Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Flashpoint Episodes on the Way!

Hey Badgers and Doves! Still really busy behind the scenes, we will catch up on old episode summaries as soon as we possibly can (hopefully, one or two at least by the end of the month). We were surprised to learn around a week ago that there are five new episodes airing in the next month on CTV (but as of this writing, they will not be appearing on CBS at the same time). Here is the upcoming schedule:

January 4 - Episode 305: "Collateral Damage"
January 11 - Episode 307: "Thicker than Blood"
January 18 - Episode 310: "No Promises"
January 25 - Episode 311: "Terror"
February 1 - Episode 312: "I'd Do Anything"

For those of you questioning these episode numbers, these are correct - they were aired out of order for broadcast. We will fix this on our episode ratings table once we get our summaries all finished. And as always, we will update the music cues as soon as we possibly can!

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