Friday, May 21, 2010

Flashpoint To Return to CBS on June 4th!

This was revealed via Mark Ellis' Twitter account yesterday, but we wanted to wait until a couple press outlets had reported it. We've learned a few lessons from the other blog about companies not liking it when blogs "jump the gun" ahead of a release or any news coverage! Flashpoint will return to CBS on Friday nights beginning on June 4th, with the episode "One Wrong Move". This is the beginning of part two of Season 2, and Season 3 wraps up filming in Toronto in a matter of weeks. We'll be fixing our ratings table soon to reflect these changes, but you can use what is there to follow as a rough guide for when episodes are going to air. On Saturday May 29th, CBS will be repeating the first episode "Scorpio". There are 13 Fridays between June 4th to the first week of September, so hopefully without any hitches, these 9 episodes of Flashpoint that the fans have been waiting since last Fall to see, should be aired during this summer. We can't comment on what will happen beyond this for the upcoming third season for CTV or CBS.

In other news, CBS is sticking with keeping the cop shows on Friday nights in the Fall 2010 season, as Medium, CSI: NY and the new cop show Blue Bloods, are filling the network's primetime block. At this time, Flashpoint is not on the fall 2010-2011 schedule.

We'd like to take this time to thank fans of this blog for their patience - we have had a very rough couple of months with our other blog Moon Chase. We have been running a major campaign which began in February and ended just a couple weeks ago, and we acknowledge we have missed a lot of reporting for this blog. Our staff should return mid-June to posting on this blog regularly, and at the very least expect our ratings table to be updated during Flashpoint's return. We're sorry, but we will be back soon!

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