor gave her the bomb.

Ed takes the bag from Kelly, telling her it's a bomb. She says she thought it was a present from Danny because she received a text message from him.

Sam says that Victor left Trent to die but that Danny is there for him.

Ed disarms the bomb that Kelly had, with 30 seconds to spare.

With only a few seconds left, everyone falls back. Sam pleads for Trent to escape. He puts the bag down and runs. He is injured in the blast, but escapes in time.

Outside, Victor is ushered into a squad car. Kelly hugs Danny. Trent sees this and walks away.

At headquarters, Ed asks to see Greg's stitches, but Greg says he'll keep his shirt on. The team ask if he'll join them for drinks. He initially says no, but he changes his mind. They say he has to buy the first round because he was shot.

Jules's paramedic friend, Steve, catches up with her just before the team heads out. He reminds her that they were going to get together to catch up. Greg asks if he'd like to join, but Steve declines. He says he'll catch Jules another time.

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