Monday, March 1, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: New Details about American Season 2 Boxset and Cover Art

Not a huge update, but still a noteworthy one indeed. TVShowsonDVD reports that the upcoming American version of the Flashpoint: Season 2 boxset will contain 9 episodes, exactly the same as Canada's Flashpoint: Season 2 Volume 1. We think this is only going to add to the confusion of which season the last 9 that aired in Canada are going to be a part of. These were once billed as Season 3 by CTV, but they have since added them to Season 2. It is currently unknown what CBS will bill these episodes as when they come to air. Our site (for consistency) will follow whatever episode order CTV lists. Today, CBS Paramount also released a high-res image of the official boxart (featured below), but it's more or less the same idea as the first boxart! Once again, some members of the SRU are featured in action in front of a cityscape with some added smoke. This one features Sargent Greg Parker a little more prominently than the others. The Canadian covers show the SRU among cityscapes as well, but without the smoke and a lot more color. These easily make the CBS Paramount covers look somber and dreary. Hopefully, the US will have a much more exciting cover for Season 3!

Fans can order the American boxset at:
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