Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flashpoint Finally Begins Broadcast in Japan, Season 1 Boxset Out Soon There Too!

Flashpoint continues to surprise us with new countries that it visits! One we were waiting for a while to hear about was Japan, just a month ago we reported of an actor from the Sailor Moon musicals appearing on a show with a similar premise. Today, Mark Ellis via his Twitter account RT'd a Japanese fan's tweet, and didn't know what it meant. After translating it, we wondered if the show was on the air there and turns out it is!

Flashpoint began on February 4th on FOX TV's special sister channel, FOXCRIME. The show is called "フラッシュポイント -特殊機動隊SRU-" - pronounced Flashpoint -Kidoutai SRU- which translates to Flashpoint -Special Riot Police SRU-. The show airs on Friday and Saturday nights, and the Japanese fans get a special treat since two episodes air back to back. They show the same episodes both nights. On January 22nd, Gaijin Tarento Dave Spector commented on the show, and this is featured at the bottom of FOXCRIME's Flashpoint Page. He writes (roughly translated):

Dave Spector - This is the best drama to get into!
Flashpoint -Special Riot Police SRU-

Every time I watch the show, the indescribable tension is unbearably good!
The SRU Group of the Canadian Police is always cool, composed, and professional.
They are more excellent than the American cops!
The casting is also in good taste.
Teamwork predominates!

There were only dramas featuring the American SWAT Team, up until now. This time, Toronto, Canada is baptized, and becomes the stage.

The calmness and professionalism make the SRU shine. Interesting! All at the first glance!

But the main reason I watch this show is because Jules is cute *laughter*.

The casting is all in good taste too.

As for the man who is the boss and leader, “Parker”, there is no messing with this negotiator.

The man who is always reliable "Ed" is an excellent first sniper.

The team leader gradually rearranges the team.

These adults all have sex appeal. Especially the Sniper "Jules", she's cute! I've been in love with her character since the first episode. This is a bit of a stretch, but I look forward to her future character development.

The rookie, "Sam" (a similar sniper) restrains his feelings and works very hard through the trauma of his best friend who was mistakenly shot.

Additionally, there is also "Spike", who knows the explosives and how they work, "Wordsworth"a devoted husband who has a good combat pace, "Lewis", a good soul who takes charge of the non-lethal weapons like stun guns and tear gas, and "Doctor Luria"

Anyway..."Flashpoint -Special riot police SRU-"?
It fits right in with everything you see.
I saw every episode.
It is the best!

Please watch the introduction that I hosted!

Paramount has also set up an official site for the show and the really neat thing is, they are getting both Season 1 and Season 2 boxset releases this summer. Season 1 will be released on July 9th, and Season 2 will be released on August 6th. Season 1's boxset will contain 13 episode, and Season 2's will have 9 episodes. The boxsets will cost you, each one is close to $100 USD. Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern were even quoted in a news release! It makes special mention of the incident in 2004 which piqued their minds and made them ask "In front of many people, you had to execute someone. How would you spend the rest of your day?"

Congratulations again to everyone in Flashpoint, and especially to Stephanie Morgenstern. You are the second person involved with Sailor Moon to make it big in Japan!

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