Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Official Boxart in Hi-Res, No Blu-Ray This Time.

TVShowsonDVD reported a couple more details about the upcoming Season 2: Volume 1 release of Flashpoint earlier today, and fans also got confirmation about the number of episodes that are going to be included. Mark Ellis via twitter last week confirmed that there will be 9 episodes on this release. Now, since the last nine episodes (which aired last Fall in Canada) are now being billed as Season 2 by CTV, we can only assume that these nine will make up Season 2: Volume 2. Perhaps Phase 4 Films is holding out for these last nine to air on CBS before releasing them? We wish we could give every cast and crew member on the show a large slice of cheesecake with a cherry on top for the episode confusion, since those episodes were onceknown as Season 3 on CTV! TVShowsonDVD also posted a hi-res image of the cover (which we have re-posted below). Hugh Dillon was on the spine of the last release, Enrico Colantoni is on the spine of this release - who do you think will be next, fans? The site also confirmed that there will not be a Blu-Ray release at this time, and even we are baffled by this. It was well worth the wait even though it arrived to shelves weeks after the Standard DVD release! Bonus features on this release will include a photo gallery and a music video from Hugh Dillon (probably his video for Friends of Mine). Fans wishing to purchase this release can order this online from Chapters/Coles/Indigo, or Amazon.ca (both will ship to the United States)!

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