Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flashpoint Brings Back Memories of Toronto for Italian Viewer

A few days ago, we came across this article in Italian. It was written by a blogger who used to live in Toronto, and is now living in Italy. Simona Giaccobi provided some neat insights on the show and Toronto! We have translate the entire post in English! I had some difficulty with a few things and those are enclosed in **.

You must know that I am a couch potato. At one stage I would say I was a fairly serious one. I didn't miss a television series in the winter. Thankfully, there's the summer break...All I watch are my CSI, Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer (be patient), Law and Order SVU (I only like this version), Medium (...) and i can't forget to mention the Simpsons, Family Guy and Ellen DeGeneres talk show which is different from Oprah. Virtually all American shows. Usually those left me a lot to be desired, I remember that in Italy I only watched District of Police...

But here's a TV series that has attracted my attention enough. It is made entirely in Toronto, and it is called Flashpoint and it has a certain effect on me since I have lived there, when they say "send an ambulance / bus to Queen Street" or "there's an explosion at Nathan Philip Square. But it turned out to be quite good. And I discovered that the series was launched with the September programs in Italy , **airing just before Survivor which has been getting bad ratings.**

** this part was a little hard to translate - if any of our readers have a better idea of what this sentence is trying to say, please let us know!**

I have seen the hero of the series, Sergeant Parker, who by the way is played by an actor whose name is a little Italian-Canadian, Enrico Colantoni (born in Toronto in 1963 by Gina and Quintino Colantoni) - in a local Italian restaurant on College Street (Little Italy) sitting at a table with a girl. And then one of the first things they told me when I arrived is that many films are shot here in Toronto because New York is too expensive. Moreover, the Financial District (only one there) of Toronto is very similar to the Big Apple. They also say that once you've seen Toronto, NY City no longer has the same effect (**or New York no longer feels any different**). I take exception because I think there is a chasm (**difference**) between Toronto and NY . Throughout. I love New York.

I searched around a few websites and saw that the first episode of Flashpoint that was broadcast on RAI was a flop in Italy. The first set was sent here last summer from CTV and the United States by CBS and recounts the work of the SRU - Strategic Response Unit, a special body headed by Sergeant Parker. Note that Flashpoint is about a team ready to dismantle terrorist cells or to negotiate with kidnappers to identify their point of collapse.

The show is based on the real work of the Toronto Police Emergency Task Force and has the same style of uniforms, same use of technology, and even the same style of how to resolve more complex cases. Tonight, CTV begins the second seasons. (Editors Note: She wrote second, but it was in fact the 3rd season premiere). You too are couch potatoes like me??

There you have it, Flashpoint impressions from an Italian self-confessed couch potato!

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