Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Note From Flashpoint Team One:

A few of our American readers are probably confused why Canada has two sets of ratings on the ratings table for some Season 2 episodes, and why the United States only has one. And, they are also probably wondering why we have episode summaries for every episode before they have even aired! Hopefully, this post from the producers of Flashpoint which was posted last night can help to clear things up.

To answer the question, "Are these new shows or reruns"....

If you live in the US, you are watching Flashpoint on CBS. The episodes currently running on Friday nights are new to American viewers. CBS has never run these episodes before.

If you live in Canada, you may think you are watching the show on CBS, but it is really being broadcast by CTV in simulcast with CBS. CTV already broadcast these nine episodes beginning in September, 2009.

For both CBS and CTV viewers, a new Season of 13 brand new episodes is available. The networks may decide to run these together as they did with the first 22 episodes. Stay tuned to both Networks for programming announcements.

Regarding yet another Season of Flashpoint, CTV has already announced that they have renewed the show for yet another 13 episodes. CBS does not have to decide about these until October. So a new production schedule will not be announced until after October.

This has been very confusing to viewers and we hope this helps to clarify. Please point newcomers to this note for the explanation.

Fans can join the official producers' page on Facebook, Flashpoint Team One! The page has a lot of contests and interesting content such as an upcoming psychologist coming in to chat tomorrow. They also have a twitter account, you can follow them here!

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