Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome to We Got The Solution!

Welcome Flashpoint fans from around the world! This blog has been in the works for a few months now and we're finally happy to bring it online! On our first blog, Moon Chase, we were praised by many (fans and other industry leaders alike) for our Flashpoint coverage. The only reason we began to follow it was because Moon Chase was dedicated to keeping up with anything and everything going on with Sailor Moon, and one of Flashpoint's co-creators, Stephanie Morgenstern, had a major role in the first two seasons of the show, playing the well loved superhero, Sailor Venus. This is why many of the posts will contain "moonieisms"! Once the show started to take off though, we quickly realized that this was one of the few opportunities Sailor Moon fans on both sides of the border could have to put a face to the voice, so we began to cover it more. And then we fell in love with the show's first episode, and the rest is history! Soon we had fans from around the world sending us details of how much they loved the show and what it was like in their own countries. Moon Chase soon became encompassed with Flashpoint posts (simply because the news was much easier to come by) and earlier this year the decision was made to start a Flashpoint blog and network it along with Moon Chase. So, even though today is the official launch date of We Got The Solution, you will see that our posts have been here since 2007. To learn a little more about our staff, click here! One of the great features we have added to this site is our ratings table, where we track how the show is doing in the US and Canada. This table will be updated each week with ratings as they come in from our sources listed below. We are also committed to posting episode summaries, and news about the show, cast, and crew! We hope that you enjoy this blog as much as we do putting it together!

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