Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flashpoint is Delayed in the US, but Doing Well in Canada

Unfortunately, according to Co-Executive Producer Bill Mustos, CBS has decided to push Flashpoint back in its schedule to Summer or Fall of 2010. He told Playback Daily that he received the call from CBS that they have decided to run Jerry Bruckheimer's Miami Medical in the slot that was slated for Flashpoint's return.

On the bright side, however, the rumors that CBS has dropped the series are false according to Mustos, who says that CBS feels quite positive about the show and are definitely planning to return it to US television.

Despite the lack of concurrency with CBS this season, Flashpoint continues to do very well on CTV, remaining firmly in the top 20 and averaging 1.7 million viewers last fall.

We're sorry to all of our American fans that they are going to have to wait to see the show on TV. We know that since the show has already aired in Canada there are numerous "alternate methods" available to watch the show. However, in order to keep support for the show strong, we highly encourage you to watch the show when it does appear on CBS, even if you've already seen the episodes.

In addition, for anyone wanting to support the show further, the Season 2 DVDs can be ordered from Amazon.ca and shipped to the US for a small fee. We are researching the possibility of a Blu-Ray release, but if you just can't wait, Season 2 will be available in March!

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