Monday, September 14, 2009

Flashbits September 2009!

With the third season premiere of Flashpoint starting next week, we’re going to catch you all up on recent happenings with the show!

☄Catch Hugh Dillon on Ion Television in the U.S! Dark drama Durham County premiered on the network, and despite the cuts made to the show by the network, there is at least one thing for the U.S. to look forward to. Canada had a 2-year gap between each 6 episode season, where the U.S. is getting both seasons as one! We recommend checking out this series (it's even a top pick for one website), but for those of you wanting to watch the series in its unaltered form, the first season is available on DVD. However, you will have to poke around the internet to find it, as lists a shipping time of 1-2 months. But take a good look at the cover they have posted (we've posted it here too), so you know what to look for. There are some fakes going around (and please, don’t buy those)! The premiere also made the New York Times! Check out reviews here, here, and here! We also found this marketing stunt kind of cool - Ion Television filled a big cardboard box with packing peanuts, and let 20 contestants have at it to find treasure! The point being, that Durham County is a small town with a lot of buried secrets, and this was a small box that also had... buried secrets. Neat!

Worldscreen reports yet another country that Flashpoint is conquering - the Netherlands! The country's 13th Street channel (part of NBC Universal) is making their programming available On Demand through Ziggo, and Flashpoint is one of those shows along with Dexter, The Wire, and British series Vincent. We are assuming that this broadcast is in Dutch!

☄This is a good sign - the upcoming release of Flashpoint: Season 1 on DVD this October 13th is starting to get a lot of buzz in the US! Cinemaspy highlights the show's recent Gemini Nomimations and special features, and The Star Tribune makes a brief mention of it. The Windsor Star also named Flashpoint one of Jay Leno's competitors starting next week! Closer to the release, we'll see if we can come up with something creative for fans to do to celebrate the release and encourage others to go get the show on DVD!

The Hollywood Reporter posted a great article on Liam Neeson's new film, Chloe, however, it was interesting to note their comment about Toronto - how Flashpoint has gained credibility south of the border for letting Toronto be Toronto!

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