Monday, August 3, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: CBS Confirms New Episodes of Flashpoint, But Still No Airdate

This is breaking news, Flashpoint fans! Hours ago, the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour began. CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler set off her segment with a bang, taking a jab at NBC. But that's a bunch of industry mumbo-jumbo that is all a reaction to the departure of Ben Silverman from NBC last week. Flashpoint fans got a bit of good news, but not everything that we were all hoping for. Nina confirmed that CBS has nine more original episodes, and that they will be aired later in the season. When that "later" is, remains to be known. As of this writing, she had this to say about producing more episodes: "There are no plans right now, but we certainly can if we want to." But for this upcoming season, there will be no more episodes ordered beyond these nine. As always, we are committed to keeping fans updated with news of an airdate, as soon as we hear it we will let you know!

For now though, if our WGTS have not checked out Hugh Dillon's Durham County, we recommend it. Hugh plays Mike Sweeney, a softspoken detective, who is dealing with the breakup of his family, and just being a guy who is trying to do the right thing. It's a much darker series than Flashpoint, but Hugh's performance is a must-see! New episodes are currently airing on HBO Canada, and reruns from last season pop up on Showcase. Check your local listings for more!

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