Monday, August 2, 2010

Training Day Game on

Fans can play Training Day, a new Flashpoint video game on the CTV website. The game starts by allowing you to take a tour of the SRU facilities which is followed by a recruitment test. The test assesses your aptitude in the areas of memory, spatial awareness, reaction, and focus. Each exercise has a short set of instructions followed by a trial. Note that the recruitment test uses audio instructions, so you will need to set your speakers to a comfortable volume.

After passing the recruitment test, you can register an account with CTV or log in using Facebook Connect.

The Officer Records available in the Objectives menu include profiles of all the SRU team members. Weapons Training allows you to learn about the weapons used on the show through descriptive text and video demonstrations. Review all the weapons to pass.

In the first test for Sniper Training, you shoot 15 targets that randomly pop up in the field at a shooting range. Immediately following that, you must recall the icons displayed on the targets you shot. Next is the first round of selective targeting, where you must avoid shooting civilians. Again, this is followed by a quiz about the targets. Another round of selective targeting follows where you report suspicious targets.

In Tactical Training, you begin with a tactical review of various weapons and team members. When you're ready, you can start the tactical simulator. Choose the correct weapons and equipment for each team member and run the simulation to see the results.

In Negotiation Training, you begin by reviewing the stages of a successful negotiation and then proceed to a simulation to test what you've learned.

In Profile Training, you receive training on reading body language and interviewing skills. Again, a simulation tests what you've learned.

The first final test focuses on tactical and sniper training, the second on negotiation and profiling. The second test gives you the option to call in toll-free and use an access code. If you prefer not to call in, you can select the "don't call" option and take the test that way.

If you pass all the tests, you receive congratulations from Sam and Winnie. You also get promoted from Rookie to SRU Officer.

We definitely recommend trying out this game. It's challenging at times and gives some extra interactivity and background info for fans to enjoy.


  1. For the weapon traing what exactly are you supposed to do? I look at all the guns profile but no matter what I do it never says that I completed the task.

  2. i like the test