Monday, October 5, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: CBS Greenlights Some More Episodes, and We're Close to a Major Release Day!

CBS Orders 13 New Episode of Flashpoint!

Great news for our Badgers and Doves south of the border! Just hours ago, CBS announced that they have picked up 13 more episodes of Flashpoint! On another note, as many critics predicted, CBS's Three Rivers was a ratings disappointment last Sunday only scoring 9.17 million viewers (third place in the timeslot) and a fourth-place demographic share of 2.0/ 5 among adults 18-49. It's only a matter of time before it is canceled, and who knows what it could be replaced with. It could be Flashpoint, or any one of two series on CBS's backburner: a Jerry Bruckheimer medical drama called Miami Trauma, or The Bridge. As always, we will keep you posted the moment we hear the episodes are coming back to CBS!

October 13th is Flashpoint Day!

Ok, not officially, but we might as well give that day a name! In both the US and Canada, Season 1 Boxsets are due to hit the shelves. And, Hugh Dillon's album is also set to be released! His album Works Well With Others has an awesome shot of him looking sharp in a coffee house, and will feature 14 original tracks including our favorite episode ending song from Flashpoint, Lost at Sea. Fans can also check out a music video ahead of time for the first track on the album Friends of Mine.

And Happy Birthday Amy Jo Johnson!

Everyone on the WGTS and Moon Chase staff would like to wish Flashpoint star Amy Jo Johnson a very happy 39th birthday! We've all grown up with her since her Power Rangers days and she holds a special place in all of our hearts. We're happy to see her playing such a strong character on Flashpoint! In honor of this, we thought we'd share a few of our favorite Amy Jo moments from other TV shows!

Recent Canada AM Appearance!
Amy Jo does an interview in character for Power Rangers!
Showing off her Karate skills!
Singing as 60's icon Nansi Nevins in the TV Movie - Sweetwater: A True Rock Story
Singing in Felicity!

And on another note - the next two weeks are busy for me, so there will be no new news posts. I will keep up with the episode summaries on Fridays, but if there is something breaking, your best best is to follow WGTS on Twitter where I will post links when I can!

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