Thursday, July 23, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Flashpoint Recieves Telefilm Funding for Video Game!

Via Playback Daily, this morning we learned that Telefilm Canada just days ago,unveiled product assistance funding from its $15 million Canada New Media Fund. One of the productions receiving a funding advance from this is Flashpoint, and these funds are going towards the production of an interactive video game. Canadian company Xenophile Media is developing a cross platform Flashpoint Interactive game which will allow players (playing as police recruits), to learn negotiating skills, rifle marksmanship and other techniques employed by SRU on the show! Patrick Crow, co-president of Xenophile Media gave a few more details about the project, and said "the training module game, with five missions as part of its role-playing scenarios, aims to help engage Flashpoint fans during and between TV season runs, and return a profit to investors, including the Bell Fund, CTV and Telefilm Canada, when eventually sold internationally." The game also aims to attract viewers to help boost up ratings, series sponsorship, and international sales. This is very exciting, and all of us on staff look forward to playing this when it comes out! Xenophile has been nominated and/or won awards for other interactive media sidekicks to TV shows and movies such as ReGenesis, Total Drama Island, Fallen, and M.I. High. These awards include Emmys and the Rose D'Or out of Britain! Congratulations to the cast and crew of Flashpoint and Xenophile Media on what is sure to be an exciting venture!

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