Monday, February 22, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: New Flashpoint Boxset on the Way!

According to TVShowsonDVD (posted a little over an hour ago), CBS and Paramount have announced that the United States is indeed getting a DVD release of Season 2 of Flashpoint. Flashpoint "Season 2" will be released on May 25th, and will have a runtime of 337 minutes. We don't know as of this writing how many episodes will be included on the release, as this release is nearly 50 minutes shorter than the Canadian release (and that missing time about an entire episode of Flashpoint). The extras will also be different, with the US release having a feature about weapons and stunts. We can only guess that Lamperd Less Lethal has something to do with this feature, since they provide all the mock weapons used in the show as well as training! What we do know, is that the last two releases of the Season 1 Boxset didn't differ in the menus or the layout at all, only in the box art. We would think it might have been the same for this release too, just that CBS would not release it until some time after the Canadian release, but this matter of the extras has us a little confused. Hopefully we'll hear more (and find an official press release from CBS/Paramount) soon.

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